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My Own Ezine                   November 16, 2004 Issue 7

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==> The MOE Mission

Welcome to My Own Ezine and thank you for subscribing.
This ezine, "MOE", will help you to start your own ezine
and to grow it into a profitable venture by learning about
the many aspects of ecommerce and internet marketing.
I value all my subscribers and welcome all opinions,
comments and questions. Please contact me at:

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In This Issue

==> Timely Topics
==> Recommended Resource
==> Freebies For You
==> EBusiness Resources
==> Guest Article: by Cory Threlfall
==> Free Ezines / Ebooks
==> Work The Web
==> Tips & Tricks for You, Your Home & Your Business
==> Subscription Management & Contact Info

==> Timely Topics

10 Eye Popping, Jaw Dropping Ad Copy Secrets
For Your Web Pages

An ezine is a great way to bring your subscribers back to
your web site. However, you need good Ad copy to make a
sale. Here are 10 tips for creating copy that sells:

1. Use a hand written letter on your ad copy instead
of text. Write the ad on a piece of paper, scan it and
publish the ad on your web page. Adding a personal
touch will always increase your sales.

2. Publish a list of famous and respected customers
who have bought from you on your a copy. People
will think that if these people bought from you, they
should also trust your business and purchase your
products. Make sure to get their permission first.

3. Show before and after photos for your products
on your web page copy. Show the problem picture
and then beside it, show the picture of the resolution
to the problem when they use your product.

4. Include an article or review that has been written about you
or your business with your ad copy. This will show people
that your business is respected and will increase your

5. When you offer free bonuses in your ad copy, also list the
dollar value beside each bonus. People will feel they're getting
a good deal and it will increase the value of your product.

6. If your budget permits, hire a famous person to endorse
your product or service. Make sure the person is well known
to your target audience. Include his or her picture and
statements on your ad copy.

7. Include your own picture on your ad copy. This will show
people that you're not hiding behind your ad copy and will
increase their trust. Also, include your contact information
below the picture and a brief statement or quote.

8. Tell your potential customers on your ad copy that you
will donate a percentage of their purchase price to a specific
charity. This will show them you really care about the people.
They may just buy your product to donate to the charity.

9. Ask your potential customers plenty of yes and no
questions in your ad copy. The questions should remind
them of their problem and make them think about what
will happen if they don't purchase your product.

10. Tell your potential customers they will receive a free prize.
if they find the five words in your ad copy that are misspelled
or spelled backwards. The longer you can keep someone
reading your copy the greater chance of them purchasing.

Starting & Growing Your Ezine is offered by Stan Smith,
owner of MyOwnEzine.com. To start or grow your own
ezine, or to just work the web more profitably,
pick up your Free Business Building Ecourse at:

==> Recommended Resource

About Terry Seymour's "My Own Ezine Manual":

"Just thought I'd drop you a quick thank you. I've been a
sub of MOE for a few months now and have always
appreciated your honest 'Treat as you'd like to be treated'
approach, , Which is why I thought I'd take the risk and
buy your 'MOE manual of ezine publishing'. This email is
to say a BIG THANX,. Not only am I impressed with the
honest simple way you talk through the process of
putting together a good quality ezine. (Worth the cost in
it's own right). But I am amazed at the number of resources
you've included!!!!"
Randy Smith ( http://www.freemindhypnosis.com/Newsletter.html )

The MOE Manual is available at:

==> Freebies For You

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advertising, how it's growing and why.

==> eBusiness Resources

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==> Guest Article:

Super-Affiliate's! What Are They... How Do I Find Them
and Why They're Your... TICKET to Success!


What are they?

Do you see this term often online and end up confused to
what it means and the purpose they serve online?

It sounded really mysterious to me when I first came across
the term which peeked my curiosity and led me to research
the term further to find out exactly what the term meant
and more importantly what there roll was in the Internet
marketing world.

The information I discovered was Astonishing!

What I'm about to reveal to you in this article will blow
your mind and hopefully take away the mystery and answer
the questions you once had about what a 'Super-Affiliate'
is and why they ARE your...

.."Ticket To Online Success!"

Let's first take away the mystery behind what a
'Super-Affiliate' is so that you'll have a clear picture
inside your head of how they'll benefit your online
business for years to come.

