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My Own Ezine              March 6, 2007,  Issue 65

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter about
email marketin.g, creating your own ezine, and building your
online business.

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Quick Tips For Online Success:

Five Powerful ways to get Traffic to your site.

> Start an ezine for your web site. Every time people read an
issue, it will remind them to revisit your web site. Your site
traffic will increase. Your product a.d will be seen more than
once, and your product sales will grow.

> Exchange classified or sponsor ads with other f.ree ezine
publishers. If there is a huge subscriber difference between
ezines, the publisher of the ezine with the smaller list can
offer to run additional f.ree ads to make up for the difference.

> Write articles and submit them to web site owners, ezines,
ezine directories, and magazines that accept submissions.
Include your business information and web address at the
end of the article to attract readers of your article to your site.

> Form an online community. It could be an online message
board, e-mail discussion list or chat room. When people get
involved in your online community, they will regularly return
to your site to communicate with others.

> Participate on message boards. Post answers to questions
asked by other people. Ask your own questions and post
appropriate, useful information. At the end of your posting,
include your signature file with your web site's address.

Recommended Resources:

> I just added this web site to my virtual rolodex. The owner,
Heather Colman, creates covers for ebooks and comes well
recommended by jl scott, Director of iCop. In addition to
e-covers, Heather creates specialty images that include
banners, icons, awards, buttons and logos. She even does
photo touch-ups.

> In 2005, Ralph Wilson wrote one of the most comprehensive
books on email marketin.g on the market. Today it is just as
valuable as it was then. It fact, he still sells it on his site
for $27.00. This 875-page ebook covers it all - publishing a
newsletter, promotions, email formatting, tracking a.ds, spam
laws, email deliverability, and more. In fact, he also includes
"a directory of 250 e-mail marketing programs and detailed
vendor answers to 99 questions about their software." You
can get this book on his site for $27 or receive it and his
11 other ebooks when you purchase his newsletter and
information service at:


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> If you are still banging that computer keyboard with just
two fingers, here's some help. This f.ree download teaches
you to touch-type. No more looking at the keyboard!

> If you aren't building a subscriber list, you aren't doing
email marketin.g. For some list building tips, download the
106 Amazin.g Listbuilding Tips from L'Andre Bowie. It won't
cost you a dime. Look for it at:

> They have called it "the perfect affiliate system" and you
can download it f.ree from MyOwnEzine.com. Just go to
my site below and download this 10-day e-Course compiled
into one zipped PDF file. You'll learn how any affiliate can
succeed with any affiliate program.

> I just read about this "cool" service from Google. You can
text message a search query to 466453 from your cell phone,
and get the search results immediately. Try their demo at:

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