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My Own Ezine        July 1, 2008,  Issue 99

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about creating your own ezine and marketing on the Web.

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3 Ways To Take A Break From Publishing Your Ezine

After reading the June 17th issue of "MOE", a subscriber
wrote to say, " Would love it if you would do an issue on
the best autoresponder automated newsletter system...
I didn't know I could preprogram the newsletter."

The option of loading several issues of your ezine into an
automated system that will publish them on schedule is
often overlooked by ezine publishers. However, this is a
very handy option if you plan to be away from your work for
an extended period or if you just want to avoid the stress
and routine of your publishing schedule. Just compose a
few issues of your ezine, load them into your automated
publishing system, and go take a break.

So, in answer to Tina's inquiry, let me say that without
hesitation, I have to recommend Aweber's service.
(Yes, that's an affiliate link, strip it if you must)

You can check out two of Aweber's competitors at:

And, you can read comments about all three here:

I switched to Aweber after using a couple of other, lower-
cost alternatives for publishing ezines. You see, Aweber
is both a broadcasting and autoresponder service. It is the
scheduling feature of the autoresponder design that allows
you to load all your ezine (newsletter) issues and then
schedule, pre-publish or pre-program their publication.

The problem that you will have immediately with Aweber is
their new (higher) pricing policy. The monthly subscription
fee is currently $19 for a list size of 500 or FEWER
subscribers. The annual rate is about 15% less. The larger
your list becomes, the higher your prorated monthly rate.
The rate for a list of 2500 subscribers is $29 per month.

Now, some of you who are reading this will see that your
issue did not come from Aweber. That's because you are
still on my older email lists. To switch to Aweber. Go to:

Those older subscriber lists are managed by software that
I purchased and had installed on a host server. That
software is called the ByPass Publishing System.

You can now buy the updated version of ByPass with the
issue scheduling feature for $147. However, there's a down
side to buying software like this and hosting it. You get
much more involved in the emailing issues than if you
subscribed to an online service. The advantages include
owning the software for a one-time price and the ability to
upload existing lists without asking for re-confirmation.

I have also used software that loaded to my computer and
published my ezine through my local ISP. However, I only
recommend this approach if you don't have a host site or
if you want to avoid the monthly subscription fees to online
services. If you choose to go this route, just remember
that you must become the "trouble shooter" for any issues
with your computer, with the mailing software, or with your
ISP. Also, you'll probably need your computer online 24x7.
I have used Mailloop for this and it's great. $379 at:

So, there it is - 3 ways to pre-program the publication of
your ezine: via online autoresponder services, software
hosted online, or software loaded to your computer's hard
drive. A search on the Web will reveal many products
offering features similar to those mentioned above.

I hope this answers Tina's question and helps you all to
explore the possibility of pre-programming your ezines.

Let me thank Tina for her question by referring you to:

Recommended Resource:

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