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My Own Ezine                    October 19, 2004 Issue 5

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Subject: The "Together Project"

The Most Unusual Collection of Marketing and
Success Secrets Ever Created!!

The Net will never be the same thanks to
John Delavera's newest product -a Joint-Venture
with his own subscribers!

This man has done the Unthinkable -- asking his ezine
readers to share- 'wants and all' - their experience
and insights on "How to Achieve Online Success!"

And he created a VIRAL Project indeed!

Check it:

p.s. Do these names tell you something?
Mark Joyner, John Reese, Perry Marshall,
Jimmy D. Brown, Joe Vitale, Willie Crawford,
Yanik Silver, Craig Perrine, Brian Tracy, Paul Barrs,
Mark Hendricks...

See how they participated to that Project here:

==> The MOE Mission

Welcome to My Own Ezine and thank you for subscribing.
This ezine, "MOE", will help you to start your own ezine
and to grow it into a profitable venture by learning about
the many aspects of ecommerce and internet marketing.
I value all my subscribers and welcome all opinions,
comments and questions. Please contact me at:

MOE is hosted by ICDSoft Hosting. No charge for set-up,
333mb of space, $5 per month, plus numerous features!
Incredible Support System...Minutes Not Hours.

In This Issue

==> Timely Topics
==> Recommended Resource
==> Freebies For You
==> EBusiness Resources
==> Guest Article: by Alexandria K. Brown
==> Free Ezines / Ebooks
==> Work The Web
==> Tips & Tricks for You, Your Home & Your Business
==> Subscription Management & Contact Info

==> Timely Topics

My eCourse Review:

Recently Melvin Ng asked me to review an ecourse on his site:
The ecourse was titled, "You Can! Make Your Living Online!"
and was developed by David Vallieres.

At first, I was apprehensive. I did not and do not know Mr. Ng.
I later learned, however, that he had interviewed the previous
owner of this ezine, Terry Seymour. And, that's how he found
me. I also did not remember who David Vallieres was,
although I should have.

David first went online in 1995 and started his own internet
business a year later. In 1999, he quit his job and began
working full time on his internet business. The next 2 and
a half years were not good! He made less than a $1000 a
month. It was not until 2002 that he discovered, in his words,
"the REAL secrets to online success... the stuff that
the 'gurus' don't talk about."

In one month, David Vallieres went from an income of $500
to $9,700! Now he says that he averages $15,000 a month
and has reached a record month of $24,750!

Needless too say, I became interested and agreed to review
"You Can! Make Your Living Online!"

The ecourse is self-paced and delivered in 7 parts over a
period of 7 days. The lessons are downloaded in PDF format
making them readable on any system. At $197, the ecourse
is not cheap; but it's less expensive than much of the
competition. And, you get your money's worth!

I was amazed that I could pull something from the very first
lesson and apply it to My Own Ezine! This very issue reflects
changes that he recommended. In addition, I found money
making ideas, projects, plans and recommendations on new
information products and services. At the end of each lesson,
there were downloads of bonus learning materials, online tools,
and links to resource sites. And, wait until you reach Lesson 7!
But, I can't discuss that.

I agree with Mary Greene, a satisfied customer, who wrote:

"If Dave Vallieres' course doesn't motivate you, you
must not have a pulse. In just a few weeks, Dave
performs the miracle of getting you focused in your
concept, writing, list building, and marketing.
If you are accepted into the program, you'll learn what
99% of all Internet marketers have never learned - what
it REALLY takes to make your living online.
Most people are not going to make a 'fortune' online
BUT it IS pretty easy (once you know how) to start
making a few hundred dollars a DAY or more."

In Lesson 1, David says that in 1989 he saw Zig Ziglar on tape
talking to a group of salespeople. In the tape, Mr. Ziglar said
something that has always stayed with David Vallieres. He said
"If you can help enough people get what they want,
then you can get what you want".

Those words now stay with me.

If you want to make money online, take the ecourse.

==> Recommended Resource

If you promote your own services or products, you owe it to
yourself to check out "Boost Business With Your Own E-zine".
The book comes with "The E-zine Queen Resource Report,"
featuring more than 268 e-zine resources that will help your
subscriber list explode with growth. You can view the manual's
entire Table Of Contents and read several Reviews from
Internet marketers and e-zine publishers at:

==> Freebies For You

AUDIO - Easy Auction Audio will show you how to add
audio to your eBay auction or web site.
SCREENSAVER - only 12 days to Halloween! Why not give
your PC a "cool" animated Haunted House screensaver.
Complete with ghoulish sounds! Free download from:
http://regman.freeze.com/survey/haunted/index.asp?f=First Ventures
WEB SCRIPTS - download 5 scripts for your web site from
MateMedia. Also, 11 free webmaster tools.
SOFTWARE - keep your address book updated with Plaxo 2.0.
Plaxo sends text messages to your contacts requesting that
they update their contact information for your address book.
If your contacts are Plaxo members, your address book is
updated automatically. There is a Plaxo Online version if you
do not have Outlook or Outlook Express. Both are free!

