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My Own Ezine        July 29, 2008,  Issue 101

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about creating your own ezine and marketing on the Web.
In this Issue, you will learn:

> Smart ways to end your ad copy
> Where to find e-products for cheap
> How to get a f.ree collection of web images
> Where to find reviews of home businesses
> How to download a f.ree RSS reader
> Where to download f.ree software to split
   large mp3 files
> And, how to get into my archive of
   f.ree tips, ebooks, software and articles

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Tips For Your Online Success:

Smart Ways To End Your A.d Copy and Get More Orders

If you want more sales from your ezine a.ds, sharpen your
a.d copy and end it with powerful, order-pulling endings.

You could end your a.d copy by telling people what will
happen if they buy your product. Use your most powerful
benefit as the example.

Or, end it by telling people what will happen if they don't
buy your product. Use a problem that they won't be able
to solve without it.

Try ending your a.d copy with a question that they will
always say yes to. Then, they will be in a "yes" frame of
mind when you ask them to order.

Or, end your copy with a short review of your whole a.d.
Repeat all the major benefits and features they will receive.

Or, end with a deadline. Tell your readers your offer is a
limited time offer and they need to order by a specific date.

You could end your a.d copy with a powerful g.uarantee.
Give them a lifetime or triple your money back g.uarantee.

Or, end your copy with a testimonial. Use one or two
customer testimonials. Be certain that they are believable
and include specific results from using your product.

End your copy with a f.ree bonus. When you offer them
a bonus, it increases the product's perceived value.

Or, you could end your copy with a discounted price.
Just list your regular price and then offer to discount
the original price if the order is placed immediately.

Finally, you could end your a.d copy by offering a f.ree
sample or trial of your product. If your a.d didn't convince
them to buy, maybe a f.ree sample or trial will.

Recommended Resource:

> I've added a new section to MyOwnEzine.com. I named
it, "MOE's Online Bookshelf". You'll find 125+  e-products
there. Each is priced at a "bargain basement" price of $5.
Some are old and some are new. So, I'm sure you'll find
something you can use for $5. Each month, 2 more items
will be added to the "Bookshelf. Go to:


> Getting sidetracked has its benefits. While surfing the
Web last week, I found a large, f.ree collection of images
that you can download and use in designing your web
graphics. I especially liked the textures for backgrounds.

> Are you still wandering the Web in search of a good
home business? Check out Jessica Miller's site. She
reviews current and new programs daily and posts her
results on her site for f.ree. Take a look at her Top 10:
You can find opposition to her top recommendation at:
Please note that "reviews" may not be totally unbiased
when the author stands to profit from the review.

> Looking for a f.ree RSS reader? Feedreader won't c.ost
you anything and works on Windows 2000 or higher.
Or, you can download the f.ree version of FeedDemon.
RSS readers allow you to collect and receive content
directly to your Desktop from web sites you select.

> Sometimes you will find that you want to download a
large mp3 file and that it would be easier if it were split into
2 or more files. Here is a f.ree mp3 splitter from:

> Access the MOE Archive of F.reebie Tips at:

> Download f.ree ebooks and software from MOE at:

> Get f.ree articles to publish in your ezine or online at:

If you missed the last issue of "MOE", you'll find it at:

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