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My Own Ezine              February 21, 2006,  Issue 39

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine about
publishing your own newsletter and marketing on the Web.

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"MOE's" Quick Tip:

One of the most effective ways to promote your product
is to get someone with a large and responsive mailing
list (a super affiliate) to offer it to his subscribers in a
joint venture deal.

==> Feature Article:

You know ezine publishing is really email marketin*g, right?
And, despite rumors to the contrary, email marketin*g is not
dead. As an ezine publisher you should continue to embrace
email marketin*g techniques and not fall victim to what Derek
Gehl calls "The 5 Most Dangerous E-mail Marketing Myths".
You can read about them in his complete article at:

==> Recommended Resources:

"Products Master Resell Rights Package" - Price: $9.95
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Boost your sales with targeted, direct advertising to your niche.

==> F*reebies:

Here's your special Subscriber's Gift from "MOE":
"Using Content In 2006" from Jason Potash.
If you plan to market in 2006 like you did in 2005, you're in
for a shock. The search engines have become smarter. Read
Jason's 16-page PDF report for the cold facts, new strategies
and the right way to use Content in 2006. F*ree from "MOE":


Truly successful people know the one thing that my education
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"Masterpiece Blowout Sale Package"

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Each of the 9 products are a complete plug-n-play business
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==> Tips From Fellow Marketers:

=> Starting A Business
In his online article, "6 Professional Businesses You Can
Start from Home", Leigh Butler lists 6 not-so-new businesses
that have been a staple of the home base*d business industry.
Take a look at the list and see if it stirs some of your own
creative juices. Read at:

=> Finding A Product
In Part 2 of her series on self-publishing your ebook, Shelley
Lowery presents the pros and cons of using the web's most
popular format for creating ebooks. You can re-read Part 1 at:
Read Part 2 at:

=> Developing A Web Site
To keep visitors on your site, make navigation on your site
clear and efficient. In fact, Jamie Kiley, a young web designer
from Georgia, says "any time you can find a way to divide
your links into two or more categories, do so". To achieve an
effective navigation scheme, read Jamie's tips at:

=> Marketing Your Business
This week for Marketing Your Business, Steve Johns says,
"persuading the potential buyer to take action is a lot more
difficult for the online marketer than for a brick and mortar
store seller." So, as an online marketer, how do you
overcome the difficulty and motivate the buyer? Learn how at:

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