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My Own Ezine           March 11, 2008,  Issue 91

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about creating your own ezine and marketing on the Web.

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Tips For Your Online Success:

Create an Ezine for Your Direct Sales Business

Newsletters are an excellent communication tool for any
business owner. They help communicate a brand image,
connect with customers and prospects on a different level,
provide value to readers, and communicate  promotions
and product offerings – keeping customers up to date.

Here’s how to create your own newsletter to build your
business. We call it an "Ezine" when you distribute it via

Step 1. Decide frequency. How often do you want to
publish your ezine? Remember each issue involves
a few hours of preparation including creating the content.
Establish a schedule you know you can keep up with.
It is always easier to add supplemental issues or increase
the frequency. However, decreasing the frequency can give
a poor impression. Monthly, quarterly, weekly and
bi-weekly are all options.

Step 2. Email/print?  How are you going to distribute
your newsletter?  There are benefits to both. Email is very
cost effective and instantaneous. Print is nice because it
gives something tangible for customers to hold onto.

Step 3. If you plan to email your newsletter, now called
an Ezine, consider paying for an email distribution, list
management, and service. There are many online. They
offer newsletter templates, enable you to design the
ezine yourself, manage the list of subscribers and
unsubscribers, and enable you to create many issues
of the ezine at once and schedule them in advance.
The price for these services vary, and many services base
their prices on the number of subscribers to your ezine.  

Step 4. If offering an email newsletter, add a signup form
to your web site. This not only increases traffic and visitor
value, it helps build a list of contacts and customers.

Step 5. Tell people about your ezine. Include a link to
your subscription form in all email communications,
signatures, and even consider adding it to your business
card, brochure, and other marketing materials.

Step 6. What is your ezine going to be about? Now
it’s time to get down to business. What are you going to
include in your issues? Some ezines have a single article
and a promotion. Others have 3 to 5 articles and an equal
amount of promotional content. What are your articles
going to be about? Will you write them or will you hire a
writer? Look at ezines you like and think about why you
like them. Consider what types of content will add value to
your readers. What questions or problems do they have?
Provide answers if you can.

Step 7. Advertising? Are you going to sell advertising
space in your ezine? This is a personal decision that
will be based on how the audience will perceive the a.ds.
As a general rule of thumb, ezines contain about 80%
content and 20% promotional content. If you do accept
advertising, be sure to verify that your advertiser's linking
URL is not blacklisted. If it is, many ISP's and s.pam
filters will block your entire ezine issue.

Step 8.  Graphics are an excellent way to make any ezine
visually interesting. Options include adding a logo or a
header to each issue as well as including graphics,
photos, and even charts within the issue. Stock photo
sites are a good place to get started; but make sure that
the reprint rights are available. You don't want to violate
any copyright laws. Also, if you choose to use graphics for
your emailed newsletter, know that you will need to use
HTML to create the copy. This makes a more appealing
email, but can generate some deliverability issues
compared plain text emails.

Ezines are an excellent tool to market to and connect
with your customers and prospects on a regular basis.
The key to an ezine that works is to focus on providing
quality content on a scheduled basis.

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