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My Own Ezine

October 5, 2004 Issue 4
Stan Smith, Publisher
© 2004 All Rights Reserved

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In This Issue

==> The MOE Mission
==> Timely Topics
==> Recommended Resource
==> Freebies For You
==> EBusiness Resources
==> Guest Article: by Tinu AbayomiPaul
==> Free Ezines / Ebooks
==> Feedback
==> Work The Web
==> Tips & Tricks for You, Your Home & Your Business
==> Subscription Management & Contact Info

==> The MOE Mission

Welcome to My Own Ezine and thank you for subscribing.
The MOE Mission is to help you start your own ezine
and to grow it into a profitable venture by learning
the many aspects of ecommerce and internet marketing.
I value all my subscribers and welcome all opinions,
comments and questions. Please contact me at:

==> Timely Topics

10 Reasons to Write Your Own Articles:

Whether you're starting an ezine or you're an ezine pro,
you need to get the word out about: who you are, where
you are, and what you sell. One excellent way is to submit
articles to ezine publishers. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. You'll brand your web site, business and yourself
by submitting articles to e-zines. You could include
your name, business name, your credentials, web site
address and e-mail address in your resource box.

2. You will become known as an expert on the topics
you write about. This will give you and your business
extra credibility which will help you compete against
your competition.

3. Your article might also be placed on the publisher's
home page. If they publish each issue on their home
page this will give you some extra exposure.

4. You might get extra exposure if the e-zine publisher
archives their e-zine on their site. People might want
to read the back issues before they make the decision
to subscribe.

5. You will get free advertising. This will allow you to
spend your profits on other forms of advertising. You
could buy advertisements in other e-zines that don't
publish your articles.

6. You might get extra income from people wanting to
hire you to write other articles, books, or even ask to
speak at seminars. This is a great way to multiply your

7. You could allow e-zine publishers to publish your
articles in their free e-books. Since people give them
away, your advertising could multiply all over the

8. You will get your article published all over the web
when you submit it to an e-zine publisher that has a
free content directory on their web site. They'll allow
their visitors to republish your article.

9. You'll gain people's trust. If they read your article
and like it, they won't be as hesitant to buy your
product or service. You will then be able to increase
your profits.

10. You could get your article guaranteed to run in
an e-zine. You could agree to run one of their articles
in your e-zine if, in exchange, they run yours in their
e-zine. It's a win/win situation.

Here are three places to begin submitting your articles:


Starting & Growing Your Ezine is offered by Stan Smith
owner of MyOwnEzine.com. To start or grow your own
ezine, or to just work the web more profitably,
pick up your Free Business Building Ecourse at:


If you have a question about ezine publishing or
an online business, Please send it to me at:
I will do my best to help you out.

==> Recommended Resource

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own ezine including starting your own online business,
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Her '$10 MOE MoneyMaker' is really only ten dollars and it
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Cameron Witmer

Set up the $10 MOE MoneyMaker on your website and/or
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==> Freebies For You

FREE software - from games to web tools. This sight offers
a variety of top quality freeware software.
FREE info - For the latest scoop on viruses, internet hoaxes,
and a free virus scan, go to:
It is generally easier, faster, and more efficient to transfer
your web site files via an FTP client. If your PC has Windows
version 95 or newer, you can download a free 30-day
trial of the FTP client, FTP Explorer. A full license costs $35.
FREE text - revealing all the shortcuts for using Windows
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==> eBusiness Resources

If you use Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet, you will want the
Richard Kraneis ebook "The World's Shortest Excel Book".
Short enough to read and valuable enough to re-use.
Learn those Excel secrets that save time and build better
spreadsheets for beginner or intermediate.
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==> Guest Article:

How Yahoo's Recent Facelift Can Mean More Traffic
To Your Site
Copyright © 2004 Tinu AbayomiPaul

It even surprised me.

Yes, even though I have been pointing out the
possibility since July, and was forced by demand
to release my study findings before my book was
even half finished, I was shocked when I heard
the news as well.

You see, I was sure we were at least a year off
from this glorious day.

The News

Yahoo has had a little facelift, which you've
probably read about by now. The real news is more
important for your site - the “My Yahoo!” page
looks different too.

On September 28, 2004, surfers who logged in to
their personalized Yahoo area saw an announcement
explaining the RSS and Atom files that show
updated information to a website as content
feeds, effectively pushing news feeds into the

The new look to this section of Yahoo was
presented as a full page ad to every single
account holder upon first log in that day, and
even now, there remains a notice posted.

When I logged into my page in the "My Yahoo!"
section, I saw a big difference in the number of
feeds left to choose from, as well as in the way
they were presented.

