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My Own Ezine              May 29, 2007,  Issue 71
Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter about
email marketing, creating your own ezine, and building your
online business.
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Quick Tips For Online Success:
5 Ways To Attract Advertisers To Your Ezine
> Sell advertising space between your content. You just
break an article in half and insert the classified ad.
> Give your customers loads of free bonuses when they
buy advertising space. The bonuses can be submission
software, an ebook of advertising or copywriting tips, etc.
> Offer to endorse the product your customers want to
advertise. You can endorse it before or after the ad runs.
To keep faith with your subscribers, try the product first.
> Tell your customers that when they buy an ad you will
also run it on your web site, or add it to one of your viral
advertising products or to a message board at no charge.
> Guarantee your customer's advertising results. If they
don't like the traffic they receive, give them a refund or
offer to run another ad for free.
Recommended Resources:
Do your research! I recently received an offer to earn large
commissions by promoting a service to you. I felt uneasy
about it; so, I did some web surfing for more information.
That's when I found the "Rip Off" web site. I read a report
about the service and then declined to do the JV. Before
you act on any offer you receive, search this site to see
what others may think. You can even add your own report.
I also recently received a solo ad promoting a service that
mails to members of MySpace.com. After a little research,
I found information at Joolrod Services that thoroughly
discouraged me from trusting the solo ad. Joolrod reports
on Safelists and Blasters that send, or do not send,
members emails. Before using a safelist, check this site:
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June 1 and goes to June 20th. Here's your chance to get
lots of PLR ebooks and software just for signing up.
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> To download 83 free info-products right now, go to this
site owned by Andy Immotna. Free membership gives
you access to a few free downloads and at least three
free eBooks or Reports every month!  Sell them, derive
new products, or offer them as bonuses to products you're
selling. Use them to build your subscriber list by giving
them to your visitors when they subscribe!
> I just used a neat service to receive two large files sent
to me by a fellow marketer. The files were too large to be
sent by email. If your emails are bouncing because of the
attachments, try the free Lite account at YouSendIt. The
sender uploads the file(s) to YouSendIt's secure servers.
Then the receiver gets an email with instructions on how to
download the files. You can forget FTP and burning CD's.
> Do you need to transfer files between your computer and a
server on the Internet? SmartFTP offers a secure, reliable
way to do efficient transfers. Free download at:
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By Daniel Levis
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By Jinger Jarrett
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