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Welcome to "MOE" - December 12, 2006 =========================================
My Own Ezine              December 12, 2006,  Issue 60

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter about
email marketing, creating your own ezine, and building your
online business. To avoid losing your bi-weekly issue to spam
blockers, please add my email address to your approved list:

Also, please note that your subscription carries advertising
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Editor's Note:
Due to the Cristmas holiday, December 25th, the next
issue of "MOE", scheduled for December 26th, will be
canceled. "MOE" will be published again on January 9, 2007.
Happy Holidays to all!

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Quick Tips For Online Success:
Build Your Business with An Ezine

Build credibility for your business by publishing an e-zine
and writing articles. Your customers and prospects will
see you as an expert and trust you. You could also submit
your articles to other ezines for republishing and publicity.
Just require them to include your resource box at the end
of the article.
Start a f.ree ezine / newsletter to create your own opt-in list.
Create a title that grabs the reader's attention. Submit it to
f.ree ezine directories on the Internet. Advertise it on your web
site. Offer a freebie or other incentive for people to subscribe.
Give your readers mostly original and quality content.
Team up with other ezines that have the same target
audience. Combine subscriber bases and then publish
one ezine together to increase subscribers. You could
all include your ads and announcements in the ezine.
You could also take turns for the top advertising space.
Convert your free ezine / newsletter into different languages.
This will increase your overall target market. You just won't
be targeting just one language, you'll be targeting most of
the major ones. Plus it wouldn't hurt to learn a few different
languages for this new global economy.
Design your ezine so it creates multiple free advertising
streams. Ask readers to forward it to people they know,
offer ad trades, etc. For example, you could say, "Forward
this ezine to your friends or family." Another example,
"We accept ad trades from other ezines."

About Ezines & Email Marketing:
Choosing a Home for Your Mailing List?
What You Should Know Before Moving In

By Merle
"If you have a website, you know the importance of having
your own list. Most site guests won't b.uy from you on the very
first visit. Collecting their email addresses,and building a
relationship with them through an ezine can lead to converting
them to buyers later. So how do you manage your lists?
You have two options:"  (Read more online at:)

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> And, here's a quick, easy way to to put a sign-up form on
your web site. You can generate the Iframe code on this site
at no charge and then paste it to your site. But, you must
log into your free account to download your new subscribers.
> Thinking of starting a Blog? Start with a free one and use
their Adsense tool to add some advertising to your blog.
> Will your email subject line get through the spam filters?
Test it here and get the results instantly and without charge.

Recommended Resources:
> It's Christmas; so, 78 top Internet Marketers are giving gifts
with no strings attached. Mark Hendricks has once again
assembled one of the best giveaways of the year. His annual
giveaway, "12 Days of Christmas", is well underway and will
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posted on Day 1. More gifts are added the closer we come to
Christmas. I can't believe what they're giving away this year!
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you free access to the InstantViralEbooks.com and four
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you give the ebooks away, the give-away rights also extend
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> When your new subscribers sign up for your ezine, ecourse,
special report, or basket of f.reebies, do you also offer them
an OTO, a One-Time-Offer? If not, (and I wasn't, but that will
soon change!), then you are missing an opportunity to make
a sale - or many sales. This site offers a professional OTO
Sales page and 50 Master Resale Rights Products for you.
So, why don't you have an OTO?

New Content Added to MyOwnEzine.com
Use It For Your Ezine, Web Site or Self-Improvement:
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The Birth of a Successful Internet Business
Part 2 of 10 -- Tools of the Trade
By Shelley Lowery

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Building Targeted Traffic (Part 1)
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Why Facts Tell, And Stories Sell
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