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My Own Ezine                    November 2, 2004 Issue 6

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p.s. Do these names tell you something?
Mark Joyner, John Reese, Perry Marshall,
Jimmy D. Brown, Joe Vitale, Willie Crawford,
Yanik Silver, Craig Perrine, Brian Tracy, Paul Barrs,
Mark Hendricks...

See how they participated to that Project here:

==> The MOE Mission

Welcome to My Own Ezine and thank you for subscribing.
This ezine, "MOE", will help you to start your own ezine
and to grow it into a profitable venture by learning about
the many aspects of ecommerce and internet marketing.
I value all my subscribers and welcome all opinions,
comments and questions. Please contact me at:

MOE is hosted by ICDSoft Hosting. No charge for set-up,
333mb of space, $5 per month, plus numerous features!
Incredible Support System...Minutes Not Hours.

In This Issue

==> Timely Topics
==> Recommended Resource
==> Freebies For You
==> EBusiness Resources
==> Guest Article: by Leva Duell
==> Free Ezines / Ebooks
==> Work The Web
==> Tips & Tricks for You, Your Home & Your Business
==> Subscription Management & Contact Info

==> Timely Topics

Welcome to Election Day
Please be sure to vote so that we may elect the President
and politicians we deserve. For future elections, consider
voting early with an absentee ballot. It sure beats waiting in
line - especially on a cold, windy, rainy evening in Maine!

My town requires no special reason for voting absentee. I
just call the town clerk and ask that a ballot be mailed to me.
When I'm ready, I simply mail my ballot to the town office
or just drop it off when I'm in the area. Please check with
your municipality for your local regulations.

"Ain't Technology Wonderful"
I recently "attended" a teleconference. Well, they called it a 
"Webinar" sponsored by Microsoft Live Office Meeting and
featuring Alexandria Brown, the " Ezine Queen", as guest

I was amazed by the use of this technology from Microsoft.
The Microsoft manager was in one city, Alexandria was in
another city, and over 200 of us were spread over who knows
where. I listened to Alexandria on my speaker phone as usual,
and, thanks to Microsoft, WATCHED her PowerPoint slide
presentation on the web as she spoke. What a marketing tool!
As Alexandria offered her advice and tips on ezines, she
re-affirmed her status as an expert and subtlety promoted
her product, "Boost Business With  Your Own E-zine".
When you get the opportunity, sign up for one of these
Webinars. Better yet, hold your own Webinar to boost sales!

"The Pen is mightier than the Sword" - especially
when you use power words to write headlines and copy.
This week in our Guest Article section, learn twenty of
the most important words for getting attention, motivating
potential buyers and increasing profits. Good advice for your
ezine, ads and web site.

==> Recommended Resource

If you promote your own services or products, you owe it to
yourself to check out "Boost Business With Your Own E-zine".
The book comes with "The E-zine Queen Resource Report,"
featuring more than 268 e-zine resources that will help your
subscriber list explode with growth. You can view the manual's
entire Table Of Contents and read several Reviews from
Internet marketers and e-zine publishers at:

==> Freebies For You

SOFTWARE - this software can do a deep internet search,
going where search engines can't go, to help you find files.
Also, demos and other free software at:
SOFTWARE - put a simple, scrolling stock ticker on your
desktop to track your investments. Free version is fully
functional for two stock symbols.
SUPPLIES - 250 business cards from VistaPrint. Choose from
30 designs and pay only for shipping and handling.
SOFTWARE - variety of software from Free-CDSoftware,
just pay shipping and delivery - $7.50 in US.

==> eBusiness Resources

Sometimes you just want a different icon. That's when
you need an icon editing software like IconCool Editor.
This software will create or edit icons, cursors and web graphics.
It also captures and converts images. For Windows at $19.95.
Got a Marketing Plan for your e-Biz yet? Odds are that,
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Solve the 3 biggest problems of online businesses.

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Learn simple strategies to make more money while
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==> Guest Article:

Attract Buyers with Power Words
by Leva Duell
Copyright: © 2004

Power words elicit emotions and create visual pictures in
your readers' mind. Here are twenty of the most important
words that have proven to attract attention, motivate
prospects to buy, and increase sales. Use them in your
headlines and copy of your sales materials and web site.

Free trial offer.
How to generate free online traffic.

Do you want to get out of the rat race?
Do you want to make serious money?

New material never before shared in public.

In this article, you'll discover resources that will help
you generate more profits.

Find out how you can start in this amazing home
business today!

Listen to what customers say about these breakthrough
Find out the hottest new Internet marketing breakthroughs.