==> eBusiness Resources

Take your online business to new highs with CGI scripts
that put your e-marketing on auto-pilot. You may be able
to automate 60% or more of your business.
If you're marketing to an email list, a high percentage of
your emails are not getting through the filters and blocks.
According to e-filtrate.com, "up to 27% of all permission-
based email NEVER makes it to the recipient's inbox."
Check out their solutions at:
If you do online marketing, you need quality copy. Cathy
can help you write, publish and promote effective marketing
tools. She can help with targeted lists, selling tools and
generating web traffic. One-on-one coaching.

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Master Marketer's "Crazy" Idea Causes Cyber-Quake!
What if YOU Could Learn What Makes YOUR Target
Market Tick- And the Research Didn't Cost You a Dime??
Discover the Most Unusual Collection of Marketing and
Success Secrets Ever Created... By The Most Unlikely
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==> Guest Article:

7 Ways to Use AUDIO to Increase Your Web and E-mail Sales
by Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen"

Thought about adding audio to your Web site yet? You should.
While great copy does a good job of selling your services and
products, audio will amplify the effect of your words.

Audio gives you a more personal connection with your Web
visitors. Social psychologists tell us that humans are more
likely to trust you if they can both see you and hear you.
And prospects are more likely to buy from those whom they
feel they know, like, and trust.

So let's think about how you can build that instant rapport
with your prospects.

What Could YOU Do With Audio?

There are unlimited possibilities of what can be done with
audio on Web sites and in e-mail, but here are seven simple
ideas to get you started.

1. Greet Your Homepage Visitors.
Welcome first-time visitors to your Web site with your own
voice. It's a much warmer welcome than text alone.

2. Create a Series of Audio Lessons.
Audio learning is hot! Teach your audience via your voice
  instead of just words on the page. Think about developing
a series of mini-audio lessons for your prospects.

3. Share Your Interviews.
If you don't have an interview clip already, ask a friend or
colleague to conduct a short, dynamic interview with you via
phone. Record it and post it at your Web site. Or, do a series
of interviews with other experts in your field and post them
at your site to be listened to.

4. Samples of Teleseminars.
Want more signups for your free and/or paid teleseminars?
Then start recording them. Pull out the highlights and post
free clips of them at your Web site.

5. Pump Up Your Testimonials.
You probably already have customer testimonials on your site.
Now amplify their impact with audio. Have your customers
record their testimonials in their own voices, and post them
on your site along with their names and photos.
(See great examples here)

6. Make Your E-mails and E-zines Talk.
Liven up your e-mails by making them talk to your prospects,
subscribers, and customers. The members on your lists will
feel like you are right there with them. (And remember, it will
be that personal connection that encourages people to hire
you or buy your products.) Be the first in your industry to do
this, and watch your numbers rise!

7. Audio Postcards.
Reach out to your best customers and prospects for holidays,
birthdays, or other special occasions by sending them an
e-mail "postcard" accompanied with a personally recorded

So What's the EASIEST Way to Post Audio?

In the past, adding audio to your site wasn't that easy.
You had to either spend hours learning how to do it yourself,
or pay someone else to record it and host it for you. That's
why I was never interested in audio before. I may be the
E-zine Queen, but no way am I a techie queen. In fact,
my VCR still blinks "12:00 ... 12:00 ... 12:00."

Here's the good news: There's a brand new program that
makes recording and posting audio ridiculously easy.
It's called Audio Generator and was created by Armand Morin,
the same guy who created PopUp Generator and a slew
of other innovative "Generator" products. I signed up
immediately after he debuted this at the System 3 Seminar
in Ohio a few weeks ago.

Here's an example of how easy Audio Generator is:
Say you want to add an audio greeting to your site this
afternoon. Just call Audio Generator's toll-free hot line and
record your message. Then, as soon as you hang up the
phone, go log into their site. Ta da ... your message is ready
and waiting, with a line of HTML code for you to copy and
paste on your home page.

That's it!

Even better, you can do this an unlimited number of times
and have unlimited clips on your site (or multiple sites).
You can also upload digital audio files up to 30 minutes in
length, which I'm going to do for samples of my teleclasses.

Click here to get the full story, and see (and hear)
The E-zine Queen's own audio testimonial at the
Audio Generator site.

