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My Own Ezine        October 21, 2008,  Issue 107

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about internet marketing and publishing your own ezine.
In this Issue, you will find:

> How to start your online business one week at a time

> 7 Ways to promote your online newsletter

> Where to win a complete Firesale + extras worth $1500

> A source for f.ree Joint Venture Giveaway Events

> Offers of f.ree and original DHTML & Javascripts

> Where to find help with eBay's affiliate program

> Closing dates for 2 important Halloween Giveaways

> And, links to my archives of marketing tips,
   f.ree ebooks, software and articles

Stan Smith
Publisher, MyOwnEzine.com

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Tips For Your Online Success: (Guest Author)

Top Seven Ways to Promote your Ezine
By Judy Cullins

Your newsletter is a great way to give your business
more visibility. To build this data base, you will
want to incorporate these seven tips.

1. Network offline. Visit professional like-minded
groups. These groups usually meet once a month, have
speakers, and networking time for you to mix with
other professionals. You will get valuable information
at these meetings for low cost - yearly memberships run
around $25-$50 giving you f.ree meeting attendance.

At each meeting you are given a 30-second time to
introduce yourself. Prepare your concept statement and
be ready to shine. State your name, and who you work
with to get what results and benefits.

Bring business cards and flyers for the networking
table and talk to at least five people.

2. Speak to groups about your expertise. You may be a
guest speaker for a large association or group, or you
may form your own seminars and workshops, where people
come to hear your expertise. During each meeting, pass
the clipboard that asks your audience for their email
addresses. In return, you will send them pertinent
information. Be sure to put your web URL in plain sight.
You want these people to visit your web site, first to see
your expertise, then perhaps to b.uy products.

3. Promote your eNewsletter on your web site. Visit
many sites and take from them what will make your pages
zing. When you list your ezine's feature on your site, the
search engines will notice and rank you higher. Offer
toward the top of the home page a way to subscribe. One
way to get your visitors full attention to sign up is to put
the benefits of your ezine in a pop up box.
Remember the old adage;
"Make it easy for your customer to b.uy."

4. Promote your ezine through your signature file.
Create a promotional signature in three to six lines,
and add it to the end of each email you send out.
Include your service, book, f.ree ezine offer with your
web site address and email.

5. Promote your ezine when you use article marketing.
You write five or so articles, then submit them to
high-traffic web sites and article directories. People flock
there for the f.ree information. If they like your information,
they will visit your site to see more. There they will see
your home page ezine sign up box. Offer a bonus ebook
or report when your visitors sign up for your ezine.

6. Offer your subscribers a f.ree gift subscription to
send to their friends. You can use another autoresponder
to send the gift, plus whom it's from, and a little blurb
about what they will be receiving. Always include a way
for subscribers to unsubscribe.

7. Send out press releases via email about your ezine.
Press releases by email are different from print ones.
They must be short! They must be newsworthy! Google
ezine and find out which web sites you can submit
your ezine a.d to. Try ezinearticles.com.

When you put a little effort in building your ezine
subscriber base list, you'll reap the rewards of people
getting to know you through your ezine over time - then
trusting you enough to use your service or products.

About the Author:

Judy Cullins, 20-year Book and Internet Marketing
Coach and author of 11 books including "The Fast and
Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web T.raffic" offers f.ree
help through her 2 monthly ezines, "The Book Coach
Says. . .," and "Business Tip of the Month." at

Article Source:

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