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My Own Ezine              April 17, 2007,  Issue 68
Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter about
email marketing, creating your own ezine, and building your
online business.
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Quick Tips For Online Success:
"Make More Profit From Your A.ds"
> Make a list of your target audience. Think about why they
might want to buy your product. Then write down those
reasons and include them in your a.d copy.
> Know exactly what you want your a.d copy to accomplish.
It could be to qualify prospects, make sales, generate leads,
or attract web traffic.
> Use graphics, pictures and drawings of people actually
using your product to solve their problem. Include a picture
that also shows the results.
> Tell your audience what kind of support they'll receive
after they buy from you. It could be f.ree consulting, tech
support, f.ree servicing, etc. Give a contact email address.
> At the end of your a.d, ask people why they decided not
to purchase your product. This will give you new ideas on
how to produce more profitable a.d copy.
Recommended Resources:
> Did you know that the contact form on your web site is a
spammer's favorite place to harvest your email address?
With it the spammers can swamp you with all their junk
email. But, you can stop the harvesting with a new product
from Joel Comm. His software, "My Contact Station",
installs easily on you web site, solves the email harvesting
problem, reduces spam, increases traffic and helps to
build your mailing list. Best of all, it sells for only $7.
> Traffic to your web site is good, but traffic that converts
into paying customers is 100 times better. Last week I
found an excellent service to help you optimize your
conversion rates. It's offered by Eric Graham, a.k.a. "The
Conversion Doctor". If you have not heard of him, it may be
because he has kept a low profile for years, racking up
fortunes for himself and his clients. He has been very
successful in a variety of markets, many of which were far
removed from internet marketing. Eric is so confident that
he can help you improve your conversions, he promises:
"If you implement and test the changes I'm going to
recommend, and you don't see a measurable improvement
in conversion rates, I'll refund every dime AND I'LL GIVE
YOU $250 out of my own pocket, just for testing my
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> What are you doing to protect those valuable download
links on your "Thank You" pages? If you're like many
marketers, you're doing nothing. ---Bad Move!--- If your
product isn't properly hidden behind a password protected
download area, the chances are that it has already been
stolen from you. Get some help by downloading this f.ree
report, "How To STOP Digital Product Theft". It will show
you how to prevent the theft of your digital products.
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