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My Own Ezine              September 20, 2005, Issue 29

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
I hope that you will find the information in these issues
helpful in starting or growing your online business.
Here's a synopsis of this week's issue:

==> Feature Article
In her excellent article below, Alexander Brown gives you
five easy ways to make your ezine more profitable.

==> Recommended Resource
Bob Evans, a "MOE" subscriber, offers a great product to
generate traffic to your website and at a unbelievable price!

==> F*reebies
Sign up at this site to get 100's of f*ree tips on using search
engines to promote your website; or find out where you can
get the must have software to unzip downloaded files.

==> e-Business Resources
Here, you will find a resource to help with disaster planning
and a resource for adding video to your website.

==> Work-The-Web
Go to this section to learn how you can p*rofit from the
rapidly growing trade in e-currencies.

==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section for tips
on writing copy, marketing, doing e-business and using
your computer.

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==> Feature Article:

5 Ways to Make More Money With Your E-zine
by Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen"

Have you been publishing an e-mail newsletter for at least six
months but still aren't seeing real results (read: revenue) from
it? Don't fret - you may just need a tune up. Here are five
ways to kick your e-zine income into gear this year:

The adage goes, "If you don't blow your own horn, someone
else will use it as a spittoon." If your focus is providing your
readers with useful information that enriches their lives and
businesses, bravo! That SHOULD be your focus. But now I
want you to look out for yourself as well: Take at least 25
percent of your e-zine space and make it all about YOU.

Give promos for your services, products, books, workshops, etc.
List raving testimonials from clients and customers who LOVE
you. Weave your business success stories into your articles
and tips. Share something funny about your weekend that
makes me feel closer to knowing you personally. (For more
self-promotion tips, see my article at

Let's suppose I'm one of your subscribers. Even if I realize
you offer wonderful products and services, I may need a kick
in the pants to make a move. To entice me, offer me a special,
l*imited-time deal. Examples: three months' of consultation
for the price of two, a 20% discount on your latest book or
newest service, or one of your usual offers with a few exciting
bonuses thrown in. Make the offer obsolete within a few days
or by next week. By putting a time limit on it, I'll be more apt
to act now instead of later.

Don't overlook how powerful this tactic can be. Some of my
most profitable weeks have resulted from running a l*imited
time, special promotio*n of this type in my e-zine.

This is a super strategy for service professionals such as
consultants and coaches. As your subscriber, I know the
way to get the BEST service from you would be to hire you
one-on-one, but perhaps I can't afford that right now. BUT
consider that I may likely be interested in lower-priced
options such as group coaching, teleclasses, online
seminars, or a manual/e-book.

This is exactly how I became an e-book author. When I
started my first e-zine, my main business was writing for
corporate communications. After I gained a few thousand
subscribers, I realized that my readers were mostly small
business owners and entrepreneurs. So I began creating
products and services geared toward them. And now I profit
more from those each month than from my corporate work.

Do your readers and clients often ask you about a certain topic
that's related to - but not exactly - what you offer? Then
resell a resource that you heartily recommend and would put
your reputation behind.

For example, while my specialty is e-zines, I get many
questions about creating and selling information products
online. So I continually research credible resources on this
topic to share with my readers. Many of the creators of these
products offer a handsome commission on any sales I refer
to them. (I do this myself by paying out up to 25%
commission on any referred sale.)

NEVER recommend any service or product to your readers
that you haven't personally tried and wouldn't back 100
percent. Otherwise you'll blow the trust that you've worked
so hard to build up in your readership.

E-zine ads won't make you wealthy, but they can make for
some handy extra c^sh. (I call it my "margarita money.")
Most e-zines offer one sponsor a*d at the top and several
"classified" ads at the bottom. Sponsor ads typically cost
three to five times more than the classified a*d, but you'll
see the ranges vary greatly.

Start by offering a*d specials to your own readers. Then also
list your e-zine in the many e-zine advertising directories on
the Web. These services help match advertisers with appropriate
publishers just like you. (Need help? My manual gives
step-by-step instructions on how to accept and profit from
ads in your e-zine.)

Remember that you have every right to be selective about the
type of ads you accept. While your readers know these ads
don't represent YOUR business, their quality will indirectly
influence their perception of you.

Keep in mind that even if you aren't getting direct business
from your e-zine at this time, it's still delivering many benefits
that may be less obvious. Your e-zine is helping to establish
you as an expert in your field. It's giving you massive online
exposure. You're gaining further credibility with your current
clients and customers. And it's forcing you to package your
knowledge into concise articles on a regular basis, which you
can recycle for many other marketing uses.

