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What is an Ezine?

An ezine is a newsletter sent out periodically, monthly, weekly or daily, to subscribers who have opted to receive it. It is a very important tool for building an online business. It keeps you in contact with your potential customers, allows you to build a trusting relationship with them, gives you a chance to build your reputation and also gives you another avenue of income, via selling advertising space in your ezine.

Publishing an ezine is very important to your online business for all the reasons stated above and more. If you do not know anything about ezines or ezine publishing, I will attempt to give you a start with this tutorial.

There are several things you need to publish an effective ezine.

*Clean design - keep it neat and easy to read. Do not jumble it up with a lot of decorations.

*Good content - give your subscribers information they find helpful and can actually use.

*Original material - write some articles yourself and give your subscribers something they can't get anywhere else.

*Personality - add a little you into your ezine and make it a little fun and personal.

*Reliability - if your ezine comes out on Fridays, make sure you send it out every Friday. If you can't for some reason, let your subscribers know ahead of time!

*Knowledge - make sure your business and your ezine deal with something you know about and are very passionate about.

As soon as possible you also want to invest in a good mailing list manager such as GroupMail. This one is very fast and easy to understand. If you cannot afford to invest in one right away, start out either managing your list yourself or finding a free list manager.

You do not need a website to publish an ezine. You can run your business right from your ezine, although I would recommend having a website as well.

This tutorial will deal with the three major steps of ezine publishing.

1. Design and format
2. Content
3. Promotion

Read over the information and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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