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My Own Ezine              August 21, 2007,  Issue 77

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter about
email marketing, creating your own ezine, and building your
online business.

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Quick Tips For Online Success:

5 Quick Ways To Increase Your Ezine's Subscriber Base

> 1. Give Incentives
Give people an incentive to subscribe to your ezine. Offer
them a f.reebie if they subscribe. It could be a f.ree e-book,
f.ree report, f.ree advertising, etc. Be sure the freebie will
attract your target audience.
> 2. Joint Venture
Joint venture with a similar ezine. Combine your subscriber
bases together and publish one ezine. Edit and publish
each issue together. You both will be promoting the ezine
which means more subscribers.
> 3. Allow Archiving
Allow your subscribers to archive back issues of your
ezine on their web site. They may need content for their
web site. If people visit their web site and like your ezine,
they will subscribe.
> 4. Form An Ezine Ring
Form an ezine ring. Team up with 4 to 10 similar ezines.
All the publishers would agree to list each others ezine
name and subscribing information in every issue. You could
call this section "Other F.ree Ezines You Might Enjoy"
> 5. Ask Subscribers
Ask subscribers to forward your ezine to close friends,
family, or associates. If they enjoy your ezine, they will
subscribe. It's almost like your subscribers are endorsing
your ezine.

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"Write Like A Maniac"
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New Articles Added to MyOwnEzine.com
Use them in your Ezine or on your Web Site

Private Label Rights
By Stan Smith

What Great Online Advertising Really Is
By Daniel Levis

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