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My Own Ezine              November 15, 2005,  Issue 32

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
I hope that you will find the information in these issues
helpful in starting or growing your online business.
Here's a synopsis of this week's issue:

==> Feature Article
O.K. You have something to sell and may even have a web
site to promote it. Now you're ready to advertise. How do you
know if your ad and choice of publication will pay off? Steve
Hackney has the answer in his "Minimum Risk Formula".

Steve's article may be reprinted in your ezine or on your site
in its entirety so long as the author's credits and all links
remain intact.

==> Recommended Resource
See this section for a limite*d tim*e offe*r from Bank of
America that can give you money and make you money.

==> F*reebies
In the f*reebies section, you will find an entertaining way to
break from your online work and a couple of very valuable
resources for shortening URL's.

==> e-Business Resources
Here, you will find a very affordable source for Pay-Per-Click
advertising and where to find help setting up or managing
your business structure.

==> Work-The-Web
Here's your chance to link your online business to a long
established wholesaler of mail order products.

==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section for tips
on writing copy, marketing, doing e-business and using
your computer.

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==> Feature Article:

Advertising Products And Services: The Minimum Risk
by Steve Hackney

This is an amazin*g secret I'm going to let you in on.

I have yet to witness a more successful strategy when
advertising products or services, than the one I'm about to
reveal to you. I use it every single day for my own businesses
and for my clients' businesses. It is the safest advertising
strategy I know, and very few people know about it
(even less apply it!).

Better still, it helps you make more money from your
advertising than any other advertising strategies you'll have
heard of or used previously.

Let me explain.

Placing your first a*d with any publication is always risky
when advertising products or services. Even when you've
carefully selected each publication, until you've ran the first
a*d, you haven't got the foggiest if this particular publication
is going to be successful or not - even when you know your
a*d itself is a winne*r.

You could spend hundreds or even thousands before you
know your a*d or the publication isn't successful. Even the
world's greatest copywriters don't know if their a*d and the
chosen publication will combine to be a winne*r. So what
chance have you got? And that's the risk - the massive risk
that almost everyon*e takes when advertising products and

Quite frankly this is a risk I'm not prepared to take anymore
(I've lost thousands in the past doing things the "conventional"
way). The good news is I don't take any risks now, and after
reading this article, neither will you.

So here's a foolproof advertising strategy for advertising
products and services that increases your profit*s and
reduces your financial risk to the lowest possible level.  

The Minimum Risk Formula 

Instead of placing a medium or large display a*d, what you
must do is FIRST place a classified a*d in the classifieds
section of the publication. If the publication doesn't have a
classified section (and some don't) place the smallest
display a*d possible.

Your costs are now at the lowest possible level. If you don't
make any money from the a*d, you've kept your losses to
the absolute minimum.

If your classified or small display a*d works i.e. it brings in
more money than the a*d costs, then what you do is increase
the a*d size gradually. Stop increasing the size the moment
you become dissatisfied with your returns.

If your classified a*d or display a*d doesn't work the first time,
I guarante*e it won't work again, and it won't work EVEN if
you increase the size of your a*d. You must trust me on this.

I know this goes against what the a*d agencies and
publications tell you. I know it defies logic. I know you'll have
trouble dealing with this. However, when you've spent literally
hundreds of thousands of pounds on advertising ( like I have,
and still do) - you test everything. This is not some ("BS")
theory I've made up.

Sure, sometimes I'm 99% certain a publication will work
depending on a number of factors, but often this 'Minimum
Risk Formula' is by far the safest approach. And believe me,
I'm not 'safety minded.' I just rather stack the deck in my
favour, throwing if the classified a*d (or small display a*d)
works it will work even better as a larger a*d.    

Risk small then scale up. Ignore this 'secret' at your peril!

I've wasted thousands of pounds of my own money hoping this
wasn't true, but every single time I've increased the a*d size
or ran it a second time - it flopped just like the first one did!

I know this strategy for advertising products and services
seems simple, almost ridiculous, but it is extremely
successful. I have yet to see a successful classified a*d
(or small display a*d) fail in the same publication when it is
increased in size to a larger display a*d.

I don't know about you, but using any advertising strategy
that reduces the financial risk and at the same time helps
make more money is one never to ignore.

I promise yo*u this.

You won't ever come across a more successful strategy for
advertising products and services, no matter how much
information you read. Better still, you certainly won't find an
advertising strategy that's so easy to apply -- even a child
could do it (well almost!).


About The Author  
Steve Hackney is the world renowned small business
marketing expert. He has made tens of millions for his
clients and has written no less than 12 best selling sales and
marketing books to help the owners of small or medium sized
companies quickly grow their businesses. Check out Steve's
products, services and FRE*E resources online here -

==> Recommended Resource

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==> F*reebies

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==> e-Business Resources

Need help setting up your small business structure? Want
to incorporate your business for $1200? MSTGS can help
entrepreneurs with booking, tax preparation, company reports,
credit, legal services, resident agent services, voicemail,
listing services, web site design and hosting services.


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actually embed your a*d in web pages and software around
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==> Work The Web

Specialty Merchandise Corporation began recruiting
entrepreneurs long before the birth of e-commerce. In the
"old" days, SMC members bought wholesale and sold retail
via the mail order business model. Today, however, SMC
has marketing plans that can put your "bu*y wholesale, sell
retail" business online. Gold membership will cost you about
$300 plus an annual fee of $29.95. For more info, go to:
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==> Tips & Tricks

We all do it. We're in a rush. The deadline for the a*d copy
or ezine is upon us. We hit spell check and send the text.
Then we find the error! Before you send out that copy or
ezine, read it ALOUD two or three times. Spell check does
not pick up the omissions, those "doesn't sound right parts",
or the word you meant to add. Spell check does edit for you.


Take your marketing efforts to the next level. Implement this
simple strategy and you may find yourself in the company of
marketing giants. Instead of using your web address in your
advertising campaigns, use an autoresponder URL. You
could find subscriptions from your visitors jumping well above
the estimated 30% conversion rate at your web site. When
someone visits your web site, you only have one chance to
"sell" them. When they visit your autoresponder, you have
multiple opportunities to convert them. That is - until they
unsubscribe from the autoresponder.


The key to managing any business is organization. So, stop
writing notes on scrap paper. Put your notes in a binder,
spiral notebook or small, record book to prevent loss and to
facilitate easy retrieval. After all, the purpose of filing is not
to put it away but to find it when you need it. Also, place your
"hot" projects in folders, and put them in a vertical step rack.
This makes them more visible and quickly available. Think
about setting routine work hours for your home office and
establishing ground rules for interruptions. If you don't want
the household disturbed by incoming business calls, use
a cell phone with voicemail. No one gets disturbed by calls,
your customers can always reach you or leave a message,
and you do not have to add a second land line to the home.


How many times have you seen this message on your PC
and not known what to do next? "File Type: Unknown
Description: Windows does not recognize this file type."
To find some help, go to any of the following sites. They have
explanations on a very comprehensive list of file extensions.

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