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My Own Ezine              September 5, 2006,  Issue 53

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine about
internet marketing and publishing your own online newsletter.

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"MOE's" Quick Tips:

You could be giving away your products and not know it. If
you use Thank-You Page Ads and if you do not use a special
script to protect your download page, webmasters who receive
a visitor from your download page can see the URL of your
download page and download your product without paying.

This is how it works: Let's say you order my product, go to
my download page, get the product and see an Ad. You click
on the Ad and go to another website to look at an offer. If the
webmaster of that site checks his web stats, he will see the
address of the referring web page (my download page). If the
webmaster is a unethical, he can go to my page and steal my
product. So, your best move is to link to NO other web page
from your download page if your script is unprotected.

For more ways to protect your digital downloads, read the July
posting of Priya Shah's article at:

==> About Ezines & Email Marketing

5 Things You NEED to Know About Your
AOL 9.0 Subscribers
By Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen"
"To make sure that your AOL subscribers are receiving YOUR
e-mails, here are a few things you should know." (Read more:)

==> Freebies:

Do what you want with them. Until September 10th, you can
download more than 30 fresh products at no cost. All come
with unrestricted Private Label Rights. The Giveaway started
with 14 products. Others have been added and some may
have been dropped over this 3-week promotion.


For a free download of 20+ e-books on family topics such as
crafts, parenting, pets, health and fitness, beauty, weight-loss,
relationships, cooking and recipes, home and garden, money,
business and more, go to:


The Summer Sizzler Giveaway opened August 15th and will
continue for quite some time. Here you will find no-cost gifts
to download from the original creators. Download just one or
all of the products. There's no charge.

==> Recommended Resources:

I love this tool! If you are drafting a sales page or re-working
one of your web pages and need a color, go to this site.
By moving your cursor over a color "wheel", you instantly
see the web color and associated HTML coding.


You can learn to write code by doing - or, more accurately,
by looking - at the source code of most any web site you visit.
You could use IE's "View-Source" feature to look at the HTML
code behind a web page, but you have to look at all the code
for the web page. To see the code of just a section of a page.
take a look at Instant Source.


Looking for money making opportunities on the Web? To
learn which ones are legitimate and which are scams, go to:

==> Recommended Online Articles For Your e-Business:

>>> On Starting A Business

The Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make Online
By Jim Edwards
"...Whether they sell a $29 ebook on foot fungus removal or
20-million dollar yachts to Arab oil sheiks, the difference
between the successes and the failures comes down to
making a few simple mistakes." (More from Jim at:)

>>> About Finding A Product

A Business Opportunity Waiting To Happen
By Michael Gifford
"...I'm going to introduce you to what could be your greatest
business opportunity ever. I assure you that you have never
seen anything else exactly like this anywhere at any price."

>>> On Developing A Web Site

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Web Site a Marketing Hub
By Robert Middleton
"The best web sites for professional services business
are 'Marketing Hubs' that enable you to leverage all your
marketing efforts." (Read more from Robert at:)

>>> For Marketing Your Business

Discover How To Find The Customers That Are Five
Times More Likely To Purchase Your Product --
And Get Them To Bu.y More!
By Derek Gehl
"Vilfredo Pareto applied this 80-20 rule to pretty much
everything -- and whether or not you agree with it is your
prerogative. But when it comes to your e-business, you're
missing out on a lot of profit if you don't realize that." (More:)

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