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My Own Ezine        December 2, 2008,  Issue 110

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about internet marketing and publishing your own ezine.
In this Issue, you will find:

> A new type of PopUp that your visitors choose to launch
> 7 Ways to Research Your Target Audience
> The source for a f.ree Adsense web site every month
> A f.ree place to shorten and hide those affiliate URL's
> The link to a f.ree weekly webinar on internet marketing
> A f.ree instant check of your Solos and Ezine for s.pam
> F.ree video series on emergency affiliate programs
> And, links to my archives of marketing tips,
   f.ree ebooks, software and articles

Stan Smith

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Tips For Your Online Success: (Guest Author)

7 Ways to Research Your Target Audience
By Steve Slaunwhite

As a copywriter, you have to know the ins and outs of the
product you're writing about. That's a given. However, it's
equally important – if not more so – to thoroughly
understand the target audience as well.

That's not always easy. For example, how can I, a
forty-something writer, relate to the business problems
faced by an IT manager, or the daily challenges of a single
working mom?

You can never truly walk a mile in someone else's
moccasins. But you can come pretty close – with research.

Below are some of my favorite strategies for quickly
learning more about the problems, needs and desires
of the target audience I'm trying to persuade.

1. Study the background materials.

Ask your client to send you previous creative briefs,
market research reports, memos, presentations and
any other materials available on the target audience.

2. Read what your prospect reads.

Just about every group – accountants, seniors, even
shuffleboard enthusiasts – have websites, newsletters and
other publications that target their interests. Find out
what they are, and review a few issues.

A tip: some publications have a Media Kit containing a
wealth of information on the target audience. You can
usually download this for f.ree from the publication's Web

3. Read blogs and participate in forums.

Want to find out what the hot issues are with a target
audience? Blogs, discussion boards and forums are a
great way to find out.

I once discovered through a forum that sales managers in
December are much more concerned about forecasting
NEXT year's sales results than meeting this year's quota.
This enabled me to create a direct mail piece that was
very successful when mailed at that time of year.

4. Seminar descriptions.

This strategy has worked very well for me. Seminar
descriptions often address the most important concerns of
a target audience. If they didn't, the seminar wouldn't sell!
Professional associations – like the American Association
for Certified Public Accountants, for example – as well as
magazines and other publications, often run seminars.
You can also do a search for seminars on Google.com.

5. Speak to the sales reps.

Salespeople are a terrific source of information on a
target audience. After all, these are the folks who deal
with prospects and customers everyday. They can often
provide you with insights you won't find anywhere else.

Want to know what warehouse managers are concerned
about? Ask the shipping supplies salesperson. Want the
scoop on the electronic gadgets that kids are clamoring
for?  Ask the electronics store clerk.

6. Meet your target audience.

Sometimes, it's possible to talk to a prospect or customer
directly. If so, this is ideal. Alternatively, your client may
have commissioned a survey of the target audience and
has a summary of their thoughts and opinions. Ask if this
information is available.

7. Attend trade shows.

There is a trade show for just about every professional and
personal interest. The HVAC Contractors Show, The
Cottage Life Show, The Knitwear Show, and hundreds
more. These are a hub of activity where sellers and buyers
meet to discuss new products, services and idea. You can
learn a lot here from hanging around the exhibits, and
listening to the questions asked and the issues raised. It's
an education.

About the Author:

Steve Slaunwhite is an award-winnin.g copywriter,
freelancer's coach and author of The Everything Guide
to Writing Copy (Adams Media) and Start & Run a
Copywriting Business (Self-Counsel Press). To receive
a f.ree copy of his "Copywriter's Success Kit" visit

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