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My Own Ezine                     August 23, 2005, Issue 27

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
I hope you will find the information in these issues helpful
in starting or growing your online business.
Here's a synopsis of this week's issue:

==> Feature Article
In her article below, i-Cop Director, JL Scott gives us a light
hearted account of her encounter with a "news release"
that wasn't.

==> Recommended Resource
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to be successful.

==> F*reebies
Here, you'll find where to pick up text formatting tools for
your ezine or advertising campaign and where to find a f*ree
keyword research tool to download to your computer.

==> e-Business Resources
In this section, there's a resource for just about any script
you may need to automate your website and a resource
that will lead you to significant savings for your e-business.

==> Work-The-Web
The world of electronic currencies is heating up and one of
them shows you how to profit from referrals.

==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section for tips
on writing copy, marketing, doing e-business and using
your computer.

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==> Feature Article:

An A*D By Any Other Name
JL Scott, PH.D., Author Copyright © 1999
All Rights Reserved

Ezine Publisher Alert!
Now, here's a new one. I recently received an email which
began, "If you publish news releases ..." This seemed like an
interesting line since very few ezine publishers DO publish
"news releases." Maybe it was designed to make ezine
publishers think they SHOULD print news releases - Gee,
what if everyon*e else was doing it?

What followed was not only interesting - it was hysterical.
I was being presented with a "news release" for an online
product! The darn thing looked like one of those solo ads -
URL and all!

This little missive wasn't even close to a news release!
No news here - only self promotion. Nothing newsworthy
whatsoever. Wouldn't have made it past a wadded up ball
of paper in the newsroom.

I'll give the sender one thing. This "news release" came in
personalized to me as the publisher of MONDAY MEMO!
Unfortunately, the former publisher of MONDAY MEMO!
also received the same message.

Nice try - but no matter what you call it - publishers, online
or off, charge money for ads. Trying to slip it by as a
"news release" could have been downright insulting.
I almost had to admire the audacity of it though.

Please note. An a*d by any other name is still - an A*D!
Bu*y 'em or swap 'em. But, don't try to run them by me as
a "news release!" Good Grief!

This article may be reprinted with permission by including
the following resource box:
Dr. JL Scott is the Founder of the International Council of
Online Professionals (iCopT) - and also the publisher of the
Internet Marketing Trade JournalT - the ezine that keeps
you up to date on Internet marketing coming of age.
To subscribe:
An autoresponder copy of this article is available at:

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==> e-Business Resources

Have an idea or a task for your site that needs automating?
Go to this site and you will probably find a script that will
do just what you want.


If you are a Resale Rights seller, you better cover your butt!
As a member of iCOP, I have access to the site's resources
and articles by JL Scott. In her most recent article, JL Scott
asserts that sellers of resale rights violate anti-trust laws
when they dictate the price at which you can sell the product.
Legally they are limited to telling you the suggested price
and the lowest pric*e at which the product has sold. iCop is
an excellent resource and offers a great coupon package.

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==> Tips & Tricks

When writing online copy, remember that you are really
creating electronic, direct mail advertising. The rules that
have applied to DM for decades also apply to online copy.
One such rule is to use more verbs and fewer adjectives,
thereby giving action and life to your copy. The call to action
(bu*y now, get yours before., clic*k here now) is especially
important and should be repeated several times in your copy.


Are you making one of the most common mistakes in ezine
publishing? Are you asking for the sale on the first mailing of
your sales material? If you are, then you may be losing a
large number of potential customers. Market research says
that it takes multiple mailings, sometimes 5 to 7 mailings,
before a prospect trusts what you say and decides to bu*y.
Don't push the sale, build a relationship with your subscribers.


There are many reasons why visitors to your website do not
bu*y. One of the most common reasons is that the visitors
simply do not trust what you say. Build their confidence by
putting your photo on your site, add a little information about
yourself, use testimonials, display a third party endorsement
if you can get one, show before and after photos, describe
case studies and offer the ever-expected GUARANTE*E-
the longer the better. If a customer does not return your
product in 30 days, they're unlikely to return it in 6 months.


When entering a formula into an Excel spreadsheet, you can
avoid error by typing the formula name in lowercase letters.
If you have entered a correct formula name, you will see the
function name change to uppercase letters.

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