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My Own Ezine                      May 3, 2005, Issue 19

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
I hope you will find the information in these issues helpful
in your business and useful at home. If you have any
requests or recommendations, please email me at:
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==> Feature Article
In her article below, Evelyn Lim gives us some answers to
the question, "why isn't your product selling?"

==> Recommended Resource
Check out this section for details on a new video project by
one of the top money-making gurus on the web.

==> F*reebies
Here, you'll learn where to obtain a discount on a very good
service for transfering your favorite photo to canvas, where to
get a f*ree report to solve the Windows XP SP2 problem with
opening e-books, and where to download software that will
help you manage your start-up applications in Windows.

==> e-Business Resources
Check out these referrals for a f*ree $50 a*d and the latest
tips on Clickbank, or for the source of 10 Minute Movies about
making money on the web, or for early notification of Steve
Yakim's new strategy on no and low cost advertising.

==> Work-The-Web
Learn how to make money with PayPal's newest competitor.

==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section. You will
find some very useful advice on such topics as: writing copy,
marketing, computers, e-commerce, taxes, and your health.

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==> Feature Article:

10 Reasons Why Your Online Product Is Not Selling

There are tons of online products that you can sell and
represent. Just check out the directory at:
and the multitude of affiliate programs out there.

But before you jump into creating your website and go on a
grand marketing blitz, it is important to spend some time
studying what product to sell. Here are 10 reasons why
some of products fail to bring in the sales:

1) Product does not meet the basic needs of the customer.

2) Product does not add value to the customer.

3) Product is of poor quality and fails to perform up to

4) Product is created for the wrong target market.

5) Product is already obsolete due to fast changing

6) Product is too generic and has no distinct advantage.

7) Product is wrongly priced.

8) Product has a packaging that does not appeal to the

9) Product is in a market that is too competitive.

10) Product is not user friendly and is too complicated to use.

Enhancing or changing the product's specifications are not
within your control if you are not the one creating it. Hence,
the only way to a great business plan is to avoid being
associated with a product loser.

To analyze the product in question, try putting yourself in
the shoes of a potential customer and test it for usability,
reliability and whether it meets your needs. You can also
go to online discussion forums to check if there are any
negative comments about the product or alternatively,
if there are credible testimonials written.

One very important aspect to address also is the after sales
support of the product. You do not want to be caught selling
something for which there is no available support from the
originating merchant. The best way forward is to test the
product and email or contact the vendor on your questions.
If there is no reply within a reasonable time frame, move on
to the next product to analyze.

About The Author: Evelyn Lim is an online business
entrepreneur. She publishes a free weekly newsletter
"Mapping You to Success" for aspiring e-biz owners.
The aim of her publication is to equip readers with the
skills to acquire multiple sources of online income.
To subscribe, please visit
http://www.e-BizMap.com .

==> Recommended Resource

Last February I told you about one of Cory Rudl's products.
The text reads as follows:

"In December, 2001, I purchased Cory Rudl's excellent
internet marketing course. A couple of years later, I acquired
his update to the course. Last year, I bought his completely
revised "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business
on the Internet". If the cost fits into your budget, you should
consider buying his course. You will find, as I have found,
that you will be referring to his information for years to come."

Well, Cory has recently produced his biggest video project,
"The Accelerated Internet Wealth Video Series." It is a set
of 9 DVD's or Tapes based on his "Customer Appreciation
Celebration" in California which drew over 1000 people. In
these videos Cory reveals previously unpublished secrets
about making money online. He tells how to guarantee all
your e-mail gets delivered, how to turn an idea  into a
profitable web site in less than a month, and how to use a
"forgotten" marketing technique that earned him $2,031.959
last year. There's more, much more at:

