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My Own Ezine     February 12, 2008,  Issue 89

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about creating your own ezine and marketing on the Web.

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Tips For Your Online Success:

Generate Viable Leads At Little Or No C.ost

To promote your product or service, you must reach your
niche markets through viable leads. And, a website can be
a potent way for generating these leads at little or no c.ost
to the site owner. Here are some tips on generating leads:

> Recruit subscribers to your own newsletter by publishing
the sign-up box on your website. Newsletters keep your
name and brand current in a buyer’s mind. Content-rich
mailings improve the likelihood that subscribers will keep
your material beyond the first reading, thus increasing
exposure to your product or service and ensuring that your
website's address is readily available.

> When a new product is launched, send an email to the
subscribers to your newsletter to let potential buyers know
that something new is available. Include active links to the
appropriate website to make purchasing more convenient.

> Create a landing page with details about new products
or services prior to their launch date. Send an email to
your distribution list to announce the item and include
a link to the landing page. On the landing page, create a
sign-up box for visitors to request more information about
the new products or to request notification of their
availability. Sign-ups from the landing page will give you a
ready-made list of potential buyers. It can also save you
time and money by showing how much interest there is in
what you're selling. If only a few visitors sign up, this may
signal that you may want to reconsider promoting that
particular product or service.

> Increase sign-ups to your newsletter (ezine) by offering a
f.reebie, such as a product sample, f.ree service, special
report, ebook, or software. Or, offer a discount on the
subscriber’s next purchase as an incentive to sign up now.
Creating a sense of urgency motivates the buyer to act
immediately and decreases the odds that the mailing will
be put aside and forgotten.

> Search for, join and post to those online communities and
discussion groups that are frequented by the demographic
segment most likely to purchase your product. This tactic
offers two benefits. First, it helps you track the needs and
trends of potential buyers. Armed with this information,
you can make timely changes to your website or product
offering. Second, posting regularly, with your website URL
in the email signature, serves as a built-in marketing tool
for your website and the sign-up box to generate leads.

> Conversion of subscribers, or leads, to buyers usually
takes several contacts. Autoresponders are an efficient
way to contact interested people immediately and on a
regular basis. You can subscribe to a service, usually for
a monthly fee. I especially like Aweber's service:
Or, you can bu.y and install software on your computer.
Mailloop is such program and you can find it at:

When individuals subscribe to your newsletter or ask for
more information on a topic or product, the Autoresponder
automatically sends a message to their email account.
Thereafter, regular emails are sent on an incremental,
predetermined basis to produce the multiple contacts
necessary to convert the recipient to buyer status.

When you apply these tips, you will begin to significantly
increase t.raffic to your website and generate viable leads
using tools that you already have in place.

Recommended Resource:

> If you get involved with giveaway marketing, then check
out this new software, The Giveaway Announcer. It's new
software that brings to the market a new set and forget
technology for marketing with autoresponders. It makes it
much easier for a contributor to manage and profit from all
the giveaway events. You can try the software for f.ree, but
I urge you get the Professional version, as I did. It's a new
way of listbuilding and promoting automatically.


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> Looking for some ideas about potential market niches?
Visit this social networking site. It will give you 43 ideas
about what interests people, including DIY topics.

> As a f.ree member of this web site, you can get f.ree
downloads and "How To" video lessons that will show you
what you need to run an online business.

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