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My Own Ezine                     August 9, 2005, Issue 26

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
I hope you will find the information in these issues helpful
in starting or growing your online business.
Here's a synopsis of this week's issue:

==> Feature Article
In her article below, internet business consultant, Stacey
Morris gives us some quick but valuable tips on building

==> Recommended Resource
"Simple Tips for Affiliate Managers" - learn how to improve
your affiliate programs.

==> F*reebies
Here, you'll find where to pick up over 117 freebies and how to
get an ebook that not only gives you 101 great e-marketing
tips but also shows you how to mak*e mone*y with the ebook.

==> e-Business Resources
In this section, there's a resource that will introduce a unique
way to profit from Clickbank's MarketPlace; and a resource
that will show you how to increase sale*s with shorter URL's.

==> Work-The-Web
When you find an income opportunit*y online, look before you
you leap by checking this resource for known scams.

==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section for tips
on writing copy, marketing, doing e-business and using
your computer.

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What are you doing to protect your "Download" page links?
Nothing, right?

But if your product isn't hidden behind a properly password
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already being stolen from you.

Digital Product Theft is everywhere. Don't fall victim yourself.
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==> Feature Article:

How to Build Your Ezine List
Copyright 2005 Stacey Morris

How to Increase Your E-zine Subscriber List

Op*t I*n
Out of respect to your mailing list, and the CAN-SPAM laws,
only mail your ezine to those who have requested it, or
opted-in. Even if you have compiled a list of contacts,
prospects, and clients that is 2000 strong, you can't just
start entering them on your list.

So how do you access your current list of ezine addresses?

Start With Your Friends
I'm using "friends" liberally here, to mean all contacts
with whom you're on a first name basis, and who recognize
you apart from your business card.

1.Send out an email announcing the launch of your ezine.
Make it simple, 2 paragraphs.
Make it low-hype. These are your friends-they don't need a
sales pitch, but they do need to know why they should join.
Make it benefit-oriented. What's in it for your reader?
Does the ezine address specific problems of a target market?
If it's a general "good life" ezine, how is it unique?
What makes it different from the thousands of other ezines like it?
Include a sample issue, or your launch issue.
Give crystal-clear directions on how to sign up for future
copies, and make it clear that your reader will be missing
out on this great information if they don't go to the site
and sign up.

2. Develop a f*ree report to give to all new subscribers.
The report could be a document, a short lesson series,
an audio of a class or seminar you've given, a workbook
of some kind, a top ten tips sheet, or a checklist related
to your market.
Emphasize the report-not the ezine.
This report should be perceived as valuable enough to subscribe.
Make it less than ten pages. Don't spend more than a few
hours on this.
Develop a short sales-copy of 2-3 paragraphs outlining why
this report is so valuable.

3. Make it easy to sign up.
Your business card should have the address of the webpage
with the ezine information.
Every page of your website should have an ezine sign-up box.
Develop a website page or even a website devoted just to
your ezine.
Mention your ezine at every networking event you attend.
Every time you give a talk, have a signup sheet available
for anyone who wants to sign up.
Use your email-SIG file to advertise your ezine, and place
a link to the sign-up box.

4. Get your articles out there.
At the end of each article, put a blurb at the bottom giving
permission to anyone to use the article, as long as they
give you attribution.
Subscribe to a article distribution service that will send out
your articles automatically to dozens of article databases.
Offer to exchange articles with a colleague who also has an
ezine. Guest articles can be very effective.
If you belong to any discussion lists, let other forum members
know that your site is a valuable resource.
Offer a f*ree subscription to members of organizations
related to your industry. The newsletter editor can place
a notice of your site and ezine.

This article is not intende*d to address the technical
issues involved in setting up an ezine. If this is a new
area for you, you're welcome to contact me for more
information on resources and next-steps. If you are able to
update your own website, you may just want to sign up for a
basic email distribution program (listserve) once you have
over 50 subscribers. Until then, Microsoft Outlook or
another email manager is the easiest way to start.

Stacey Morris

==> Recommended Resource

In my constant search to find out how you can make money
online as an affiliate, I stumbled across a resource you might
find helpful. I thought that it might help me, but realized it's
really for affiliate managers.

I think it might give you a few ideas on how to improve your
affiliate program. It's titled "Simple Tips for Affiliate Managers".
It gives you a few tips that you can implement quickly and
easily, without a lot of work. Here's the link:

==> F*reebies

Henry Gold and Ian Herculson have done it again! They will
give you over 117 high quality products worth more than
$7,895.97 during their "Summer Give Away". And, you don't
have to sign up 117 times. Just give them your email address
and download your choice of zip, exe or pdf files. All f*ree!


And, this is one of my favorite freebies! Harvey Segal has
produced his sixth ebook in the SuperTips series titled
"101 Super tips". It has great ideas on such topics as
affiliate programs, ebook publishing, web design, website
promotion, theme sites, ezine publishing and even tips
to make you more productive. If you're marketing online,
I advise downloading this f*ree ebook from:

==> e-Business Resources

Want to receive affiliate commission for selling products you
don't have, don't promote and never heard of? Simply add one
line of code to your site. When people leave your site, you
offer them a search in a special section of the ClickBank
MarketPlace where every product has your affiliate code.


A short, attractive domain name can cause more people to
click on your links than a long, ugly affiliate link. Some
marketers say that the easy to remember, search engine
friendly short link could triple your click thrus. The people
at Nitromarketing offer "Namestick" as one solution.

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==> Work The Web

The Web is rife with income opportunities from starting your
own online business, to affiliate programs to multi-level
marketing. To know the difference between legitimate offers
and scams check out the comments at

==> Tips & Tricks

You already know that it's essential to provide unique and
pertinent content on your website and in every issue of your
ezine. But, do you apply the "uniqueness factor" to those
emails, classified a'ds and solo a*ds promoting affiliate
products? If you don't, you're probably losing sales because
you're boring your readers. Don't give the identical information
as every other affiliate. Provide new information and provide
it in a way that makes you and your message sound
different from all the others. At the very least, re-write those
standard affiliate aids available at your affiliate admin site.


Online marketin*g is a very humbling experience. It seems
the longer you do it, the less you know. Yesterday's info
changed today, and tomorrow someone adds something
new. The only constant on the web is Change! A good way
to keep up is by reading online discussions in forums.
Here's a list of some very good forums.


If your credit cards are lost or stolen, you know that you need
to call the credit card company to cancel your cards. But,
where are those 800 numbers? They're on the back of the
lost cards! Make your life easier by copying those numbers
and storing them where you'll find them. In fact, it's a good
idea to photocopy everything in your wallet, front and back.
That way you will have both account numbers and phone
numbers if you lose your wallet. Also, notify the three national
credit reporting agencies immediately to place a fraud alert
on your name and Social Security numbe*r. The alert signals
to any company checking your credit that your information
has been stolen. Here are the numbers for the credit agencies:
Trans Union:  1-80*0-680-7289
Equifax:  1-80*0-525-6285
Experian (formerly TRW): 1-88*8-397-3742


Ever want to time stamp your work in an Excel spreadsheet?
If you use the =Now() function or the =Today() function, the
time and date values will change over time. To "fix" the date,
hold down Ctrl while you press the semicolon key. To fix the
time without a date press Ctrl-Shift-semicolon. For nine
other great tips, read John Walkenbach's article at

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