(c) 2000-2003 Alexandria K. Brown. All rights reserved.

Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is author of the
award-winnin*g manual, "Boost Business With Your Own E-zine."
To learn more about her book and sign up for more FRE*E
tips like these, visit her site at

==> Recommended Resource

You've heard the quote, "build it and they will come". Well,
most website owners are learning that building a website is
only one third of the battle. Two thirds of their effort must be
focused on attracting traffic (visitors) to their sites. They
know that NO traffic means NO sales.

Recently a subscriber to "MOE" informed me that he had
just completed a 5-year project on researching and testing
the best ways to generate "targeted" traffic to a website.
Well, I'm always in need of more traffic. So, I started reading
"GET-IT-DONE!" Marketing Action Plan (Version 3).

I quickly learned that I had more than a simple ebook, I had
an entire Targeted Traffic Building System. (Sorry Mac users.
it's in .exe format.) "GET-IT-DONE!" explains step-by-step
traffic building techniques that actually work and easily build
traffic for you. The resources to affiliates and f*ree content are
a thoughtful and practical addition.

I think that this product could be the most comprehensive
marketing system ever offered in one package, especially
for the price! Part One teaches you how to establish your web
presence and gives you the necessary templates and systems.
Then, Part Two gives you the much needed traffic generation
techniques. You get all this vital information plus resources,
pre-written autoresponders, pre-written compliance copy and
training videos (Yes! There are also videos), seven excellent
bonuses, 6 months of f*ree hosting and much more.

So what's the price? Normally, I would report it here but I
think you should read Bob Evan's copy. I can't do justice to
"GET-IT-DONE!" Marketing Action Plan (Version 3). Besides,
you won't believe the price! And, I don't want to spoil the
surprise. Let me simply say that this product should be
selling easily for twice the price.

==> F*reebies

Subscribe to this site and immediately download a f*ree
guide with hundreds of search engine tips and tricks -- 200+
pages. Use these tips to boost your search engine ranking!


To minimize download time, many of your download files
come from compressed archives. To open them, you need an
"unzip" program loaded to your computer. PC users can get
a f*ree evaluation version of WinZip at:
MAC/Linux users can use StuffIt Xpander

==> e-Business Resources

How safe are you? Threats of natural and man-made
disasters are with us constantly. So, protect yourself, your
family and your business by being informed. Go to:


Thinking of using narrated video on your website? Take a look
at the $299 software package from Camtasia Studio. With it
you can create sales presentations or training videos for your
internet audience. In fact, why not produce tutorial videos
that would help reduce the demand for your support services?

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Especially For Readers ONLY -

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==> Work The Web

Here's a very different way to make money on the interne*t!
It has been called "The Hottest Unknown Business" and it's
all about exchanging electronic currencies. There's a steep
learning curve but the reported rewards are worth the effort.

==> Tips & Tricks

If your business isn't getting the sales you expect, the problem
may not be your product. It's probably your sales copy. You
could hire a copywriter; but they're not cheap and you may
find that less than 5% of the good copywriters can meet your
schedule. Once you hire a copywriter, don't think you're on
easy street. You'll have to do some preliminary work yourself,
spend a few hours briefing your copywriter and then wait from
a few days to weeks for the initial draft. You also may be asked
to explain your business, provide the product, describe your
niche market and produce past marketing materials and results
of marketing campaigns. A cheaper and more timely way to
solve the problem of poor copy is to become a copywriter.
To hire a copywriter or learn the skills of a copywriter, go to:


When setting up your ezine, don't ignore the importance of
your "From" and "Subject" fields. The "From" field is the first
thing your reader sees. Give a good impression and build
recognition by using your name or business name. Cute
phrases could get your ezine deleted as spam. Also, make
your "Subject" field meaningful and related to your ezine.
Avoid hype and only use about 6 to 8 words for the subject.


If you are self-employed, own your own business or are an
uninsured employee, you are probably struggling under the
yoke of high health insuranc*e premiums. Learn how you can
save big buck*s with a Health Savings Account in these two
issues of The Golden Thread from AWAIonline.com.


When working on a list of data in an Excel spreadsheet,
remember that you can use the Sort option to sort case
sensitive data. Let's say you have a mailing list where the
first names have been given to you in both upper case and
lower case. To personalize your mailings, you need to
capitalize the first letter of those lower case names. Find
those names by going to Data--Sort--Options and then
check "case sensitive".

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