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My Own Ezine        August 26, 2008,  Issue 103

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about creating your own ezine and marketing on the Web.
In this Issue, you will find:

> The #1 Way to Electrify Your Ads

> Where to post your Classified Ads for Free

> A free Directory Submitter for getting 1-way
   links back to your web site

> A free resource for finding or submitting articles

> A free online tool to convert your email address
   to an image file

> A free online service to host your images

> And, links to my archives of marketing tips,
   free ebooks, software and articles

Stan Smith
Publisher, MyOwnEzine.com

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Tips For Your Online Success:

The #1 Way to Electrify Your Ads

Have you ever noticed that some marketers just seem
to have a magic touch when it comes to persuading
people to buy their stuff?

They don’t even seem to by trying, and yet people
practically beg these individuals to sell them their
products and services.

Isn’t that crazy? While countless businesses struggle
to get anyone to buy ANYTHING – these lucky
marketers have their prospects lined up around the
block, begging them to buy EVERYTHING!

So how do they do it?

The answer lies in an all new report called,
"The #1 Way to Electrify Your Ads."

It explains why the “style” of your marketing and
communication is everything, because it totally affects
how “fun and cool” your prospect perceives you to be.

If you word your emails, videos and sales letters the
"right way" – your prospect sees you as a fun, cool,
interesting friend – and he happily lets you sell him
your stuff. Your response, sales and profits soar.

But do it the "wrong way" and … well … I don’t think
I need to tell you what happens.

And the secret really is quite simple. The main thing
for you to do is just add more of a certain type of
expression in your writing – which anyone can easily
do – and PRESTO! All your marketing becomes much
more fun, interesting and enjoyable for your prospect
to read.

Again, the step-by-step process is revealed in that
special report, "The #1 Way to Electrify Your Ads"
and you can get a no-cost copy at this link:

If you’ve ever wanted to sell more with less effort …

If you’ve ever wished that people would come to you –
waving cash in hand – eagerly demanding that you
make new offers to them …

And, if you like getting your prospects excited about
opening your e-mails … reading your blog posts …
watching your videos … or anything else you do …

… Then this report could easily be the most valuable
reading you do all year.

Also, when you get your copy of this new report, you
will also get the 27-page marketing expose called,
"The Great Copywriting Conspiracy" – currently being
downloaded over 1,000 times a day – which shows
why most marketers and businesses overlook the
single most important factor in making money online.

I definitely recommend you pick up your copies from:

For additional info on this topic, check out these articles:

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Get free articles to publish in your ezine or online at:

Recommended Resources:

> Want to post a classified ad for free? This site has
provided "high traffic, high response Free Classifieds
since 1999". Advertise anything you want. It's also a good
place to "shop" for internet marketing resources. Just look
in the "Business Opp" section. You can even join an
affiliate program and earn commissions on people who
upgrade. And, they also offer a script for you to put a
customized version of the classifieds section on your
site at no cost. It's worth a look:


> If a free directory submitter is on your wish list, you'll
find one at this site. With it you can improve your Google
rank by adding hundreds of 1-way links back to your site.
Demo videos and user comments and Free from here:

> Download free articles for your ezine or email list from
this online directory. You'll find an article for almost any
niche market. Good place to submit your own article:

> If you put your email address on your web page, keep it
safe from email harvesting spiders. Turn it into an image
file so the spiders can't steal it and use it for sending junk
email. Here's a free online tool to do just what you need:

> Avoid those pesky monthly fees to host your images.
Here's a free hosting service that allows unlimited
uploads and downloads, but file size restrictions apply:

> Access the MOE Archive of Freebie Tips at:

> Download free ebooks and software from MOE at:

If you missed the last issue of "MOE", you'll find it at:

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