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My Own Ezine              March 21, 2006,  Issue 41

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine about
publishing your own newsletter and marketing on the Web.

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"MOE's" Quick Tip:

In you're one of those "few" subscribers to "MOE" who has
not visited http://www.MyOwnEzine.com recently, you may
want to know that there's a new marketing tip on the site
daily. It's in the top of the right hand column. For example,
here's one such tip:    "One of the most effective ways to
promote your product is to get someone with a large and
responsive mailing list (a super affiliate) to offer it to his,
or her, subscribers in a joint venture deal."
The Tips are a courtesy of http://www.ezasmagic.com/

==> Feature Article:

"How To Create and Send HTML Newsletters"
By John Jantsch

When I started publishing "MOE", I wanted to switch from
this text format to an ezine formatted in HTML. After all, HTML
is more stylish, has graphics and looks more professional.
Obviously, I decided to stay with the text format - simply
because more text than HTML emails make it through the
s*pam filters. However, for those of you who may be thinking
about creating HTML newsletters, John Jantsch has some
tips in his article that you can read online at:

==> F*reebies:

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==> Recommended Resources:

"The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan" by Matt Bacak
According to Warren Whitlock of MarketingResultsCoach.com:
"Matt Bacak has taken tested, proven principles of direct
marketing, and distilled them into a simple system that you
can use to build a lead generation system that works for your
business or profession." Plus, all proceeds from this $14.95
book go to Habitat For Humanity and you get over 200 bonuses.


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TheEbookCoach.com has started the "first and only ebook
writer's club". Members of the eBook Profit Secrets Writer's
Club will receive "ongoing support, feedback, accountability,
and access to tons of ebook-writing resources".

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==> Recommended Online Articles For Your e-Business:

=> On Starting A Business
"Discover the Profit Models That Can Dramatically Increase
Your Incom*e and Position Your Business for *Massive*
Growth!" by Derek Gehl.

=> About Finding A Product
"The Only 5 Things You Can Sell"
By Palyn Peterson

=> On Developing A Web Site
"Black Hat SEO - What You Should Know"
Copyright © 2006 Cari Haus

=> For Marketing Your Business
The Wrong Time To Write A Press Release
By Angie Dixon

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