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My Own Ezine              November 27, 2007,  Issue 84
Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter about
email marketing, creating your own ezine, and building your
online business.
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Quick Tips For Online Success:
Five Breakthrough Marketing Ideas
1. Publish your ezine in ebook format. You could offer a
larger number of articles per issue. It also allows you to
include graphics with your ezine.Your advertising revenue
would increase because you could charge businesses
for large color ads.
2. Offer a free daily class in your web site's chat room. The
class should be related to the subject of your business or
web site. This will get people to visit your web site everyday.
3. Do you have a product that doesn't sell? Offer it as a
free bonus for another businesses product or service.
You'll get free advertising by placing your web site or
business ad on the free bonus.
4. Place different emotional response ads for the same
product or service all over your web site. One ad may
hit their hot button to buy more than another ad.
5. Offer to insert ads into your product package for other
businesses. Just ask that, in return, they do the same for
your business. You should only trade insert ads with
businesses that have the same target audience.
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> Have you visited "The World's Forum For eBusiness
Professionals"? This is an excellent forum for exchanging
information and getting tips and strategies from experts on
doing business online.
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New Articles Added to MyOwnEzine.com
(Use them in your Ezine or on your Web Site)
The Confidence to Create Your First Information Product
By Alice Seba
Holiday Action Saves a Sour Shopping Season
By Beka Ruse
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