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My Own Ezine              May 16, 2006,  Issue 45

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine about
internet marketing and publishing your own online newsletter.

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"MOE's" Quick Tip:

It seems everywhere conversion rates are at an all-time low.
Putting up a simple web site to sell products isn't working
like it use to. And, the problem isn't simply poor copywriting.
To have an effective web site, you now need to integrate
many factors to turn your sales copy into a profitable machine.

The key to higher conversion rates is Usability of Copy. People
want web copy that they can easily read and understand. Here
are two simple principles you can apply to your sales copy to
maximize your profit*s:

1.) Use a font that people can easily read.  If your font is
difficult to read, it suggests that you don't care about your
reader; and your conversion rates will suffer. When your
message looks professional, you appear more reputable
and credible. And, people bu*y "reputable and credible".

2.) Limit the use of graphic images. Too many graphics cause
your web content to load slowly. If your sales page takes too
long to load, people will just leave your site. Imagine losing
potential sales because your expensive header graphic didn't
load! If you do without the header, you'll not only be saving
the money you'd normally pay to a graphic designer, you'll
be making more money.

While these tactics may not seem like much, they only take
minutes to apply and have a surprising impact on your
conversion rates. For 18 more copy usability techniques to
increase your conversion rates, read "Instant Conversions"
by Matt Rhodes - available at:

==> Feature Article:

Douglas Titchmarsh of Cashinonline.info brings us an very
useful article on building your subscriber list. Actually, it is
more of a check list than an article because it briefly lists
"9 Sure-Fire Ways To Increase Your E-zine's Readership!"
This is a very beneficial read if you want some ideas on list
building, but have little time to read. Available online at:

==> F*reebies:

If you are a new subscriber to "MOE", you can still pick up
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If you aren't building a subscriber list, here is an excellent
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new report: 106 Amazin*g Listbuilding Tips, and it won't cos*t
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Can you use 10 Header graphics that cos*t you nothing?
These unique Headers have been created by Joel Osborne
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==> Recommended Resources:

Today, Rebecca Hubbard of Hubbard Enterprises launched
her "It's Your Lucky Day!" package of 50+ products that come
with Master ReSell Rights or Private Label Rights. Here's your
chance to pick up e-products that are only days to a few
months old! There is also a second offer of a huge package
of MRR products at a very reasonable price.


Wouldn't it be great if you could promote your business
around the world and not invest a dime of your own money?
Well, the "No Money Down" Marketing Teleconference aims
to teach you to do just that. Robert Imbriale has scheduled
12 of the world's top marketers over a period of 12 weeks to
to share their strategies for marketing with no money down.
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It will determine incoming links, Alexa rankings, search
engine rankings, and many other features that give a site
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==> Recommended Online Articles For Your e-Business:

>>> On Starting A Business

Why do so many Internet business's fail?
By Jane Harper, Webmaster

>>> About Finding A Product

"10 Ways To Get New Product Ideas"
By Todd Schlomer

>>> On Developing A Web Site

How to Make Ebooks Available for Download on Your Website
By Michael Hopkins

>>> For Marketing Your Business

The EASY Anyone-Can-Do-It Way To Write F*ree Reprint Articles
By Steve Shaw

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