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My Own Ezine              February 7, 2006,  Issue 38

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter
about internet marketing and publishing your own ezine.

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Top Sponsor:

Making Money on the Net
In an online world filled with scams and hype it is comforting
to find a real make money idea by a respected guru
which does not boast of huge profit*s
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Here is your opportunit*y to offer a fre*e book of valuable
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"MOE's" Quick Tip:

The "P.S." at the end of your a*d copy is one of the most
read sections of your solo a*d. Be sure to repeat a strong
benefit here or make a strong closing. You can repeat your
offer, emphasizing the discounted price or put a time limit
on the offer or on the associated bonus offers.

==> Feature Article:

The popularity and ease of publishing ezines has produced dramatic
increases in the number of ezines on the web. There are so many
that subscribers have become very critical and very choosy about
what they subscribe to. In his article, Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian
states that there are too many worthless ezines out there and then
shows us how to rise above the mediocrity. Read More below:

==> Recommended Resources:

"eBook Profit Maker" -  Price: $29.99 - F*ree Chapter
David Hennebery's "9 step guide to e-Book Publishing, Marketing,
and Sales site" takes you step by step through the development
of an automated online ebook business. It covers every aspect of
the e-book publishing industry. You will not learn what to write, but
you will learn how to: find the right niche market, get a website set
up to take sales, sign up affiliates, and deliver the ebook. Here is
a list of the seven bonus items:
*Secrets Revealed of a Successful Online Marketer
*The Ultimate Joint Venture Software V3.0
*Screen Shoot-It
*Copyright basics
*Mini Site Creator Secrets
*Answers to 44 real life Merchant account Questions
*Safelist Information Book


"The Digital Vault" - Price: $49.95
from John Stone protects your download page from software theft.
It works with ClickBank and PayPal, but your web host must be
using a Linux or Unix System. Digital Vault will not work on a
Windows Server. It protects your download page by giving an
unique download page to each customer. Therefore, no one can
send the download page to a frien*d. I like that it will automatically
check to see if a customer's credit card has been authorized. And,
I also like that it captures a customer's name and email address
after purchase for future "back end" marketing.

==> F*reebies:

Here's another special Subscriber's Gift from "MOE":
"Article Page Mill" - (Sorry Mac users - for Windows only)
from Ian Traynor. This simple-to-use software is for those who
don't want to learn Html but need to convert text pages into Web
pages. It's great for creating a content-packed website out of a
series of text-only articles. Download from MOE:


"Five Easy Ways to Save Money"
PDF report written for users of DXInOne has tax tips anyone
with a SOHO can use to save on taxes. F*ree at:


"Best of Web Analytics Guide"
66  Page compilation of the top 12 articles from the ClickZ
Analyzing Customer Data and ROI Marketing. This ebook from
WebTrends presents timeless insights on optimizing your web
marketing with web site analytics. F*ree at:

Feature Advertisement:

For only $2, you can get started with Success University.
What's even better (I think) is that this nominal processing
fee will be donated to Feed the Children, a non-profit group
providing humanitarian support world-wide.

All of the details are available to you immediately by visiting
the Success University Web Site at:

==> Tips From Fellow Marketers:

=> Starting A Business
If you want to be taken seriously in business, then take your
business seriously. That is Mal Keenan's wise advice to anyone
thinking of going online. In his online article, Mal tells us to start
by getting our own domain name - not one of those f*ree sites.
You can read more at:

=> Finding A Product
Evelyn Lim says, "before you jump into creating your website and
go on a grand marketing blitz, it is important to spend some time
studying what product to sell". In her article, Evelyn gives us ten
reasons why some products fail to sell. Avoid these pitfalls and
you've made a good start at bringing in those sales. Read more at:

=> Developing A Web Site
The experts say that your site's landing page has 15 seconds
to capture your visitor's interest and that may be the "outer
limit". In his article, Michael Bloch reminds us that a big piece
of the market is still on dial-up and that there are some things
we can do to optimize page load times. Read more below:

=> Marketing Your Business
So, you're new to internet marketing. How do you improve your
chances for online success? You have to "get the word out"!
And, one effective and no cos*t way, according to Trent Brownrigg,
is the use of public forums and discussion groups. An added
benefit is that you may also learn something. Read more:

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