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My Own Ezine              November 29, 2005,  Issue 33

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
I hope that you will find the information in these issues
helpful in starting or growing your online business.
Here's a synopsis of this week's issue:

==> Feature Article
Want a winnin*g copy writing formula for Internet sales?
In her article below, Loren Beckart reveals the key elements
and time-tested 'formula' for writing copy that works.

Loren's article may be reprinted in your ezine or on your site
in its entirety so long as the author's credits and all links
remain intact.

==> Recommended Resource
In this section you will find an opportunit*y to clone one of
Cody Moya's very successful web sites.

==> F*reebies
In the f*reebies section, you will learn how to bypass those
automated telephone systems, where to announce your new
article for f*ree, and where to find fresh ezine content that
cost*s nothing

==> e-Business Resources
Here, you will find a membership site that teaches you how
to sell and web sites that will help you with your programming

==> Work-The-Web
Here's your chance to make mone*y just giving away e-books.

==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section for tips
on writing copy, marketing, doing e-business and using
your computer.

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==> Feature Article:

Here's a Winnin*g Copy Writing Formula for Internet Sales
By Loren Beckart

Once you have created an internet sales page that works,
then you have a template you can use again and again,
customizing the basic formula to any product in your line.
The key is to be sure to include all the elements of an
effective sales page, and use a 'formula' that has been
tested and is known to work.

If you writing the sales copy yourself, or you are hiring
a copy writer to create your online sales page, these are
the necessities for it to be effective.

Headline: This includes three elements. First, the pre-
headline to set-up the main headline and capture the
attention of the category of prospects you want to attract.
Next, the main headline, in the largest font you will use
anywhere on the page, tells the product's biggest benefit
(a benefit evokes a favorable emotional response). Last,
the post-head, which further clarifies the main headline.

The story: This is an emotional grabber that pulls the
visitor into the copy so you can present your product and
make your offer. It should be benefit driven, showing the
reader how they could feel or their life could be better if
they owned the product.

Your Credibility: This is especially important on-line,
and needs to come early in the letter. Some of the ways you
can build credibility include testimonials about real
results, that include the full name of the person giving
the testimonial. Also, use specific numbers rather than
approximations in your copy overall. If you have expertise
and credentials related to the product, say so. When
applicable, explain product test results. Quote favorable
reviews from newspapers or magazines. And give your contact
information with an address. This proves you are real.
Don't worry that someone will show up on your doorstep, and
if someone calls you, that's good. You learn from contact
with clients.

Benefits: In bullet form, itemize the benefits (not the
features) of the product. Prioritize them, and give an
overload. It often only takes one benefit to convince a
prospect to bu*y, but each prospect will have their own hot
button. Have plenty of possibilities. Bullets are easy to

Specifications and features: Tell exactly what the product
is. Give details about what the buyer is getting.

Bonuses. Always include something extra, and make sure it
has value - that it could be something people would order
the product just to get the bonus. Tell the specific dollar
value so you can use that information in the value build-
up, or close.

Build-up of value: In addition to adding in the dollar
value of the bonuses, be explicit about why the product
price itself is a good deal. Compare to similar products
that cost more or provide less.  If possible, offer a
guarante*e. Counter any objections that might come to the
visitor's mind. Create urgency, either because you have a
limited number of inventory, a limited time period for an
introductory offer, or whatever. Just make sure that your
urgency is real; if you give a deadline, keep to it.

Ordering: First, remember to ask for the order. Make an
Order No*w link. Then, make the ordering process and
instructions absurdly clear. Imagine that this is your
visitor's first ever on-line order. Give step-by-step
directions. Also, give purchasing options: secure credit
card pages and PayPal are most common, but include
directions for ordering by check of phone if possible, even
though it is rare that anyone does.

Post Script: In effect, this is a one-paragraph summary of
your sales page, including a repetition of the most
important parts. Also, ask a final time for the order.

After reviewing this list, find good examples by doing a
little online research. You wouldn't ever copy another
sales page, of course. Simply look for inspiring examples,
and then say it in your own way.

Loren Beckart is Marketing VP for ClickTracs Advertising,
specializing in highly targeted web traffi*c.
Find additional marketing resources and articles at:

==> Recommended Resource

If you want a business on the internet, there's a new web
site from Cody Moya that you should see. It's for the person
who's just starting out and doesn't have a product. Of course,
it could also be of interest to anyone who's already doing
business on the web and is looking for a second income
stream. Cody is offering a branded clone of his $20,000 per
month site, http://PrivateLabelBooks.com . A buyer would
be required to host the business on his own server and under
his own domain name.

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==> e-Business Resources

May be "niche marketing" is nothing new. Patty Baldwin
says successful sales people have been doing it since the
days of King Solomon. She has produced a members-only
site to show you the secrets and tricks of successful sales
people. Membership costs $19.97 per month.


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==> Work The Web

Sometimes a new concept comes along that is so simple,
so easy, and makes its originator so much mone*y that you
you wonder, "Now why didn't I think of that?" Lance Mock
has produced step-by-step instructions on how he creates
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==> Tips & Tricks

One of the basic rules of copy writing is "know your target
market". It's helpful to remember that when targeting women
and men, there are subtleties to keep I mind. Women are
more likely to bu*y once they have a relationship with your
business. Men, on the other hand, are a bit easier and will
bu*y sooner. If you gain have a woman's trust and if she likes
your product, she could become your viral marketing machine.
But, if you do her wrong, watch out! Your copy writing can
capitalize on this need to trust by being extremely honest
in your writing - even to the point of identifying what your
product doesn't do.


Boost the effectiveness of your ezine by having a marketing
plan if place: Get people to your web site. Offer a f*reebie to
them if they sign up for your ezine. Capture their name and
email address and send them to your home page for your
offer. Automatically add their subscription information to your
autoresponder. And, have it programmed to send several
follow-up emails to repeat your sales message. It will take
several such emails to convince your subscriber to bu*y.


Giving comfort to your customers, setting their minds at ease,
getting them to trust you are the basics of any business,
whether online or offline. Give your potential customers a little
history of your business. Show how you started out and how
you developed your product line. Tell them something about
yourself or your personnel. The more human and caring you
appear, the more customers you will find.


Not happy with your internet browser? Try Mozilla's Firefox
browser. After it blocks a popup, it tells you it blocked it.
Then, if you want the popup, simply click in the window to
permit popups from that web site. Also, since most attacks
on your computer security are targeted for I.E., you are less
vulnerable with Firefox.

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