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My Own Ezine              April 18, 2006,  Issue 43

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine about
internet marketing and publishing your own online newsletter.

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"MOE's" Quick Tip:

You're probably aware that getting links your site from other
web sites is a very good way to boost your rankings in the
search engines and ultimately increase traffi*c to your site.
But, did you know that you might be able to attract some
highly targeted traffic by submitting your site to portal sites
that have specialized information. Sites like About.com have
subject matter experts who review your site submission and
approve it if you have unique content. Examples of other
specialty, or niche, sites are Garden.com and Fool.com.
You can begin a search for just-the-right portal at:

==> Feature Article:

"Ezine Envy!!!"
By Terri Seymour

Not all useful articles were written 5 minutes ago. I recently
re-read an older article by Terri Seymour and marveled at how
highly useful it remains today. Terri identified the fundamentals
of a good ezine and provided 39 links to helpful resources for
the ezine publisher. She reminded us that an ezine keeps
your site and your products alive in the minds of your readers.
Terri says, "I think that one of the major things you need to do
for success is publish an ezine." Read more at:

==> F*reebies:

I think that it's only fair that I should offer to all my subscribers
the same f*ree gift I offered to my new subscribers from the
Easter Giveaway. I currently sell this ebook on my site for
$20 but you can have it as a gift. Pick up Terri Seymour's
"The MOE Manual - Complete Guide to Ezine Publishing" at


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==> Recommended Resources:

This site offers access to over 11,000 recommended internet
marketing resources in 9 major categories: Marketing & Ads,
Computing & Internet, Business to Business, Home & Family,
Money & Employment, Health & Fitness, Society & Culture,
Fun & Entertainment, Sports & Recreation. There are products
here for any niche market - as references or as resale items.


Whether you're starting or expanding a business in 2006, you
can use these 17 gifts from Henry Gold. The f*ree Master
Resale Rights allow you to sell each package for any price,
individually or as a bundle. Or, you can use them as bonuses
or as incentives for people subscibing to your newsletter.


Are you thinking about adding a database to your web site?
If so, you may want to check out MemberDatabases.com.
For $19.95 a month, they can provide an instant site creation
service where you can create paid member sites, set up a
simple database, or have the ability for people to sell their
products on your site.

==> Recommended Online Articles For Your e-Business:

=> On Starting A Business

"The Odd Couple: In Business and in Love"
By June Campbell

=> About Finding A Product

"Want To Sell A Service On The Web?... Want Hundreds Of
Leads Lined Up At Your Door?... Use These Simple Strategies
To Easily Turn Challenges To Your Advantage And Outsell
Your Competitors!"
By Derek Gehl

=> On Developing A Web Site

"How Does Your Website Make Me Feel?"
By Philippa Gamse

=> For Marketing Your Business

"Believing These 5 Joint Venture Myths Is Bad For Business"
By Jennifer Tripp

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