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Untitled Document =========================================
My Own Ezine              December 13, 2005,  Issue 34

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
I hope that you will find the information in these issues
helpful in starting or growing your online business.
Here's a synopsis of this week's issue:

==> Feature Article
Safelist Marketing seems to be the way to go. Right? After
all, your a*d is f*ree and goes to a safe list of opt-in
subscribers. In his article below, however, Nathan Brown
says safelist subscribers do not read your a*ds.

Nathan's article may be reprinted in your ezine or on your
site in its entirety so long as the author's credits and all
links remain intact.

==> Recommended Resource
In this section you will find a resource that will show you
how to succeed on the Web by giving away f*ree e-books.

==> F*reebies
In the f*reebies section, you will find: help with soliciting
reciprocal links, a chance to win a Tablet PC, and a way
to advertise at no cos*t to you.

==> e-Business Resources
Here, you will find help on transferring your files to your host
and a special Christmas discount on a system for increasing
traffic to your web site.

==> Work-The-Web
Pay for your advertising by becoming an affiliate.

==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section for tips
on writing copy, marketing, doing e-business and using
your computer.

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==> Feature Article:

Problems With Normal Safelist Marketing
by Nathan Brown
http://www.SafelistTraining101.com .

Most people get a poor response when they use safelists.
The reason for this is simple, but rarely realized. The problem
with normal safelist marketers is they don't think about the
fact that people do not join safelists to find out about what
they (the safelists) are promoting!

People join safelist because they want a cost effective way to
advertise online.  This means they want other people to join
their business opportunit*y, to purchase their products, or to
purchase their services.

Safelist users DO NOT care about reading your ads. They
don't want to join another business opportunit*y or bu*y the
"new hot product" that you are selling.

Whenever you post ads to safelists you must keep this in
mind: your audience wants to promote their business,
they do not care about anything else!

You will get a much higher response if you learn this very
basic lesson. This means you first have to stop blasting people
with ads for your business opportunit*y, product, or service. 

Halting your current advertising routine is essential. If you're
not making the kind of money you want, then stop doing the
things that are not working!!!

Once you stop spending your time posting ads to safelists that
are not getting you the results you want, you will have the time
to you need to transform your safelist marketing approach.

You should ask yourself how you can make your safelist ads
target the interest of your audience. One way to get a general
idea about what safelist users are interested in is by observing
which safelist ads you open. If you take time to check out an
a*d, the chances are fairly good that other safelist users will

You will notice most of the safelist a*ds you open generally
fall within a broad category. They are all promoting ways to
help you make money online. Unfortunately, this alone
doesn't help you target and pin point the exact things that
most safelist users are interested in.

to learn how you can get access to the results of a survey
asking Safelist Training 101 subscribers where they are
spending their money. After seeing these survey results,
you'll never again promote things that safelists users don't

Copyright © 2004 Safelist Training 101. All rights reserved.
Nathan Brown is the owner and publisher of
http://www.SafelistTraining101.com .
This article may be republished and redistributed only if it is
unmodified, and only if it includes this resource box.

Subscribe to Safelist Training 101 right now to let me show
you how you can use safelists to get more leads, make more
sales, and earn more profit!

==> Recommended Resource

I think Lance Mock has developed a totally new approach
to becoming successful on the web. Right now I am reviewing
his ideas for producing a passive income with the expectation
of incorporating those ideas into "MOE's" business plan.
Like you, I am tired of all those get rich systems, but I think
Lance's basic concept of making mone*y with f*ree e-books
is intriguing. In Lance's own words, "this new process will
change the way that e-books are sold worldwide". His
product was $197 but is currently available to subscribers
to "MOE" for $97. Check out the special page at:

==> F*reebies

Reciprocal linking is a good thing. When you trade links with
another web site, you boost the rankings of your own site
and get f*ree exposure to someone else's traffic. And it costs
you nothing! Here's one of many sites that will trade links:


If you don't have a StormPay account, you may want to sign
up for one now. You can get a f*ree account and entry into
their weekly drawings for a free tablet PC.


You can get f*ree advertising at this site by building credits
for reading a*ds from the other 600+ members. It's not a
safelist and you're not buried in email.

==> e-Business Resources

So, you're new to the web and now you need to send (FTP)
some files to your host server. What do you do? Go to:
You'll learn all about FTP and get the help you need.
And, for a good explanation of FTP, see this video:
For f*ree 30-day trials of five FTP products, go to:


It was a great bu*y at $47, but at $30 it's a Christmas Gift!
Bob Evans has reduced the price on his marketing system,
the "GET-IT-DONE!" Marketing Action Plan. When I first wrote
about Bob's e-book last September, it sold at a discount at:

But, from now until December 25th, it's available for $30 at:

==> Feature A*d

For only $2, you can get started with Success University.
What's even better (I think) is that this nominal processing
fee will be donated to Feed the Children, a non-profit group
providing humanitarian support world-wide.

All of the details are available to you immediately by visiting
the Success University Web Site at:

==> Work The Web

Affiliate programs are an easy way to start making mone*y
on the Web. I especially like Mike Filsaime's new program.
He offers f*ree blog advertising and a one-time chance to
upgrade for $197. People who upgrade (like me), get a great
advertising package and the right to be an affiliate. Once you
recruit 2 affiliates, you've not only paid for your advertising
but have also opened up a new source of income.

==> Tips & Tricks

To have your a*d copy noticed, remember that people are
in a hurry - especially when reading emails. Start and end
your copy with strong statements. If your readers do not
absorb the body of your copy, they will, at least, remember
a catchy headline, an appealing opening and a powerful
closing statement.


Why not use eBay as another way to sell your products?
You can't link directly back to your web site, but there is a
simple way to put links into your eBay account! Just add
them to the "About Me" page in your account. This page is
your own personal mini-website. eBay's online workshop even
helps you with the basics of design - things like page layout,
use of color, fonts, placing photos and formatting text.


When establishing your business on the Web, it doesn't hurt
to "humanize" your site with something about yourself or your
team. I don't know about you, but I hate to bu*y from a
"faceless" site. It's also good to invite questions from your
site visitors. This adds something of a personal touch and
goes far in building credibility and good customer relations.


When it comes to computers, I can't get enough help! That's
why I ordered the PCbeginner Utilities Suite 2006. Here's a
partial list of what you can do with it: "Install Windows easily; 
Rescue Windows rapidly; Scan for viruses; Optimize and
Speed up your system; Diagnose PC Hardware; Partition,
Format, Clone, and Rescue hard drive; Recover data;
Discover passwords; Remov*e pop-up and spyware; and more."

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