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My Own Ezine                      May 17, 2005, Issue 20

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
I hope you will find the information in these issues helpful
in your business and useful at home. If you have any
requests or recommendations, please email me at:
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==> Feature Article
In her article below, Stacey Morris emphasizes the importance
of your Home Page and the value of good copy on that page.

==> Recommended Resource
Check out this section for details on a specialized copy-
writing service by an exceptional copywriter.

==> F*reebies
Here, you'll learn where to subscribe to an e-zine that's full
of tips on becoming a copywriter, how to obtain a f*ree $25
account with a major competitor to PayPal, and where to
get a f*ree e-book to help you set up your own secure
Members Only area on your website.

==> e-Business Resources
Check out these referrals for a great software to make
searching the search engines a joy, or to learn about setting
up your own website blog, or for sourcing of content for your
website or e-zine.

==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section. You will
find some very useful advice on such topics as: writing copy,
marketing, computers, e-commerce, taxes, and your health.

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==> Feature Article:

Your Home Page - The Number One Goal for Success
by Stacey Morris
Copyright 2005

Your home page is almost always the first page your visitor
sees, so it needs to accomplish three things:

1) You need to make your page compelling enough so that
your visitor reads through at least to the end of the page.

2) You need to provide a solution to your ideal visitor's problem.
If you're a florist, and your visitor wants information on
English gardens of the 19th century, they want to know
immediately if you can help them. If they're not sure,
they'll go on to the next site.

3) You need to guide the visitor through the process.
That means provide copy that clearly and naturally leads
the reader from an explanation of the problem, to how you
solve it, to the best ways to contact you or get more
information. Your reader should be able to contact you in
multiple ways as well - phone numbers, email, fax if appropriate.

So what's the number one goal of a successful web site?

To get the visitor to take the next step--immediately.
That means deciding what you want them to do and
making it as easy as possible for them to do it.

Prospects can do one of four things:
1 Contact you
2 Sign up for something (giving you an email address)
3 Bu*y something
4 Leave your site

For visitors to contact you, you need to offer something
that they want. You need to address a problem that they
have, and offer a clear solution. Remember, prospects don't
care about what you do, they want to know how what you do
helps them specifically.

For visitors to sign up for something, say a special report
or an ezine, they need to believe you have valuable
information. You only have your home page to convey your
credibility and value. Again, emphasize what you offer, and
give away a lot of relevant information.

Selling products is essential for service sellers. While
signing up for your services is a big step for visitors,
buying a sample of what you offer is much easier. Someone
who has bought something from you in the past will be more
likely to bu*y again, as long as what you provide is of
extraordinary value. Develop an ebook, report, CD,
seminar-something tangible that conveys your services and
expertise in a bite-size way.

The common denominator in all these suggestions is to
provide 5-star value, and ultimately create raving fans.
One of the best books I've read on creating a very happy
clientele is Ken Blanchard's Raving Fans. People will pay
more for value than they will for services.

Sign up for your F*REE REPORT "12 Steps to a Profitable
Website" and start making money from your website
Stacey Morris, MS and Focus Coach

==> Recommended Resource

A colleague of mine who is an exceptional copywriter is for a
limited time making an offer that really is too good to pass up.

In essence, if you qualify, you will get your web site, sales
letter or space a*d re-written - providing you with a massive
increase in results - and at no risk to you or your business.

I strongly encourage you to check it out:

==> F*reebies

According to Jason Cox, Brian Keith Voiles charges $15,000
to write copy for a one-page sales letter. On his web site,
Brian says that he now charges $25,000 to write copy. Surely
there is something we can learn from such a successful
copywriter. And, you can learn some of what Brian knows
simply by subscribing to his f*ree e-zine.
GreenZap, "a consumer-based online buying and spending
account service," plans to compete head to head with
eBay's® online payment processor, PayPal®. GreenZap
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account during the pre-registration phase, membership will
be f*ree, set-up will be f*ree and $25 will be added to your
GreenZap account. I like PayPal® but I like to have options,
too. Besides, $25 is $25!
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your website? Get some help from a f*ree copy of "How To
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==> e-Business Resources

If you do a lot of research on the web, this is a really great
search aid. You know how tiresome it is to wade through
thousands of sites to find a site, an article, an image and
audio file for your search words. Well, this software helps you
search the web by category. For example, you can search
for all .pdf files about sailing or all images of sailing.
Patsi Krakoff, provider of customized newsletters at
and Denise Wakeman have joined to create "Build A Better
Blog System". This e-book will shorten your learning curve
if you plan to add a professional Blog to your website.
If you want a blogging system set up for you, go to:
Looking for content for your e-zine or website? Here is a
source of articles that comes with full reprint rights. You can
re-publish them on your website, or in your newsletter or
e-book. Be sure to include the 'About The Author' information
shown at the bottom of each article and notify the author.

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==> Tips & Tricks

When drafting your e-zine/newsletter, ask yourself, "is this
newsletter doing what I want it to do?" Sure, the content may
be interesting and useful to your targeted market; but is the
newsletter converting your readers into customers or clients?
After all, you're in business and you need sales to stay in
business. When writing content for your newsletter, take the
opportunit*y to position yourself as the best choice in your
niche. Be subtle and let your readers come to see you as
an expert resource for advice, products and services.
To make your a*d copy more effective, try offering a f*ree
sample or a trial of your product at the end of the copy.
Chances are that if your copy doesn't appeal to the reader,
the offer of a pertinent freebie will.
Sometimes the best customer service is simply surprising
the customer. When customers order from you, surprise
them with an unannounced gift. The gift should have value
and should not be something you're giving to everyon*e who
visits your web site. This would also be a good time to offer
a follow-up product with special one-time pricing.
If your hard drive is filling up with files, you can recover
some disk space by clearing the browser cache. This will
also help avoid problems on certain Web pages. To clear
the files: go to Tools, select Internet Options, choose the
General tab, and click on Delete Files in the Temporary
Internet Files section.
For a good explanation of taxes on Social Security, go to:
"PubMed Central (PMC) is the U.S. National Institutes of
Health (NIH) f*ree digital archive of biomedical and life
sciences journal literature." This is a huge database of
medical journals for anyone doing medical research.

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Thank you.

Stan Smith
Publisher, My Own Ezine
6 Winsome Lea
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