Get the latest techniques to developing your web site.

Three proven ways to get people to open your emails.
A proven technique that will generate sales and profits for
your web site automatically.

Guarantee yourself a top ranking on Google.
Marketing expert reveals powerful marketing strategies
guaranteed to increase your profits.
Our system is backed by a 100 percent zero risk guarantee.

Seven distinct ways to make money online.
Four key ways to make money with an ezine.

Top 10 ways to develop a successful web site.
10 top ways to make your web site more effective

Secrets of keyword placement that only the pro marketers
10 inside secrets of profitable home businesses.

If you want to get in on this rare home business
opportunity, you need to act now!

Pick up your phone and call now! Go on... do it right now!

22 ways to save time promoting your web site.
The techniques you'll discover in this report can save you a
small fortune.

How to write compelling copy to attract more people
to your web site.
How to attract buyers' attention with compelling headlines.
How to use e-mail marketing to increase your web profits.

4 easy ways to order.
You get an easy-to-follow marketing guide.
7 easy ways to increase sales -- fast.

Free report reveals how to boost traffic and increase your
sales on the Internet.
Master marketer reveals seven top ways to make money
with your web site.

An insider's guide to top search engine ranking.
Insider secrets to your own million dollar Internet

10 marketing tips for online success.
A blueprint for your online success.
Secrets on how to design a web site for success!

Use these power words when writing headlines and content
for your sales materials and web site. They will attract
attention and convert more prospects into buyers.

Resource Box:
Looking for typing work at home? Start a secretarial
business. The Secretarial-Business-in-a-Box provides instant
tools you need to start and run a successful secretarial
service. F*ree articles and business start-up newsletter at
http://www.startasecretarialbusiness.com .

==> Free Ezines / Ebooks

E-BOOK - "Clickbank Super Tips" by Harvey Segal
shows you how to join any affiliate program by creating a
simple link. If you are a merchant, he shows you how
Clickbank handles the whole process of selling your eBooks
and sending commissions to your affiliates.
E-ZIne - Well known internet entrepreneur, Tom Hua, offers
a free ezine, "e*Vision", to help you build your online business.
Also, 7-day e-course, "eBook Magic", at no charge.

==> Work The Web

You can make money online without a web site and even
without a product according to Chris Carpenter, author of

In one month, this e-book shot to the "Top Ten" among the
40,000 e-books for sale at Clickbank.com.

If you want a new way to work the web, you may want to
invest $49.95 in this popular e-book. It will teach you how to
use Google AdWords to generate an income with affiliate
products and without the cost of a web site.

==> Tips & Tricks for You, Your Home & Your Business

When creating your SoloAds, give a lot of thought to the
subject line. Make it short and pertinent. You don't want to
anger your readers by misleading them. Do not use "Re:" or
"Fwd". In the body of the ad, write about the main benefits
to the consumer of your product or service. What problems
do your products or services solve. Use strong, action
oriented words.
If you are e-marketing only one product, chances are that
you will be unsuccessful. Many advertised products on the
internet are loss-leaders because the advertisers know that
the real money is in the 'lifetime value" of the customer.
The real money comes from follow-up sales of additional
products and services to that customer.
A friend in IT told me about this site. It has just about anything
you may need for your computer. Also, free catalog.
"The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) is a public-private
partnership focused on promoting cyber security and safe
behavior online. This organization offers tips, educational
materials and internet resources to help keep your online
business safe and secure.
The IRS has issued a warning about those offers to help you
settle your tax bill for "pennies on the dollar". Unscrupulous
promoters are advising ineligible taxpayers to apply for an
offer in compromise with the IRS and then collecting
excessive fees. Such promoters should be reported to:
Office of Professional Responsibility
(SE:OPR), Internal Revenue Service
1111 Constitution Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20224
When planning to place wallboard in moist areas like the
basement or bathroom, use moisture resistant wallboard
like DensArmorô Plus Interior Guard gypsum panel. FMI:
Worried about the Flu? If you're not eligible for the flu shot,
the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that you
can still help yourself by:
> keeping your distance from those who are infected
> stay home when you are sick
> when coughing or sneezing, cover up with a tissue
> wash your hands often
> keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth
Get the facts about this flu season from the CDC's site at:
Never put college savings in a child's name. Current practices
require a child to use 35% of his assets before becoming
eligible for financial aid. Parents must use over 5%.

==> Subscription Management & Contact Info

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Stan Smith
Publisher, My Own Ezine
6 Winsome Lea
Falmouth, Maine   04105
© 2004 All Rights Reserved Worldwide


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