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My Own Ezine        September 23, 2008,  Issue 105

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about creating your own ezine and marketing on the Web.
In this Issue, you will find:

> A way to get quality 1-way backlinks to your web site

> An email-free way to get your newsletters

> Where to find a great video marketing tool

> 2,080 f.ree web design templates

> Free online tools to build your website

> A free CGI script to track your a.ds & protect your links

> A free copy of "Confessions of an Online Marketer"

> And, links to my archives of marketing tips,
   free ebooks, software and articles

Stan Smith

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Tips For Your Online Success: (Guest Author)

Take Back Control With The NewsLetter Reader
By Marige O'Brien

With the explosion of newsletters, the release of a
specialized newsletter reader is over-due.

A hybrid website/program is being unveiled that may just
change the way online users look at newsletters. Called,
quite simply, "The Newsletter Reader," it is both simple
and ingenious. By pulling together all the newsletters for
a given specialty into a reader that will track each source
for its most up-to-date mailing, then offering access via a
simple upload program, it delivers these newsletters
directly to the end-user's desktop.

All they need do is open the icon to check on the latest
news from their favorite newsletters. So there is no more
need to keep old copies to reference a particular article,
no more slogging through email to find the newsletter.
Because each time a user opens it, they are given access
to the latest editions of each newsletter available from
those included in the Reader.   

Developed by Michel LaVergne, of Quebec Canada, it is
currently being used by owners/members of traffic
exchanges. The Newsletter Reader (TNR) is a free
download for its members and is promoted by the traffic
exchanges, though their newsletters still currently go out
via email as well. In this day of unreliable email, "The
Newsletter Reader" could be the answer many industries
are looking for to deliver their newsletters reliably to their
subscription base. It is already proving to be a popular
alternative among avid traffic exchange users.

When asked what prompted the innovation, Michel said, "I
developed it simply because I was tired of searching for
articles in the newsletters I subscribed to or keeping old
copies when all I wanted was a bit of information from it.
It was just for my personal use, initially."

But since introducing it to the Traffic Exchange owners
and members, interest and excitement --from both camps--
is growing quickly. The suggestion of offering it for sale to
other specialty groups is currently being explored as they,
too, could benefit from the exposure. "It's very gratifying to
receive such wonderful feedback," Michel admitted. "I
hadn't  thought of those possibilities, but I am busy
working on that aspect of it now and hope to have it
available for other markets shortly."

The Newsletter Read not only does offer current issues
but, where available, archives past issues so users do not
have to save them privately.

Another aspect of TNR is the possibility of "networking" for
the newsletter promoters themselves. Because, as users
join, they are also allowed to read the newsletters of other,
similar businesses... which means more exposure all
around. The effects of this are already being seen in the
current Newsletter Reader, with members and Traffic
Exchange owners both benefitting enormously as the word
spreads in true viral fashion.

Is this the next incarnation of RSS FEEDs? FEEDs that
are designed to handle specific areas and topics?  With
those questions yet to be answered, The NewsLetter
Reader has proven this portion of the internet remains
to be explored.

Article By:
Marige O'Brien works as a writer, web designer and
Internet Marketer. Get Your Free Copy of the
The Newsletter Reader Today!
Copyright ©2007

Editor's Note:
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on her web site at:
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