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My Own Ezine              March 7, 2006,  Issue 40

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine about
publishing your own newsletter and marketing on the Web.

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"MOE's" Quick Tip:

Marketing is about building relationships. Let your prospects
know that you care about them. When they feel you like
them and care about their businesses, they are emotionally
drawn to you and open to your message. Then, Selling
becomes a matter of building upon those emotions.

==> Feature Article:

"How to Create a Killer Ezine that can Explode your Profits!"

Recently, I was scratching through my archive of articles on
internet marketing when I found a six year old article from the
Internet Marketing Center. Today, it still remains one of the
clearest and most effective arguments for publishing an ezine.
It reflects my own philosphy and conviction that ezines can
boost your business. Read Derek Gehl's article at:

==> F*reebies:

Here's another special Subscriber's Gift from "MOE":
"Niche Fortune Exposed!" from Ewen Chia
Learn about Ewen's "Niche Fortune Formula" - four steps for
profiting from any niche market. Although his sales pitch is
obvious, Ewen is correct when he says, "the principles of
marketing remain the same everywhere". F*ree from "MOE":


Want a big f*reebie?
You can have 17 Master Resale Rights packages
to start or expand your business in the year 2006.
And, they cos*t you nothing.


Here's 5 inspirational slide shows. There's no sales pitch,
nothing to buy. It's just a nice way to stop and wonder.
Beautiful scenes, soothing music and profound wisdom.

==> Recommended Resources:

"The Insider Secrets to E-mail Marketing -- Advanced Series"
from Derek Gehl at the Internet Marketing Center.
This 433-page, printable eBook shows you everything from
growing a super-responsive opt-in list as quickly as possible,
to generating the highest possible revenue from every e-mail
you send, to protecting your business from being wrongly
accused of spamming and knowing how to effectively deal
with it if you are. Great advice from a mega marketing firm.


"Definitive Guide to Google AdWords"
by Perry Marshall & Bryan Todd
If you've tried to advertise using Google Adwords, you know
it's not easy for a beginner. Now Perry Marshall has made it
possible to beat the learning curve and "Get 70% or More
Visitors, for Less Money than You're Paying Right Now".
Before you start your next Google Adword campaign, I
suggest you apply Perry Marshall's advice.

==> Recommended Online Articles For Your e-Business:

=> On Starting A Business
"Tips for Writing a Business Proposal"
by June Campbell

=> About Finding A Product
How Many Ways Can You License Your Tips Booklet?
by Paulette Ensign

=> On Developing A Web Site
Website Ranking Factors Explained
By Courtney Heard

=> For Marketing Your Business
"5 Deadly Viral Ebook Marketing Mistakes
 and How to Avoid Them"
by John Hocking

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