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My Own Ezine        April 8, 2008,  Issue 93

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about creating your own ezine and marketing on the Web.

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Tips For Your Online Success:

Create Effective Ad Titles and Descriptions

Writing effective ads is imperative in order to succeed with
Google’s Adwords or any ad placed in an ezine. Within a
limited amount of space, you, the advertiser, must get
your message across quickly and powerfully in order to
capture the reader's attention and achieve click-thru.
To do this, your ad must be tightly focused. You need to:

Keep titles and descriptions focused and relevant. Be as
specific as possible, while still communicating a good
reason for readers to take action. They must be convinced
in very few lines of text to click, so every word counts.

Ask yourself, why would a viewer want to read more; how
can the product/service benefit the reader? Make your
copy appeal to three main reasons people buy:

     (1) to fulfill a basic need,
     (2) to solve a problem, or
     (3) to improve their self-image.

Your title and description should state what is being
offered and what need is met, the problem solved, and
the emotional benefit achieved. Without this message, the
ad will not compel the reader to click on your link.

Focusing on the reader's needs is central to advertising
success. Your initial goal is not to achieve a sale, but
rather to convince the viewer to take the first step toward
making a purchase. Once a reader clicks on your link and
goes to your landing page, make sure he/she sees a page
that is as compelling as the title and description in the
ad. Include a sign-up form to encourage a viewer to take
the next step by requesting more information. Once you
have names and email addresses, you can make future
contact to begin the sales process.

Maximize keyword usage in your ad. Targeted keywords
will attract more qualified readers – viewers who are in the
market for what you have to offer. This is important
because reaching the wrong audience results in higher
advertising costs and fewer conversions. Using a good
keyword list also helps advertisers maintain a better ad
position. Higher ad positions lead to more click-thrus.

As in all forms of advertising, your ad titles and keywords
should give a strong call to action. Creating a sense of
urgency is one way to accomplish this. For example, a
limited-time offer gives the viewer a reason to click now,
instead of putting the action off until later. Or, you could
offer a sale price until a specific date, or offer a free item
to the first 100 people who respond.

If your ads are still not receiving the desired number of
clicks, try using different information in the ad copy. If the
price is an advantage over the competition, include it in the
title or description. Use attention-grabbing words such as
"download", "free", or "trial"; but only if appropriate. Using
such words inappropriately actually works against the
advertiser, resulting in lower click-thru rates.

If you incorporate these tips, stay focused and emphasize
the benefits of your product/service in your ads, you will
be much happier with the return on your advertising dollar.

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