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My Own Ezine              April 4, 2006,  Issue 42

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine about
publishing your own newsletter and marketing on the Web.

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"MOE's" Quick Tip:

Marketing with Safelists has been a popular way to advertise,
but all Safelists are not "safe" to join. If you find a Safelist site
that is poorly designed, that looks amateurish, you may want
to avoid it. Poorly designed sites include too many banners
and lots of a*ds. They may even have currency symbols and
crude animations all over the site. Also, be wary if the site
gives you very little information about its safelists and can not
tell you how many members are in the lists. You probably
should bypass any site which lacks support or contact info.

==> Feature Article:

By jl scott, ph.d.

It seems like ezine publishers are constantly under fire for
including advertising in their ezines and for sending out solo
mailings for third-party advertisers. Perhaps the resentment
arises from the swarms of junk email and spam we receive
or simply from an expectation of something for nothing. In any
event, when I read this article by Dr. JL Scott, I felt you should
see it. As an ezine publisher, or publisher to be, you should
know what the prestigious iCopT organization thinks of
"EXCLUSIVE MAILINGS". You can read her article at:

==> F*reebies:

Available for a short time through the Easter Giveaway:
"The MOE Manual - Complete Guide to Ezine Publishing"
by Terry Seymour, former author of this ezine. This 101 page
guide will help anyon*e create and publish an ezine. It is one
of a "ton" of freebies available through the Easter Giveaway.
Hurry - the Giveaway ends April 9th.


Brian Schaeffer's "The Spring Fling Giveaway" ends tomorrow.
Everyon*e still has access to the f*ree info-products, but only
through April 5th. If you are looking for products to sell, check
this out first, then go to the Easter Giveaway (see above)
which ends April 9th. Subscribe to the marketers' e-mailing
lists and the gifts are yours.


Have you heard "The Survey Tapes"? Jeremy Gilason and
Simon Hodgkinson are giving f*ree access to over 3 hours of
their audio discussions on Getting Traffic, List Building and
Affiliate Marketing. If you prefer to read their scripts, you can
also download the PDF transcripts of the full audio sessions.

==> Recommended Resources:

All e-books are not created equal. Many, may be most, do
not make their creators wealthy. However, help is at hand in
"Create Best-Sellers" by Jimmy D. Brown and Ryan Deiss.
These best-selling authors will show you how to find ideas for
an e-book, how to write content that sells, how to increase
the value of your best-seller and how to maximize your sales.


"Blogging For Dollars" is a new product from the Internet
Marketing Center. After a year of research and nearly $80,000,
Derek Gehl says they now have a "bullet-proof system that
allows practically anyone to claim a #1 ranking in Google,
Yahoo!, MSN, and more!" Anyon*e can use this system with
f*ree blogging technology to drive loads of traffic to a web site.
For more information, read the Product Review at:
or go to the Sales Page located at:

==> Recommended Online Articles For Your e-Business:

=> On Starting A Business
"Finding A Home Business That's Right For You"
Copyright © 2006 Stephen Wright

=> About Finding A Product
"Idea Hangouts:  Where to Find Hot Product Ideas to Use
For Creating Your Next Best-Selling eBook"
By Jimmy D. Brown

=> On Developing A Web Site
"10 Tips for Designing an Ecommerce Web Site"
By June Campbell

=> For Marketing Your Business
"How to use Auto-Responders to Boost Web Sales"
By Loren Beckart

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