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My Own Ezine              June 27, 2006,  Issue 48

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine about
internet marketing and publishing your own online newsletter.

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==> Feature Article:

"3 Essential Tools for Email Marketers"
By Jinger Jarrett
"Marketing your business with email is an art. It's very easy
to get accused of spamming nowadays. Add to that the filters
ISPs are using, and your message may not get through.
If you do it right, email marketin.g can become a very
effective method of marketing your business. Before you
consider this method, there are three tools I consider
absolutely crucial to your success." (Read more online at:)

==> Freebies:

Want to know when you'll die? (I don't!) But if you want an idea
of when, this site gives you the year when you are likely to
leave this earthy plain based on the scientific averages. O.K.,
not so interesting (who's average?). What's really interesting
is how your projection changes when you improve your inputs
to the calculations. I changed my input on my weight and
increased my projected lifespan by 6 years. Try it, it's f.ree.


This a.d exchange service is designed to bring loads of traffic
to your web site at no cos.t. Basically, it works like this:
you place their script on your web page and for every 10
showings on your site, you're a.d will be shown once on
thousands of other targeted sites for f.ree.


Looking for your niche.in internet marketing? Pickup a
f.ree copy of Joe Cooper's incredible course. It will take you
step by step through his methods of making real profit.s
in niche markets. Here is the special thankyou page:

==> Recommended Resources:

Want to know where you can find f.ree tools and resources
to start an online business? Download this f.ree audio file of
the teleseminar I did with Ken Leonard Jr. In it, Ken tells
you what you'll need and where to find it for f.ree or at a low
cost. The file is rather large (50 M), but if you're on broadband
service, you will have no problem downloading it. If you are
on dial-up and have a problem, let me know. Be sure to get
this audio. It's full of great tips!


It seems that bloggers have a new way to make mone.y.
Scoopt Words, an agency in the United Kingdom, connects
bloogers with media willing to pay for good blogging content.
Membership is f.ree. A blogger simply registers and adds a
ScooptWords button on the blog. An editor, who wishes to
pick up contect, clicks this button to license the content
commercially and the blogger receives 75% of the sale.

==> Recommended Online Articles For Your e-Business:

>>> On Starting A Business

Absolute Beginners
By Elaine Currie
"Once you have made the decision to work from hom.e, you
should spend some time in planning and preparation."(More at:)

>>> About Finding A Product

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Wellness Opportunity
By Priya Shah
"But if I were asked to recommend a single business as the
best way to make a living online, the Wellness Business
would win hands down." (Read more online at:)

>>> On Developing A Web Site

Google's Own AdSense Tips
By Richard Keir
"Google is at least as interested as you are in having your ads
perform well on your site. And they've gone to some work to
provide the information you need to optimize your AdSense."
(Read more online at:)

>>> For Marketing Your Business

Promoting Your Online Home Business the Right Way
By Nicole Taylor
"One thing you'll learn quickly about having your own home
business is that it takes plenty of promotion to succeed.
You'll probably spend at least eighty percent of your time
doing some sort of promotion. This is the key to making
mone.y online, and failure to promote can cause your
business to seem hopeless."  (More online at:)

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