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My Own Ezine              July 10, 2007,  Issue 74

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter about
email marketing, creating your own ezine, and building your
online business.

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Quick Tips For Online Success:

6 Payment Offers That Sell Like Crazy

The way you structure your payment offers can increase
your sales like crazy. I'm not talking about the way people
pay, like credit cards, digital payments, checks, or cash.
I'm talking about letting your customers try before they
they buy, paying later, making periodic payments, giving
them a rebate, etc. Below are six payment offers often used
in retailing that work just as well in e-marketing.

> Sample It
Offer your customers a free sample or short version of your
product or service. Your sample should give them only a
few benefits of the full version. This will entice them to
purchase the full version to get all the benefits.

> Name Your Price
Offer customers a choice of what they want to pay for your
product. List your original product and its price. Then list the
original product and a second product at a little higher price.
Your orders will increase by letting the customers choose
which offer/price they want.

> Free To Try
Offer your customers a free trial of your product or service.
You could offer the free t.rial for 5 to 30 days. This shows
them that you have confidence in your product or service.
Then, it will almost sell itself.

> Give A Little Back
Offer your customers a cash rebate after they purchase
your product or service. A good rebate is at least 10% of
the purchase price. Go higher if possible. This will boost
your sales; and, like most of us, many will forget to claim
the rebate.

> Buy Now, Pay Later
Offer your customers the option of being billed later for their
purchase. If you offer to delay billing them for a few weeks
or a month, you are likely to pick up customers who could
not afford your product at that particular moment.

> A Little At A Time
Offer your customers the option of paying a little at a time
for your product. You could divide the purchase price into
bi-weekly or monthly payments. This way, you won't lose
the customer who can only afford to pay in small periodic

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you a curve ball. Now we hear that Article Marketing is not
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A Circle of Friends: Nichepreneurs and the Power of Relationships
By Susan Friedmann

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