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My Own Ezine        May 6, 2008,  Issue 95

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5 Things to Have In Case You Are Not Around

There is great joy in finding a passion and working hard to
get a business off the ground. Every business owner
knows the blood, sweat and tears it takes to get a
business running smoothly and profitably. It can take
years to move from concept to creation and finally to
profits. Owners know their businesses inside and out.
Sharing that knowledge and storing it are essential ways
to ensure that if, for any reason, the brains behind the
operation is not around, the operation will still function.

Here are five pieces of information that, when documented,
will allow the company to go on without its leader.

Operations Manual:  A solid operations manual can
function as your company’s emergency plan. It will be
a guide to help company officials gain focus in a time that
will require them to think quickly and remain effective. An
operations manual can directly address each department’s
logistics and integrate them within the context of the
business' overall mission.

Contact Information: "It isn’t what you know, it’s who
you know."  This stresses the importance of documenting
the current and historical contact information necessary
for conducting the business and operating with minimal
downtime. Although it's imperative to include all client
contact information, the master list should also be broad
enough to contain everyone upon whom the business
depends. This includes a section dedicated to lawyers,
accountants, website host, and all other outside
resources that your company utilizes on a regular basis.  

Financial Records: It is crucial that a financial surrogate
be created and given permission to act as the financial
officer if needed. This surrogate can focus on any financial
issues that may arise, including paying the business loan,
using the business’ line of credit, and dealing with any
potential crisis. The IRS doesn’t care who's at the helm
when they want to board the ship.

Business Plan: The owner may have a very good grasp
on where the company is heading over the course of the
next year. Documenting that vision will provide a road map
for the rest of the company. This road map will provide
departments with the guidance necessary to stay on task
and on budget in the absence of the owner.

Technology Records: Technology is a key component
of a business. Keeping accurate records of such things as
domain names, logins, hardware and software inventories,
and backup files will ensure that if the infrastructure fails,
the company will have the appropriate information to get
back up and running without the owner.

Focusing on these five key components will allow a
business to more smoothly weather the owner's transition
from the here and now to the inevitable there and then.

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