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My Own Ezine                 February 22, 2005 Issue 14

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==> Welcome back to My Own Ezine
I hope you will find the information in these issues helpful
in making a living and useful in making a life. If you have
any requests or recommendations, please email me at:
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==> Feature Article
In our Feature article this week, Jack Humphrey explains
the necessity for using only "good" content for your web site
and why some short term "tricks" to increase your rankings
with the search engines can be long term losers.

==> Recommended Resource
I don't think that you will find a better course on internet
marketing than the one from Cory Rudl. Check it out in our
Recommended Resource section.

==> F*reebies
In this section, you will find a compilation of great articles
from the former owner of My Own Ezine, Terri Seymour.
Also, a no-nonsense e-course on internet marketing from
the UK; and a handy way to "spam" check your e-zine.

==> e-Business Resources
Check out the referrals on adding RSS to your web site,
or finding a good Bulk Mailer, or getting f*ree advertising from
your "Thank You" page in the e-Business Resource section.

==> Work-The-Web
"MOE's" $$-making discovery comes from a member of
Go to the Work-The-Web section below to learn how you can
get eight products to sell, five of which are NEW!

==> Tips & Tricks
And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section.
You will find some very useful advice on such topics as:
writing, marketing, computers, e-commerce, taxes,
home and health.

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==> Feature Article:

Is Your Website Content Worth Reading
or Obvious Search Engine Bait?
Copyright 2005 Jack Humphrey

Webmasters are always looking for ways to increase their
traffic and exposure. This is natural and will never
change. No one is ever content with their traffic levels.

But problems arise with this reality as well. While it is
good to be motivated to get as much traffic as possible, it
is tempting to try and cut corners and use tactics that are
temporary rather than permanent solutions.

And there are myriad tactics that can take your entire
business down the tubes as well. The trick is not to be
tempted with short-term gain over long-term income from
your web business.

Many webmasters are aware that "content is king" and that
you have to brand your site to make sales and build
credibility. But most people only take these facts at face
value and only as they pertain to the search engines. Big

Your content is your lifeblood for more reasons than search
engine placement. This is your "face" on the net.

So if you're using new strategies to bring in more targeted
traffic, make sure you don't use something that could kill
your business just to get some short term traffic.

Many people are putting article directories on their sites
these days. Having a set of articles on your site is great
for building credibility and making more sales, if you do
it right.

But as is always the case, I see people taking that to the
extreme and missing the point entirely. Now I see some
webmasters completely emptying out the big article
directories like GoArticles.com to put hundreds or even
thousands of articles on their sites.

With no editorial review they just take the whole category
their site fits in best and grab up any and all articles in
it. Remember, anyone can get into an article directory
whether they can write or not. Whether they are an expert
or not. Want those guys on your site representing you?

I have a smaller article directory than most people at

Why so small? Because I review each and every article that
is submitted there. There is a very good reason for this.

To get someone to first visit your site takes money and
time. Once you have them there it is easier to get them
back if you impress them.

Whatever methods of temporary website promotion you use,
you have to keep in mind that you want something that will
work for you for years, not months. Therefore, if all you
ever do is troll for temporary traffic you will ALWAYS be
promoting as hard as you are today. Wasn't part of the
reason you started working online to work less and make

Me, I want to have a network of sites that eventually
promote themselves so I can spend the rest of my life on
vacation. If you don't start laying down the foundation of
that kind of system, you are never going to be able to
retire with your site(s) supporting you.

Putting up content for content's sake is redundant. Other
people's content is already on hundreds of other pages.

You don't stand out in the crowd that way alone. It is
temporary at best if it works at all for you, and once
people get to your site and realize you have harvested all
your content from a directory they have already read
through, you've made an enemy, not a customer out of them.

AND if you were unscrupulous enough to even reprint
articles from people who spammed that directory with ads,
poor english, poor advice, and everything else, I guarante*e
your visitors are leaving your site with no respect for
you, whatever you sell, and with a deep hatred of "sites
like yours" on the net.

That is not a long-term plan for a web business. See what
I mean by temporary? No repeat traffic is no business at all.

So while my article directories are smaller, they have
timely, relevant content from expert authors who can spell
and who really spent time on their pieces.

Therefore I get repeat traffic, more clicks on ads, more
sales of products, and a real income from that directory
that will last as long as I own the site.

