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My Own Ezine        June 17, 2008,  Issue 98

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about creating your own ezine and marketing on the Web.

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Tips For Your Online Success:

Don’t Let Your Subscribers Forget About You

You’ve accomplished the most difficult and significant part
of email marketing, you’ve acquired email addresses and
built a subscriber database for your ezine. Now, are you
taking full advantage of that invaluable resource or have
you permitted your subscribers to forget about you?

Subscribers get neglected for many reasons, but two very
common reasons stand out:

1. An ezine publisher either runs out of content ideas, or

2. Publishing to subscribers simply takes too much time

You can avoid number "2" by simply automating the
publishing process with a database management and
autoresponder system. Create a year’s worth of content,
schedule it and then let it go. Your subscribers' needs will
be met, and you’ll be taking a huge step toward increasing
the return on the investment in your publishing business.

Now, the solution to the number "1" reason subscribers
become neglected - "running out of content ideas" - is a
bit more complex. There are, in fact, several possible
solutions should you find yourself in this quandry.

1. Hire a ghostwriter. Let’s face it. If you’ve been writing
your own content for some time, you’re going to start
repeating yourself. It happens to everyone – even
professional writers. Sometimes it takes a fresh mind
and a fresh voice to find new ideas. A ghostwriter may be
able to present a wealth of new topic ideas so you can
continue to deliver value and benefit to your subscribers.

2. Mix up your offerings.

Articles and newsletters are great but they’re not the only
jelly bean in the bag. There is a wealth of content offerings
to consider:

* Video
* Audio
* Podcasts
* Email courses
* Online seminars
* Workbooks
* Reports
* Case Studies
* Reviews
* Expert interviews, audio and/or transcripts
* Surveys and quizzes

The list goes on and on. Additionally, mixing up the type
of content sent to subscribers will keep them interested
in your ezine. Everyone has his/her own preference for
content. Some people prefer to read; others love to watch
videos. When you offer a mix of content, you make sure
everyone get’s what they like.

At this point, you may be wondering, how much of this
content will be too much? How often can I publish to my
subscribers before they start unsubscribing? Of course,
the answer varies. Some experts recommend no more
than twice a week and certainly at least once a month.
However, the thing to remember is to make sure that you
communicate with them as frequently as you promised.
If they signed up for a weekly newsletter, then by all
means honor it and send them a weekly newsletter.

Consistent communication with your subscribers keeps
them thinking of you. If you’re in regular communication
with them (a.k.a. prospects), the chances are that your
timing is going to hit the target when you promote your
products or services. If you allow them to forget about you,
they will fill their needs for your products and services
elsewhere. Don’t let them forget you! Consistently remind
them that you are there with the best solutions to meet
their needs.

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