==> F*reebies

Their service really isn't f*ree; but the $20 discount is nice;
and their newsletter is f*ree. "They" are some folks from
Durham, North Carolina, who will turn your favorite photo
into a wonderful painting on canvas for a reasonable price.
It's just the thing to perk up that home office.
If you plan to upgrade your Windows XP to Service Pack 2,
know that you may encounter a problem after the upgrade
when you open your e-books. However, the fix is easy. Read
the f*ree special report by Robert Lawless and get fixed at:
Manage your Windows® startup applications with this f*ree
download from windowsstartup.com. The Windows Startup
Inspector software scans the Windows Startup Folder and
tells you if the program is necessary or not. Use it to identify
and remove spyware, reminders, monitors and programs
that slow down your PC performance.

==> e-Business Resources

If you're a ClickBank affiliate or merchant, this web site can
help answer your questions about Clickbank, give you some
handy tips and the latest news about Clickbank.
Get a f*ree $50 a*d on this site when you purchase both
"ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips" and ClickBank Vendor
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Tired of reading e-books and listening to teleseminars?
Neil Shearing offers 10 Minute Movies full of tips on the
many aspects of making money online. Each streaming
video cos*ts $2.99. You can access a purchased movie
ten times for ninety days.
To be a successful internet marketer, you must employ
certain essential strategies and tactics on the web. Steve
Yakim is developing one such strategy with "The No Cost
Advertising & Traffic System." The system is not yet ready
but you can get early notification by joining his e-mail list at:

Feature Ads

Explode Your Sales With The New AdSensation!

Are you tired of showing other peoples ads on your website?
What if I were to tell you that now there is a brand new
system, just released that will show a selection of highly
productive ads all of which will contain YOUR affiliate ID
Stop earning sales for others and increase your own sales
today by visiting:

==> Work The Web

On April 2, GreenZap, "a consumer-based online buying
and spending account service," announced that it would
"compete directly with big dog "PayPal®", eBay's® online
payment processor." Account members will be able to send
money to anyone with an e-mail address around the world.

GreenZap plans to go into full operation early this summer;
but during this pre-registration phase, it's offering f*ree
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==> Tips & Tricks

Most affiliate programs provide a "canned" text for you to use
when placing classified a*ds or solo a*ds. The problem with
this, however, is that your a*d looks like everyone else's a*d.
If you want your a*d to stand out but aren't yet ready to write
your own a*d, just make a few changes in the standard text
given to you by the affiliate program. Capitalize a few words,
highlight a word with *special* characters or quotes, and
change significant words to unique words with similar
meaning. Use a dictionary and thesaurus - either printed, or
in software like MS Word, or an online service like:
Sometimes recipients of your e-mail marketing need a little
push, an incentive to buy from you. Move them to action by
offering a two for one deal, or a percentage discount, or f*ree
bonuses. Make sure that you put time limits on the offer. A
time limit of seven days or less will make your offer special
and produce better results.
When describing your product or service, you should not
give your prospective customer the impression that you can
solve all his/her problems. It's better to say 90%, 95% or
even 99% of the customer's problems will be solved by your
product. This gives you greater credibility and increases the
chances of a sale.
Kim Kommando says "Dump IE and use FireFox" as your
web browser. She says Firefox is safer, f*ree and has a neat
tabbing feature. For more info, read her article at:
The tax benefits of incorporating your business have declined
as a result of the lower personal income tax rates. However,
incorporation offers some benefits you should consider.
Depending on your product line, you may be more at risk
than other online businesses. One way to avoid or limit
personal liability is to incorporate your business into a
Subchapter S corporation. An added benefit is that losses
experienced in the business can pass to you and, thus,
offset your income from other sources. As always, check
with your tax accountant or attorney.
Summer is coming and so are the allergies. I found some
interesting comments about air purifiers, especially the one
I have used for years from Ecoquest, at:
If you want to know more about Ecoquest, e-mail me at:

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Thank you.

Stan Smith
Publisher, My Own Ezine
6 Winsome Lea
Falmouth, Maine   04105

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