Points to Ponder:

1. Content is not king. GOOD content is king.
2. Repeat business is cheaper than new business.
3. Your name and brand are the only thing of singular
     value and importance to you on the web.
4. And short-term solutions to getting in the engines are
     always just that: short-term

Someday, if you are one of the webmasters I talked about
above who only see the short-term picture, you are going to
get tired of all the work you have to constantly do to keep
traffic coming in.

And the worst part is, since you will have no foundation to
rely on when you need a break, you won't be able to take
one. If your focus on website promotion is always on short
campaigns and tricking search engines temporarily into
thinking your site is of actual value, once you stop what
you're doing (probably from sheer burnout) your incom*e also

But if you have the foresight to build a base for your
internet business, and you pay attention to and have
standards for the kind of content you put up, you will be
able to walk away from your business from time to time and
the traffic and interest will still be there.

For me it is unthinkable to base my entire business on
temporary solutions for getting traffic and sales when, if
you have seen what you can make in the short term, why not
get set up to reap those rewards for life?

But that's just me. I profit greatly from people doing it
the other way. Simply because when someone comes to my
site and sees content of value, they feel as though they
have found an oasis in a desert of trash. A place they
will visit more than twice and gladly bookmark.

You can figure out the value of that kind of response for
yourself, as it pertains to your business in particular.

Between the two choices, I'll take repeat and recommended
traffic over fly-by-night, angry, resentful traffic any day
of the week!

Jack Humphrey is the author of Power Linking 2 Evolution at
and the CEO of Web Fox
Media, LLC at http://webfoxmedia.com

==> Recommended Resource

In December, 2001, I purchased Cory Rudl's excellent
internet marketing course. A couple of years later, I acquired
his update to the course. Last year, I bought his completely
revised "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business
on the Internet". If the cost fits into your budget, you should
consider buying his course. You will find, as I have found,
that you will be referring to his information for years to come.

==> F*reebies

Want to see more success? Terri Seymour has produced a
wonderful new compilation of her articles covering such topics
as: "advertising, ezine publishing, search engines, romance,
home decorating, saving money, networking, writing articles,
stress control and much more!" Download directly from:
Michael Cheney offers some no-nonsense advice on what
works and what doesn't work in internet marketing. His 7-part
e-course only costs you the price of your e-mail address.
And, you can link to his web site online for f*ree.
Here's a handy tool. If you have an ezine in text format, you
can convert it to Html online at this web site for f*ree. Also,
the tool will check your ezine for words and phrases that
trigger spam blockers. Try it at:

==> e-Business Resources

Need a bulk e-mailer? Constant Contact is a web-based
email marketin*g service offering a simple but professional
way to send emails and ezines to your subscribers. They
offer two months of f*ree service. Basic rates are $15/month.
You know that your web site is designed to inform, persuade,
solicit and ultimately to sell your product or service. For these
reasons, every web page is considered valuable real estate.
But, the value of your "Thank You" page is often overlooked.
Check out how you can build your lists or increase your sales
at NO cos*t by adding a little script to your "Thank You" page:
Are you still confused about "RSS". I was until I purchased
"Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS". The
simple explanation of RSS is that its another way to deliver
your internet content to your target audience. Unlike e-mail,
however, your content is not filtered or blocked by spam
blockers. This e-guide will show you how to plan your feed,
create it, promote it and measure its performance.

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==> Tips & Tricks

When writing effective online copy, you will have think of
yourself as both a content writer and a copywriter. People
come to the web looking for more information than they would
ordinarily see in an offline publication. To capture the 'surfer",
your web copy must be more informative, more compelling
and more controlling of the reader in its promotional format
than traditional advertising copy.
If you're thinking about using radio to advertise your web
site, first try advertising over the internet via online radio.
People listening to the broadcast can then go directly to
your web site because they're already at their computer.
According to the January 12, 2005, issue of PC Magazine
Yahoo! Small Business was the easiest place to register a
domain name. Now you can save 50% for up to 5 years. The
annual fee has been reduced from $9.95 to $4.98.
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to purchase needed goods and services. If you find yourself
in this situation, consider trading your products for the needed
items. Trading for advertising is not uncommon. If you look,
you'll probably find an e-zine, on-line marketer, newspaper,
magazine or even a radio/TV station that will do a trade.
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