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My Own Ezine        May 20, 2008,  Issue 96

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about creating your own ezine and marketing on the Web.

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Tips For Your Online Success:

10 Ways An HTML Ezine Can Impact Reader Attention

Text-based ezines may have higher deliverability rates, but
you can't beat the appeal of an ezine presented in HTML.
The appearance of your ezine (newsletter) can actually
increase or decrease your reader retention and ultimately
your sales. The size, font, style and color of your text can
easily affect your reader's buying decision. Below are ten
points to consider when typing your ezine in HTML.

1. Easy To Read - You want to make it easy for your
subscribers to read your text. You don't want to use a light
colored text like yellow on a white background and you
don't want to use dark blue text on a black back-ground.

2. Create A Mood - You want to use the color of your text
to create a mood for the reader. If you want to create
excitement, use some red text. If you want to create
greed, use some green text. Use colors that would put
you in a mood to b.uy your product.

3. Grab Their Attention - You can grab your readers'
attention by using headlines. Make the headline more
noticeable by using a headline that has a color different
from the rest of your copy. This offsets the headline and
pulls the reader into the rest of your message.

4. Highlight Keywords - You can emphasize phrases
and keywords that are important to your readers. For
instance, use super, deluxe, fast, low price, f.ree, new,
etc. You could use bolding, underlining, italics, color
changing, etc.

5. Sizing It Up - You don't want to use text that is too
small or to large. You want to use larger text for your
headlines and subheadings. You want to use smaller
text for your copy. If your grandparents can't read it,
it's too small.

6. Don't Use All CAPS! - You don't want to use all
capital letters in your copy. It looks unprofessional, is
hard to read, and trips the s.pam filters. On occasion,
however, you may want to use all CAPS to offset your

7. Font Properly - Use a text font that relates to the
product or service you're selling. Comic type font sells
Comics but not business books.

8. Spacing Out - It's important to use spaces properly
when typing your text. You should indent and bullet key
benefits offered to your readers by your product or service.
Your headlines, subheadings, sentences and paragraphs
should be consistently spaced throughout your ezine.

9. I Need Sunglasses - Don't use all bright text colors
and backgrounds. It will make your text hard to read and
actually bother your readers' eyes to the point where they
just decide to leave your site.

10. Check The Readability - When writing copy,
especially a.d copy, for your ezine, you're allowed to
break some of those old grammar rules to get your point
across. However, it's important to check your spelling
and grammar before you publish your ezine.

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