A 'Super-Affiliate' is simply either or both a High Traffic
website and/or a eZine/Newsletter owner with a HUGE
targeted opt-in mailing list that are able to sell more in
a given day then you could in a month.

As you will learn, the internet is nothing more then a
numbers game and the super-affiliate's are simply the one's
who have already put in the time and have the highest
numbers when it comes to 'Website Traffic' and targeted
'Opt-In' mailing lists.

Are you starting to see the BIG picture yet?

Now, lets move on and break this down a little with some
rough numbers so you'll be able to have better idea of what
to look for when it comes to locating an 'Super-Affiliate'
via search engines and/or eZine/Newsletter directories.

Let's first start with the Search Engines.

When your searching the web for super-affiliate's with high
traffic website's this is the general guide line I use to
gauge there importance.

But, in order for me to do a proper traffic analysis of
there website I need to use a special webmaster toolbar
offered through Alexa.com.

This toolbar is essential and a must have when it comes to
locating super-affiliate's and the reason why is because it
reveals the 'Traffic Ranking' for that particular website
you are viewing making it easier for you to tell the
difference between the super-affiliate's and the other
website's that are just getting by.

Here's the link to where you can download your own free
Alexa toolbar if you choose:

- http://download.alexa.com/

Now... for the numbers.

When I'm searching for an super-affiliate related to my
Product, Service and/or any of the affiliate programs I am
promoting via the search engines and I happen to come
across a website that has a traffic ranking of 50,000 or
lower using the Alexa toolbar to gauge the TR then these
are the website's where the super-affiliate's reside and
are the one's I will want to contact with a business

As a general rule using website analysis, the lower the TR,


Because it means that particular website is receiving
Lots... and Lots of traffic which is just what you're
looking for.

Now... that's the general idea behind locating
super-affiliate's through website analysis and the search

This next part I'm going to show you where to locate the
super-affiliate's with HUGE targeted mailing lists.

This is where you stand to benefit the most and could in
turn make a substantial amount of money within the next 24
hours of your business proposition if accepted by the list

The best places to locate an 'Super-Affiliate' with a HUGE
mailing list are through eZine/Newsletter directories. I've
listed a few of the Top directories below to save you the
hassle of having to search for them yourself.

- Ezine Universe

- Ezine Hub

- Go-Ezines

- Netter Web

- Ezine Search

These directories databases are searchable and are full of
thousands of ezine/newsletters with list sizes that range
from 1000 subscribers to 250,000 subscribers and up.

It's pretty easy to figure out who the super-affiliate's
are going to be here.

The Bigger the list size, the BETTER.

But... as a general rule I would have to say that any
ezine/newsletter owner with a list size of 75,000 or more
subscribers I would consider an 'Super-Affiliate'.

Remember, this is just a general guide line.

Don't discard the list owners with smaller lists. The more
eZine/Newsletter owners you contact the greater your
chances are of SUCCESS!

Now that you know what a super-affiliate is and how to find
them Both on the Web and through ezine/newsletter
directories your probably wondering how...

.. "They're Your TICKET To Online Success!"

Well, its actually quite simple.

If you own your own Product and/or offer a Service, and
this will even work if your an affiliate to someone else's
program, all you have to do is simply locate and approach
related website and/or ezine/newsletter owners with a
JV(Joint Venture) and/or business proposition offering them
a reasonable share(percentage) of the profits if they were
to accept your business proposal.

That's It!

And the best part about this approach is that you don't
even have to spend a penny on advertising and the traffic
you'll receive will be 'Laser Targeted' making your chances
of SUCCESS that much Greater.

I really hope this article opened your eye's up and cleared
up any unanswered questions you once had about what a
'Super-Affiliate' was, what there roll is in the Internet
marketing world and more importantly... How you can locate
them via the Web.

Cory Threlfall is the Editor and Publisher of a Internet
marketing newsletter called the 'Internet Wonders eZine'.
http://www.internetwondersezine.com ; He is also an owner
He is also owner of a very popular virtual mall called CBmall..
The Net's #1 Infoproduct Site.
#1 Infoproduct Site. http://compactURL.com/wqvg

==> Free Ezines / Ebooks

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==> Tips & Tricks for You, Your Home & Your Business

To increase the open rate and number of click-thru's of your
email, use short subject lines and increase the number of
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