Remember, It's That Personal Connection That Matters

Take some time today to think about what YOU could do
with audio at your site and in your e-mails to increase rapport
with your visitors. Then choose at least one tactic to
implement this month. It could be the best addition you've
made to your online marketing efforts this year.

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown


Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is author of the
award-winning manual, "Boost Business With Your Own E-zine."
To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE
tips like these, visit her site at

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Packaging Is Everything!

It's a known fact that you will make more sales, tally more
downloads, and receive quicker acceptance if people can
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product so that people can see and understand it.

Make your new eBook stand out from all the others with
an eBook Cover designed specifically for you.

Put a "face" on your eZine. Competition for subscribers is
getting tougher. An eZine Cover will give them the feeling
that they're receiving something more than an email.

Package your software in an eBox and give a sense of
substance to those electronic downloads.

Go professional. Get your own unique "Killer Covers" now!

==> Free Ezines / Ebooks

WritersCrossing.com offers a free newsletter twice a month
and free articles to freelance writers and those aspiring to be
writers. It features articles and tips on making a living by
writing. Good information for copy writers and ebook authors.
"Working With Clickbank" by Tom Hua will teach
you all about Clickbank, including setting up a free
account, sales page, "Thank You" page, links and ways
to test links and request price limit increases.
Ken Envoy has created an excellent collection of manuals
and products to help make your site sell. Pick up 6 free
eBooks to help you make profits online at:

==> Work The Web

Why They're Rich and You're Not

You want to make money online, don't you? Then take a
quick break for this true story.

It was a sunny Monday morning and our inbox was brimming
with excitement. A most enticing email offered to "explode"
our income with an "incredible" new program. This
Internet marketing guru had signed over 160 paying people
in two weeks "and he hadn't even put out any paid ads!"

The next email read "How I Made $88,101.85 in Just Three
Short Months!" "Have you heard The Internet Secret?" it
asked. "It's incredible! This secret could make you rich,"
it continued, offering to show documented proof.

And guess what? You can believe it.

But here's the bulletin for you. "The Secret" is not yet
another program, product, or writing your own ezine.

"The Secret" isn't even a secret. It's a rational, proven
process that made it possible for those two gurus to make
so much money so fast. And now it will work for you. Now
that two un-gurus have developed a systematic automatic
solution that works for regular people.

You're just two clicks away from the free and fun-filled
training course that will change the way you think; limit
your risks, costs and losses; and show you how to build any
respectable affiliate or networking business online,
properly and profitably.

You're just minutes away from discovering the sensible,
credible, ethical, DUPLICABLE way to make the Internet pay.

It's proven, it works, and here's The breakthrough: it
duplicates. Nothing compares. Anywhere.

Learn it for nothing and get paid to apply it.

Go here right now and you're on your way to making the
Internet pay.


For your success,
C. R. Ellsworth

==> Tips & Tricks for You, Your Home & Your Business
When writing Copy, create headlines with keywords targeted
to your specific group of readers. For example, Wind Surfers
over 60, Cruises For Teenagers, etc. And, appeal to the
senses and emotions of your readers.
"No Child Should Go To Bed Hungry"
"Stop Smoking And Live Longer"
Successful online marketing may mean going offline. If you're
looking to increase traffic to your web site, try radio advertising
and sponsorship. Radio shows about the internet are gaining
in popularity and help drive listeners online.
When the day comes that your computer won't boot up
because of a virus or confused driver, try automatic recovery.
When booting up, press (normally F8) to return to the last
configuration. Then choose "safe mode -programs-
accessories-system tools-system restore".
If your online business captures the email addresses of your
visitors, don't overlook the opportunity to get advertising at
no cost to you. In your "Welcome" email, personalize your
"thank you", describe your business, and add a few
interesting and "profitable" links.
Teachers and other educators should save their receipts
for books and classroom supplies. They will be able to
deduct up to $250 of these expenses again this year.
FMI, use the IRS search engine to find Tax Topic 458 at:
If you have musty smells, discolored walls or black spots in
damp areas, you have mold! And, mold can lead to a stuffy
nose, sneezing, headaches and toxins that can affect your
respiratory systems. Learn more about this home hazard at:
When traditional medicine isn't enough, think about the less
invasive alternatives. This site offers a free eBook and weekly
tips on your other options for health care.
Looking for a retirement haven- or just a retreat? This book,
"Panama: The Owner's Manual ", declares that Panama is
"The World's Next Great Retirement Destination" and that
a recent article in Harper's Bazaar claimed that: "Panama is
the most beautiful retreat in the world and almost undiscovered."

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