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My Own Ezine              November 1, 2005,  Issue 31

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
I hope that you will find the information in these issues
helpful in starting or growing your online business.
Here's a synopsis of this week's issue:

==> Feature Article
How do internet marketers attract targeted traffic to their
websites? In his article below, Raamakant S. presents
the pro's and con's of pay-per-click advertising.

Raamakant's article may be reprinted in your ezine or on
your site in its entirety so long as the author's credits and
all links remain intact.

==> Recommended Resource
See this section for the software that will help you compile
that new ebook product.

==> F*reebies
Get the f*reebies that will help you overcome your fear of
selling, help you avoid the hazards of long hours on the
computer, and give you f*ree use of an online dictionary
and thesaurus.

==> e-Business Resources
Here, you will learn how to develop reciprocal links to boost
your search engine ranking and where to get templates to
design or re-design your web pages.

==> Work-The-Web
Sell this ebook on home income opportunities and make
a 50% commission.

==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section for tips
on writing copy, marketing, doing e-business and using
your computer.

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==> Feature Article:

How To Win The War of Pay-Per-Click Advertising
By Raamakant S.

Do you know what the most important question is among
most internet marketers, especially newbie's. It's "How to get
highly targeted visitors to their sites?" Believe me, I know
it because I received this question from my subscribers
almost daily.

Well, earlier when I started my internet business I also faced
this problem. I tried safe-lists, I bought so called guaranteed
visitors, I even blasted my a*d to 10 million (Yes, you are right.
It's 10 million) sites but couldn't make a single sale.

Then I changed my strategies and got this problem solved by
finding a right solution, and that is "Pay-Per-Click Advertising".
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is a great solution for traffic
worries because it directs highly targeted traffic to my site.
Yesterday, I got around 280 visitors and I made 24 sales.

Pay-Per-Click is a simple type of paid advertising that most
search engines, including some of the largest ones, now offer.
It requires a bid on a "per-click" basis, which translates to
your company paying the bid amount every time the search
engine directs a visitor to your site. There is the added bonus
that when a per-click site sends your website traffic, your site
often appears in the results of other prevalent search engines.

As with all marketing campaigns, there are pros and cons.
Where there are flowers, there are thorns also. What you
have to do is to protect yourself from the thorns and let only
the fragrance touch your inner sense. So, let us now look
at the advantages and disadvantages of PPC Advertising.

One of the greatest advantages of PPC is that you never
have to tweak your web pages to change your position in
search engine results, as you must do in a typical SEO
campaign. What you do have to do in a pay-per-click
campaign is pay a fee.

Another advantage is the simplicity of the pay-per-click
process. You just bid and you're up and running. It doesn't
demand any specific technical knowledge, though the more
you know about search engines and keywords, the easier -
and more effective - the process will be.

Now, I bet that you're wondering about the disadvantages
of Pay-Per-Click Advertising. The downside is that PPC
is essentially a bidding war. A higher bid than yours will
lower your position on search engine results. This means
that you will have to raise your bid to regain your position.
This can obviously become quite expensive, especially
if you are bidding on a popular keyword.

In order to determine if pay-per-click is a cost effective
form of marketing for your business, you must do some
computing to figure out how much each visitor to your site
is worth. You can compute this value by dividing the profit
you make on your website over a given period of time by the
total number of visitors for that same time period. For
example, if your site made $5,000 in profit*s and there were
10000 hits, each visitor would be theoretically worth 50
cents. The basic formula is profit*s divided by visitors.

Be aware that the most popular keywords often cost
considerably more than 50 cents a click. The only way
around this is to bid less for these phrases or you will be
paying too much for each individual hit.

Since you are in business to earn money, and not lose it,
you must have a plan in place to closely track the effectiveness
of the keywords used in your pay-per-click advertisiing. So,
it is advisable to monitor your keywords on a monthly basis.

The only way to evaluate your success with pay-per-click
advertising is by monitoring.not just monitoring, but careful
monitoring. By monitoring and analyzing visitor behavior, you
can develop valuable knowledge about consumer motivation,
habits and trends. This knowledge is essential to the needs
of your business and absolutely necessary to evaluate any
pay-per-click campaign.

Copyright 2005 Raamakant S.

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==> Tips & Tricks

To make more sales, use more powerful headlines in your
copy. One effective technique is to turn your headline into a
question. Once your readers see the question, you instantly
engage them in a mental guessing game. They formulate their
own answers and then read your copy to see if they answered
"correctly". It's all very subtle but very effective.


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a JV partner, you can do a search the web, consult ezine 
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