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My Own Ezine              November 28, 2006,  Issue 59

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter about
email marketing, creating your own ezine, and building your
online business. To avoid losing your bi-weekly issue to spam
blockers, please add my email address to your approved list:

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Quick Tips For Online Success:
Ways To Sell Your Products Faster:

Get free advice from successful online business owners.
Participate in business chat rooms and use message
boards to start a conversation. For example, you could
read their helpful information or post questions and get
them answered. You could also answer other people's
questions and start a conversation.
Use your f.ree bonuses to create an urgency for your
visitors to buy. Offer them for a limited time only with your
main product. For example, you could say, "Order before
midnight tonight and get 4 FREE bonuses!" or say "Order
by June 25, 2007 and get a Free Advertising E-book!"
Offer your customers extra add-on products at the point of
purchase. For example, if they are buying a flashlight, try
to sell batteries with it. Your copy could say "Check Here
To Add 4 Batteries For Only $2.95 More!" or "C.lick H.ere
To Upgrade To The Deluxe Version For Only $10 Extra!"
Make your visitors feel good about themselves by giving
them compliments in your Sales Letter. If they feel good,
they will also feel good about buying from your web site.
For example, your copy could read "You are in the 1% of
the people who are serious about changing their life." or
"You are brave for going the extra mile to eliminate your
financial problems."
Do not depend on one product. Add multiple profits to
your web site. If you're selling business books, try to sell
business services, courses and supplies too. You could
say, "Thanks for purchasing our business e-book. If you
like it, don't forget we offer a monthly update service for the
e-book for only $4.95 a month."

About Ezines & Email Marketing:
Build Your Opt-In Email list | 7 Important Basics
By Elizabeth McGee
"You've heard it before, your best frien.d online is your opt-in
email list....So what do these facts mean to you? They mean
your success as an online marketer depends on creating,
nurturing and communicating with an opt-in email list..."
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them or hate them. In any event, this one has a little twist
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entered into a virtual horse race that determines how many
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> List building meets the lottery! That's the theme behind the
Listlotto.com membership site. As a free member you have
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Recommended Resources:
> You can find every software you need to run a web site in
Mike Filsaime's "The-Best-Deal-Ever". Some call this the
"best selling collection of software, ebooks, and resell rights
products ever assembled in one package". That's probably
because Mike is never stops adding packages to the offer.
When a new collection comes out, he buys it and adds it
to the Bonus Package.
> Do you want affiliates to sell your products without the
hassle of managing the program? Take a look at PayDotCom.
It's f.ree to join if you're only selling one product. To sell all the
products you want for life, there is a one-time charge of $29.
It's an easy way to have your own affiliate program.

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