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My Own Ezine                     June 28, 2005, Issue 23

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
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==> Feature Article
In his article below, Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian gives us some
insights into two successful business models for niche marketing.

==> Recommended Resource
See this section to learn about Jim Daniels program for
starting or improving an online business.

==> F*reebies
Here, you'll find a source for a f*ree online dictionary, a f*ree
ebook from "MOE" with marketing tips from Terri Seymour,
and where to find help for those Windows Registry problems.

==> e-Business Resources
Check out these referrals for adding professional audio to
your website or email, for a handy f*ree form filler and for
a suite of services for creating a website.

==> Work-The-Web
Discover what relatively new affiliate program could actually
start paying off in a few days.

==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section for tips
on writing copy, marketing, doing e-business and using
your computer.

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==> Feature Article:

How To Profit From HOT Niche Markets - Every Time!
Copyright (c) 2005, Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

Do you want to learn two proven niche marketing business
models that are virtually guaranteed to succeed - in all
niches?  So do hundreds of my clients.  They ask me every
day.  Beg me to share them.  Demand that I reveal them.

So I did.  In a short article.  This one.  I'm sharing it
with you, so you can benefit from this powerful insight too.

There are TWO approaches to niche marketing:

* Following your PASSION * Following the MONEY

Both can lead to wild success - if the finer points are
managed correctly.  Let's talk about them.


This route is popular among beginners and experts alike -
because it's easy!  You already are (or can quickly become)
an expert. And as you love what you do, you'll be good at it.

Here's a niche marketing model you can adopt to succeed
using this approach... Building your 'Content Site'.

Your niche website will be chockfull of valuable content.
Articles, special reports, ecourses, audio tutorials, video
presentations, information products - anything your audience
will find useful.

Your revenue models will include:

* ADVERTISING - Relevant, high quality content sites are an
advertiser's delight.

* DIRECT SALES - In-context selling of related products and
services is easy on a niche content site

* MEMBERSHIP SITES - Your content itself can be your
product, and you can sell access to it... one-time, or on an
ongoing basis as a subscription.

* LICENSING DEALS - You can license your content to
other users for a fee.

The drawback to this approach is that you'll first need to
invest a lot of time, effort and money to build your content
site - even if you have fun doing it!


Your field of interest - even passion - may not be
lucrative. While it's fun, you won't get rich!

So some prefer the alternative approach of going where the
money trail leads... even if it doesn't excite you, the
financial rewards are greater.

If you're considering this route, remember - the approach is
different too.  Here's what you'll need to do:

* Research hot niches which are highly in demand.
* Find what keywords prospects are using to search for information.
* Design websites optimized to rank high on search engines.
* Put up as many web pages as possible on related keywords
so you reach as large an audience as possible in this niche.

Your revenue model will include:

* TRAFFIC BROKERING - Direct the traffic hitting your site
to others who want this audience - and are willing to pay
you for it.

* PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING - Display ads that earn
you money each time a visitor clicks on them.

* LIST BUILDING - You can later offer list members relevant
products and services - your own, or as an affiliate.

* DIRECT SELLING - You could sell on the website itself,
though the results may not be as good as on a content site.

The major drawback to going this route is the need for
expertise in niche research, search engine optimization and
the ability to create multiple web pages quickly.  Some
products offer a ready-made, off-the-shelf solution to speed
up the process.

Whichever path you choose to your niche marketing success,
one thing is abundantly clear.

There's money in niches.  BIG money.  Grab your share of it

All success


*** How To Profit From HOT Niche Markets - Every Time! ***

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian is a niche marketing expert and
webmaster of Instant Niche Business.  His breakthrough
Quick Niche Profit*s' newsletter offers near-instant 'Follow
the Money' niche marketing solution*s... Get started in

* FRE*E details: http://www.QuickNicheProfits.com * FRE*E
email course: mailto:info@quicknicheprofits.com?SUBJECT=Art

==> Recommended Resource

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==> F*reebies

Here's a f*ree online dictionary to check the meaning of any
word you're using in your sales or advertising copy. If the
word just doesn't sound right, use the same tool as a
thesaurus to find a better word with similar meaning.
In "Tips for Your Web Success" Terri Seymour shares her
years of experience on the Web in a collection of articles
and resources. She tells of her experience with the best
programs and products - the ones that have been "useful,
profitable and effective ". You can get this fre*e e-book at:
Is your PC slowing down? Does it crash for no reason? You
may have a problem with your Windows Registry file. Over
time the Registry fills with old and useless references. Invalid
entries can remain in the registry even though you removed
removed software long ago. You can correct these Registry
problems with either of these two f*ree software tools:

==> e-Business Resources

If you want your website to stand out, try adding audio. You
can have a professional announcer record your message with
or without background music. You then upload the 2 files to
your host server and add a few lines of Html to your web page.
The cost for a 60-second professional presentation is $99.95.
I really like this tool! Until I found RoboForm, I was manually
typing in hundreds of logins, passwords and I.D.'s to gain
access to websites and my personal accounts. Now I use
RoboForm as my password manager and automatic web
form filler. Basic version is f*ree. Pro version is $29.99.
If you are a small, new business looking to start a web site,
take a look at "Site Build It". Excessvoice.com highly
recommends its suite of services for web site creation and
marketing of your site.

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==> Work The Web

Although it's a relative newcomer, Empowerism is one of the
few affiliate programs that could pay off within a few days of
joining the program. It pays out over 75% in commissions
monthly plus weekly bonuses. It's worth a look.

==> Tips & Tricks

When writing advertising copy, remember that you first need
to convince your readers that they can trust you. Don't mask
your real intentions with cagey sales talk. People hate it and
will drop your copy like a hot potato. Don't use headlines or
subjects in your emails that are misleading or meaningless.
Make your copy honest and spell out the benefits of your
product to your readers and let them choose whether or
not to be your customers.
Email Marketin*g just got tougher. On 6/22/05 Hotmail started
filtering emails / ezines that do not have a Sender ID. Initially,
Microsoft is simply attaching a yellow alert to the message.
In the future, however, they may block the email completely.
For more info, go to Microsoft's "What's Sender ID" page at
Here's a tip from a lawyer frien*d. When it's time to pay on
that monthly credit card account, do NOT write your entire
credit card number on the check. Instead, just write the
last four numbers of your account on the "For" line. The
credit card company knows the rest of the numbers. This
way you don't expose your credit card number to whoever
processes your checks.
If you've tried to remov*e scratches on your CD/DVD's with
rubbing alcohol or window cleaner and failed, try taking the
disc to a store that rents DVD videos or music CD's. It may
have an in-house repair tool to help. If you need to extract
the data (for burning to another disc), try IsoBuster. FMI:

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