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My Own Ezine        November 18, 2008,  Issue 109

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about internet marketing and publishing your own ezine.
In this Issue, you will find:

> How to make it big online with a popular new system
> A f.ree report on starting your own online business
> 9 Tips For Effective E-Newsletters (Ezines)
> A great place to get e-products to sell
> Where to download f.ree Color capture software
> Where to download f.ree email writing software
> A f.ree report to improve your target marketing
> A source for 3,000+ f.ree Plugins for WordPress
> And, links to my archives of marketing tips,
   f.ree ebooks, software and articles

Stan Smith

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Tips For Your Online Success: (Guest Author)

9 Tips For Effective E-Newsletters
By David Coyne

When you're not able to keep in touch with customers
as often as you like, an e-newsletter is a great way to
keep your company on their radar screen. It's also an
economical promotion method.

Having written and edited corporate newsletters over the
last few years, here are some of my tips on producing
effective e-newsletters.

1) Make the most impact by having information that your
target market finds valuable. Approach it from the
perspective of your customers. This doesn't mean you
can't sell or promote your products but be sure there is a
mix of how-to articles and other useful information.

2) Always ask yourself when reviewing your newsletter
"What does this information mean to our customers?"
Keep the "big picture" in mind. Avoid the "diary/journal"
article of "We did this, then we did that." Writing a
sequence of events doesn't necessarily make interesting

3) Encourage customer feedback. After all an unread
newsletter is a waste of time, money and resources.

4) You may want to incorporate company news from
other sources, such as press releases, speeches and

5) Regular features could include a column by the
president or other executives, question and answer, letters
to the editor, a product or service related story, and a
preview of what's coming up in the next newsletter.

6) Have a couple of back-up articles ready to go in case
you need to drop or reschedule an article. It's always
better to have too many articles than too few.

7) Quotation marks make writing look lively and
compelling. Use them frequently in your articles. You
can also include relevant quotes from noted personalities
and business leaders.

8) If your e-newsletter is created as a web page on your
company's site, you need to entice customers to go and
read it. Send an email to customers announcing a new
edition has been posted. Include the article titles.

9) Make one staff person responsible for final approval.
Never approve by committee. You'll never get everyon*e to
agree. Trying to incorporate everyon*e's comments will
only create a convoluted newsletter.

About the Author:

David Coyne is a B2B copywriter and marketing
communications specialist. Need sales responsive
web content, seo copywriting, direct mail copy,
or marketing advice? Contact David at his website

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> Don't let a down economy ruin your business. Here's a
f.ree guide to targeted marketing that will show you the
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on print newsletters which apply equally well to ezines:

> If you're a WordPress user, you may know this already.
Plugins can extend the capability of your WordPress blog.
And, you can find over 3,000 Plugins on the Wordpress
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> Access the MOE Archive of F.reebie Tips at:

> Download f.ree ebooks and software from MOE at:

If you missed the last issue of "MOE", you'll find it at:

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