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My Own Ezine              June 12, 2007,  Issue 72
Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter about
email marketing, creating your own ezine, and building your
online business.
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Quick Tips For Online Success:
Do NOT Send Your Ezine From a Free Email Address
> "Free" says "cheap" and you do not want to project
that image for yourself, your ezine or your business.
> A free email account is more vulnerable than an account
at your own domain (e.g. you@yourdomain.com). Limits on
the size of your mailbox could cause you to lose important
business inquiries. You could even lose your account and
the subscriber recognition you have built up if your free
host quits the business or just eliminates free accounts.
> Random and hastily contrived email addresses are not
easy to recognize among the tons of email that comes to
your subscribers and customers daily. Which address
would you remember, cl_proux3741@freeaccount.com
or Cindy@mainecrafts.com?
> Free accounts bring into question your experience, your
professionalism and your commitment to your business.
If you are not willing to invest in a domain name or in a
professional service like Aweber, you do not appear to be
serious. So, why would anyone take you seriously?
> Simply, a free email account says to a prospect: I am here
today. I want something from you. And, I may not be here
when you need me.

Recommended Resources:
> Over 180,000 businesses have used L. Ron Hubbard's
materials to make small business more efficient and more
successful. Now, in the first of a series of ebooks, Stan
Dublin uses these Hubbard strategies to give you more
control over your business and more personal freedom.
"The Small Business Success eBook: Business Basics" is
a good read and comes a with 100% referral commission.
> A new flurry of activity is growing in the Web 2.0 arena and
it's niche portals. These portals are sites that tune into the
interactive nature of the internet, allowing visitors to leave
feedback and to click on Adsense Ads. Niche portal sites
target a narrowly define group of people having a common
interst...."Losing Weight", for example. If niche portal sites
interest you, you can avoid the headaches and expense of
programming, searching for articles, writing articles and
optimizing Adsense at this site:
> "MOE" subscribers can pick up free software at:
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and access "MOE's" archive of freebie tips at:
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> Need help submitting your classified ads to the internet?
AdWizard lets you do it in a semi-automated way. This
freeware also comes with hundreds of links to classified
ad sites. You can download it from:
While you are there, look around Softlookup.com for loads
of other freebies.
> Want free advertising? Well, it's almost free. You don't
pay anything, but you must DO something. Cody Moya
will give you a link on his blog pages if you're one of the
top ten posters to his blog for the week. I just checked the
blog and found that you could get in the top 10 with as few
as 2 postings. This isn't Madison Avenue advertising, but
it's more exposure for very little effort!

> This social network went live 5/22/07 and already has over
10,000 members. It's for owners of home businesses and
is free to join. Users share common business interests
and connect with other business owners to promote their
products and services. You can build your own private
network and broadcast directly to their desktops.
> Once you are a member of APSense, go to this page:
and download APSense Express, the free software that
allows you to broadcast your ezine, ads, articles, events,
and messages to your network without the hassles of
traditional email. You can join at:
New Articles Added to MyOwnEzine.com
Use them in your Ezine or on your Web Site
A New Breed Of Autoresponder, Auto Message Setup
By Beka Ruse
Five Places Where You Can Find New Products To Sell
By Jinger Jarrett
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