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My Own Ezine                      May 31, 2005, Issue 21

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
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in your business and useful at home. If you have any
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==> Feature Article
In her article below, Sandra Stammberger tells us about an
unique, online tool for market research and competitive

==> Recommended Resource
Check out this section for details on a potentially f*ree way
to get Content for your website, ezine, articles or ebooks
which you can edit and send out under your own name.

==> F*reebies
Here, you'll find a source for all those blacklisted domains,
where to obtain f*ree legal protection for your website, and
how to add a spell checker for those forms you fill out to your

==> e-Business Resources
Check out these referrals for f*ree software to find the best
selling products in Clickbank's 10,000+ database; for where
to find a f*ree listing in a Directory specializing in ezines; and
for this issue's forum recommendatio*n.

==> Work-The-Web
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==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section. You will
find some very useful advice on such topics as: writing copy,
marketing, computers, e-commerce, taxes, and your health.

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==> Feature Article:

GoogSpy: Business Counter Intelligence for Everyon*e
Copyright 2005 Sandra Stammberger

So, you want to know what your competitors are up to these
days, or maybe you want to research a keyword campaign
that will rank you at the top of the heap for whatever product
or service you're selling? Meet GoogSpy, a special search
engine that not only shows you what Google AdWords your
competitors are buying, but it will display all of the
search terms that rank them in the top 10, PLUS it even
displays their top 25 competitors.

What search engine does it base all of its intelligence on?
Well, with a name like GOOGspy, there can only be one.
GoogSpy.com is powered by a product called "WebScraper+"
which is the brainchild of Arizona-based Velocityscape.
According to Michael J. Roberts, Velocityscape's President,
GoogSpy extracts 500,000 search results per day from
Google and loads them into the GoogSpy.com database
which it then makes available for anyone to search.

Normally, when it comes to business intelligence software,
a sentence which read: "which it then makes available for
anyone to search." would end with the phrase "for a fee.",
but that's not the case with GoogSpy. At least for the time
being the tool is 100% f*ree to use by anyone who cares to
go to http://www.GoogSpy.com and use it.

So, what's the value of such a powerful tool for the
average business web site operator? That depends upon how
much value you place on being able to see how a competitor
spends their advertising dollar and who else is competing
with them.

The interface is fairly straight forward. You enter your
search term in the text box and click the "Search button.
If GoogSpy finds content it will display the company name,
if any, as a hyperlink under the company heading and the
search terms, also as hyperlinks, under the Search terms
heading. If it doesn't find anything then it doesn't display
anything. For about two minutes more development time
the programmers could have added a "Sorry, your search
term did not return any results" message but I guess less
is more with these guys.

The fact that they are still building their database is apparent
when you enter some company names that should be found
yet are not. However, when a hit IS found, the information
is spot on. On top of that, the tool is pretty good at ferreting
out things you wouldn't normally consider. For example, do
a search on CIA.gov and you'll discover that the CIA buys
several AdWords in Google. Now that's spying!

They also have an option to browse by Company and
Search Term, but the interface for doing that is relatively
useless for a serious search. However, it can be a lot of fun
if you're simply killing time and want to see what you can see.

It takes a few minutes of clicking around before you get the
hang of what you are reading and how powerful a tool this
really is. If you are working on an advertising or marketing
plan, whether it be one that you'll really use, or one that your
banker wants to see, be sure to make a few passes through
GoogSpy.com to see what the rest of the your market is
doing and how much they're spending. It will be worth the trip.

Sandra Stammberger is the owner of Insiderscripts. At
Insiderscript's programmers are working around the clock to
develop affordable,  powerful mone*y makin*g scripts that
will help you drive  traffic to your business.

==> Recommended Resource

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==> F*reebies

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==> Tips & Tricks

Not everyon*e who subscribes to your ezine will open it and
read it; so, help those who do open it. At the beginning of
your ezine, give the reader a brief preview of its contents.
The reader can then decide quickly where to focus his/her
attention. If you have written a great preview, it will excite
them enough to read more.
Most online entrepreneurs tend to limit their advertising and
promotional budgets to onlin*e marketin*g. We, however,
should not neglect the value of sending something offline to
our customers. A postcard, a "Thank You" card, a holiday
card or a solid promotional item sent in snail mail generates
more good will (and ultimately sales) than you know.
To know how well your website is competing for visitors, you
need to know how well your keywords rank in the search
engines. To help, Google offers a quick analysis of your web
page. Simply, go to the site below and enter your website's
URL. You'll see which words and phrases your web page uses
most, a report on their numbers and density, and where your
page ranks versus other sites based on each keyword.
Radio talk show star and computer guru, Kim Kommando,
is offering her new tips on computers and the internet on
two searchable CD's. You get "435 gotta-know software,
hardware and Internet tips." Priced at $35.91 at:
Does your tax advisor measure up? Check out the IRS site
for the "Standards of Practice for Tax Professionals". It covers
the standards of conduct for professional tax return preparers
as well as "General Information for Representing Taxpayers."
Looking for good information on health? The "The Merck
Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy" is an excellent source of
data on drugs, diseases and health.

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Stan Smith
Publisher, My Own Ezine
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Falmouth, Maine   04105

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