Currently, the RSS module boasts "150,000
sources". If your site isn't one of them, its
crucial that you act now. If you have one and
you're not getting the results you'd like from
your set-up, there are small changes you can
implement that will make a huge difference in
your listing.

Best results aren't as easy as submitting your
feed now, but you're still within the window of
opportunity - if you do it properly.

What the News Could Mean For Your Site If You Act

One of my clients recently called this "the back
door into Yahoo". Whether that statement is
accurate as far as getting included, or receiving
an increase in rankings within Yahoo's search
engine via your feed, depends on your site, and
whether you create your feed correctly.

If you could use a daily stream of traffic from
even a small portion of Yahoo's estimated 20
million users, this could be your final wake-up
call. You'll want to learn how to create a feed
that gets well listed immediately.

Currently, the RSS module boasts "150,000
sources". Yahoo will still need hundreds, perhaps
thousands more, even if it only intends to list
the “creme de la creme” of the submissions it
gets. Being in that group is as easy as
submitting your feed.

Being at the top of the list isn't. However,
you're still within the window of opportunity if
you take the time to learn how to do this
properly. You can get free details on how to do
that at helpmerss.com .

“My Yahoo!” RSS Headline module Coming Out of

If I had to guess, I'd say all signs point to
yes. When that happens, Yahoo's RSS/Atom
directory will likely contain only those who
added their feeds early. New feeds seeking to be
included will probably face stricter standards.

If you don't have one yet don't worry, because
it's never been easier to make one. If you can
cut and paste,  there are tools all over the Net
that will show you how- some will even generate
the file for you.

However, there are still certain guidelines you
need to follow with your feed to get a good
result out of Yahoo - it's not as simple as
adding your feed now that there are more
competing listings.

Yahoo is still accepting new sources for RSS
feeds. Readers of my last book state that they
are getting excellent results following my
instructions, though initial inclusion no longer
occurs at the same rate. Plenty of markets have
few feeds available, or none at all. Your site
could fill that void.

That means you still have a chance at a first
page ranking. The traffic I get on a daily basis
from My Yahoo readers alone sounds like I just
like to brag.

And I do, but that's hardly the point.

The point is, there's no place you can even go to
buy the caliber of exposure to the quality of
audience that reads feeds. The typical audience
that accesses information by feed are also blog
readers. A study this summer estimated that the
69.3% of blog readers are aged 29-50, and that
40% of this audience are people who have
household incomes greater than $90,000.

The type of surfer that would subscribe to your
feed has pre-qualified themselves as a lead, with
a certain level of understanding and interest in
your topic, often on a professional level. And if
you don't spend every post hitting them over the
head with your sales pitch, they can be both
loyal and interactive.

(If you do, they'll unsubscribe from your feed
faster than you can spell s-p-a-m.)

And if you're in the business of providing
information you can use, in a way that shows how
you can solve their problem, it's like preaching
to the converted. If your product solves their
problem, and you show that you deserve the trust
of this subscriber, you'll also find the route to
a sale an increasingly downward slope.

The bottom line - this is the power surfer's
favorite toy. And if your content appeals to
them, you need to learn how to play.


Learn how Tinu saw a 75% increase in both traffic
and sales from feeds at
For free reprint rights to her articles (and a potential
$500 bribe) send a blank email to

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==> Free Ezines / Ebooks

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==> Feedback

Please send your feedback, thoughts or comments
to me at:
Thank you.

==> Work The Web

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==> Tips & Tricks for You, Your Home & Your Business

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the web or in your ezine. Check out those local book fairs.
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Make your eMarketing more productive.
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opportunity to make money from advertising. A simple and
self-maintaining system is available at:
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IRS Publication 946 if you have purchased equipment, like a
computer, for your small business.
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apply. It hides the old color, increases adhesion and coverage
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Add glucose to the list! Two studies in the Annals of Internal
Medicine and one at John Hopkins University suggest that
high blood sugar levels may have more to do with heart
disease than previous thought. So, monitor your cholesterol,
blood pressure AND Hemoglobin A1c.
Is Medicare's planned drug cost coverage in 2006 right for
you or a loved one? To find out, first calculate your annual
cost of drugs now and then project what it is likely to be.
See where the cost falls in the ranges covered by Medicare.
For example, in 2006, the annual cost of Medicare
coverage is expected to be $1170 for $2250 in drug costs.
Above $2250 and below $3600, you pay for all your costs.
Medicare doesn't help. You pay $2520 for $3600 in drug costs.
For drug costs above $3600, you will pay 5% of those costs.

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