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My Own Ezine              June 13, 2006,  Issue 47

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine about
internet marketing and publishing your own online newsletter.

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"MOE's" Quick Tip:

Today I have a two-part tutorial for you on why you should
sell your own products online and how to create your own
original product. It's from Ken Leonard Jr. who brought you
that helpful article on web copywriting for beginners last time.
His first article, "Why Create Your Own Product To Sell Online"
is included below. Ken's second article, "How To Create
Your Product To Sell Online" is posted online at:
Do yourself a favor and make time to read both of these
articles now.

==> Feature Article:

Why Create Your Own Product To Sell Online
By Ken Leonard Jr.
© KLJ Online

Are you tired of finding customers for other business owners?
And are you tired of only making $20 or $30 a sale? It's time
you got smart about building a real home business, one that
is a real asset to you.

There are many benefits that are not available to you when
your business is built around selling other people's products.
Business owners with their own products (and affiliate program)
are laughing all the way to the bank!

And you could be, too…

By selling your own products online to an existing market you
establish yourself as an expert to that market niche. Expert
status carries with it credibility which allows prospects to
trust and like you.

This credibility will make you many more sales and build a
bigger list of customers. People online are very skeptical.
Building trust with them will separate you from most of the
other sellers in your market.

Creating your own products to sell online will allow you to bank
100% of the profit*s. That's a lot better than only getting a small
commission on each sale any day! Sure, you can sell a reprint
rights product online and keep 100% of the profit*s. But there are
as many as hundreds, even thousands of people with the same
reprint rights license you have selling the same exact product.
It's not popular to tell people that are just starting out online
the truth about most reprint rights deals. Now you know.

The advantage to producing an original product with a higher
price tag comes in attracting potential JV partners to promote
your product. If a list owner has the chance to sell a product
online with a $20 commission and a product with a $75- $100
(or even $500) commission you can guess which offer she will
decide to go with. When you can offer a big discount for the
list owner's readers while still paying a substantial commission
to the owner, it is more likely that the list owner will choose to
work with you.

The biggest reason to have your own product to sell online
(even if someone else creates it for you) is the customer list
that your sales will generate. You have a much better chance
to sell a product to people that have already spent their hard-
earned money with you than you do complete strangers. The
lifetime value of a customer can bring you profit*s in the
thousands from your buyer list over time. Your customer list
is your greatest asset in any business you build.

You now see why creating your own products to sell online
(or having someone do it for you) can bring the huge boost to
your home business that you are looking for. In the next article
I have for you we will go over HOW to create your own product
to sell online so you can start building your own list of buyers.

More Home Business Advice
Visit Ken's blog to read more original articles to help you
start and build your Internet home business…

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==> Recommended Resources:

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sites will go the way of the dinosaurs. Online Audio went to
online Video. Podcasting is evolving into Video Blogs. And,
audio e-books are being replaced by video e-books and DVD's.
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