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My Own Ezine              October 17, 2006,  Issue 56

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine about
email marketin*g and publishing your own online newsletter.

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"MOE's" Quick Tips:

> If you're a subscriber with an AOL address who did not
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It seems that AOL erroneously bounced a small percentage
of emails in the Oct.1 - 3rd timeframe.

According to DeliveryMonitor.com, some subscribers to ezines
did not receive their mailings and were inadvertently removed
from subscriber lists when publishers received the following:
(HVU:IP) http://postmaster.info.aol.com/errors/554hvuip.html

The affected domains included AOL and any AOL managed
domain such as netscape.net or aim.com. If you have an AOL
email address, you may want to verify your subscriber status.

> Tired of those automated responses when you call customer
service. Well, there's help out there that some companies
may not want you to know about. Here is a web site that lists
the telephone numbers to talk directly to a human contact
at 415 business and government entities.

About Ezines & Email Marketing

Are Your E-Mails Bouncing?
Hard Bounces, Soft Bounces, and Everything in Between
By Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen"
"... Sending e-mail to more people means more bounce-backs.
And too many bounce-backs can cause your mailings to be
blocked with certain Internet service providers, meaning many
of your e-mails won't reach your readers."  (Read more at:)


> Edmund Loh will give you a free report that shows you how
to profit from ReSell Rights in three simple steps. It's a very
complete 63-page guide to the Resell Rights business with
information not available in some paid infoproducts. To get the
report, simply sign up for his free ReSell Rights Tips ezine.

> If you are looking for free software, go to cnet.com and click
the download tab. They are a versatile resource. Check out
Power Siphon 1.9.6 at the page listed below. It can copy
your web site for redistribution as an EXE file or for use offline.

> If you're looking for software applications for that home office,
but can't afford the pricey Microsoft Office Suite, download
the free office suite from OpenOffice.org. It's compatible with
all other major office suites and is free to distribute.

Recommended Resources:

> Writing articles remains one of the best ways to get your
web site noticed. And, Information Exchange is a new article
directory that will help you do just that. If you're a publisher,
it's another source of fine content for your ezine or web site.
Because it's new, some categories do not yet have articles.

> Even if you're not your own webmaster, it still pays to know
something about basic web design. A great resource is a site
owned by Ben Hunt. He's designed and developed web sites
for over 10 years. Check out the sites he's re-designed.

Online Articles For Your Ezine or Web Site:

>>> On Starting A Business

Free Alternative To Microsoft Office
By Jim Edwards
"...OpenOffice.org offers a suite of office software applications
free to download for anyone with a computer, including PC's
operating with Windows or Linux."   (Learn more online at:)

>>> About Finding A Product

The Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing
By Art Breshears
"...There are actually different types or classes of affiliate
marketing, and the number of types will depend on how one
will classify them. The most basic affiliate marketing programs,
however, fall under two categories: pay-per-click (PPC), and
pay-per-performance (PPP)."     (Read more at:)

>>> On Developing A Web Site

What Makes a Truly *Great* Website?
By Jim Edwards
"...With few exceptions, every extraordinarily great website
contained the following elements..."  ( More at:)

>>> For Marketing Your Business

Should You Pay for PPC on Individual Websites?
By Damon Clifford
"Advertising on individual website can be beneficial to your
online advertising strategy."   (Read "why" at:)

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